Crew Dragon with a passenger crew landed in the Atlantic Ocean

The Crew Dragon spacecraft, whose crew for the first time consists entirely of civilians, landed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the US state of Florida.

A live broadcast of the landing of the ship on the water was conducted on Saturday on the official website of SpaceX.

Crew Dragon stayed in orbit for about three days. Its crew included 38-year-old billionaire from the United States Jared Isaacman, 29-year-old doctor from the Children’s Hospital in Memphis Hayley Arsenault, 51-year-old geology professor Sian Proctor, as well as 41-year-old employee of the Lockheed Martin Aerospace Corporation Christopher Sembrosky.

It is known that Isaakman paid for all four seats on the spacecraft. At the same time, the cost of this flight is not disclosed.

Earlier it was also reported that the film crew of the Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft, consisting of director Klim Shipenko, actress Yulia Peresild and cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, was allowed to prepare at the Baikonur cosmodrome.


The climatologist warned Russians about a frosty winter

Winter this year in Russia will be frosty. This was announced during a conversation with journalists by the head of the Department of Meteorology and Climate of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Central UGMS” Nikolay Tereshonok, RIA Novosti reports.

The climatologist noted that this year anticyclones were delayed on the territory of the country. According to him, the current cooling is due to the influence of the Arctic anticyclone.

In winter, as Tereshonok notes, anticyclonic weather and, possibly, severe frosts may also prevail.

In his opinion, the appropriate weather will be established in the territory from the English Channel to the Urals. At the same time, Siberia will be under the influence of the Mongolian and Siberian anticyclones, and Yakutia will have the usual weather for this region.

The director of the climate program of the World Wildlife Fund, Alexey Kokorin, in turn, predicted the warming of winters due to global climate change, and also urged to prepare for changeable weather.

Earlier, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation, Roman Vilfand, also said that by the end of the next working week, cold and rainy weather will be established in the central part of European Russia.


Are ticks dangerous in autumn?

Weekly magazine “Arguments and Facts” No. 37. When will the pills “for old age” appear? 15/09/2021

The forests are full of ticks, after collecting mushrooms, I remove 10 & nbsp;15 & nbsp; pieces from myself. Is it true that they are not dangerous in the cold season? When is it better to get vaccinated against encephalitis?

The expert’s answer is 0 + –

“The aggressiveness of ticks in autumn is not as high as in spring, when they wake up after hibernation,” says Head of the Laboratory of Vaccine Prophylaxis and Immunotherapy of the Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums. Mechnikov Professor Mikhail Kostinov. However, if the tick is still stuck, it is necessary to act correctly: carefully remove it and, if possible, pass it for analysis. Observe the bite site and if you have any unclear symptoms, contact your doctor.

There are several standard vaccination schemes for encephalitis. One of them should be started just in the fall, two doses with an interval of one month, after 6 9 months — revaccination. The first dose of vaccination is administered in September  & mdash; October & raquo;.


Why didn’t all schools open on September 1?

Weekly magazine “Arguments and Facts” No. 37. When will the pills “for old age” appear? 15/09/2021

They say on TV that all the children went to school on September 1, and my grandson stayed at home, his school was not repaired yet. Is this the only situation we have in Chuvashia?

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In Chuvashia, 17 schools were not opened for the academic year due to repairs. The contractors referred to the rise in the price of materials and the lack of money. Perhaps there is no more such a massive disruption of deadlines. But there are isolated cases. In one of the village schools of the Chelyabinsk region, students were not able to go to a new school (the old emergency one), which they had to pass back in 2020.

The children were sent to the remote control. The students of one of the Norilsk gymnasiums could not come to the classes and did not complete the heating repairs there. “The responsibility for the readiness of the school is borne by the municipality,” says Irina Abankina, head of the HSE Institute for the Development of Education. — He concluded contracts with contractors and must monitor & nbsp;implementation. In addition to specifying the terms, the contracts should have listed force majeure circumstances related to the increase in the cost of materials. If the municipality understood that difficulties were inevitable, it was necessary to renegotiate the terms of the contract or change the contractor.


What will the weather be like in European Russia next week?

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Cold and rainy weather is expected in the center of European Russia until the end of the next working week. This was told by RIA Novosti scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

According to him, the cold weather will bring air masses from the Arctic to the center of the European part of the country.

What kind of weather can residents of European Russia expect?

According to Roman Vilfand, on Sunday, September 19, there will be no heavy precipitation in the center of European Russia, but it will be cloudy by the evening.

The weather will deteriorate from Monday. & laquo;Five to ten degrees & mdash; maximum temperatures and rains, sometimes strong. The climate temperatures correspond to the October values, ” the forecaster noted.

What will the weather be like in Moscow?

According to the Hydrometeorological Center, on Sunday, September 19, at night in Moscow it will be +3…+5°C, light rain is expected in the afternoon, the air temperature will be +9…+11°C. The wind is north-easterly, easterly 5-10 m/s, sometimes gusts up to 17 m/s.

On Monday and Tuesday, September 20 and 21, rain is forecast in the capital. At night, the thermometer columns will drop to +1…+6°C, it will warm up to +5 in the afternoon…+10°C. The wind is easterly, north-easterly 5-10 m/s.


The hydrometeorological center warned of a cold snap in the center of European Russia

In the central part of European Russia, cold and rainy weather will be established until the end of the next working week. This was announced by the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the forecaster, today will be cool, but sunny and without precipitation. The temperature is three to four degrees below normal. Cloudy weather is expected on Sunday.

From September 20, it will become colder, as in October, Vilfand noted. 

& laquo; Five to ten degrees– maximum temperatures and rains, sometimes strong », & ndash; the specialist noted.

Earlier, the Hydrometeorological Center reported that the velvet season has begun in all resorts of the south of Russia.


The Chinese Armed Forces conducted military maneuvers after the passage of a US destroyer near Taiwan

The Chinese military conducted exercises in real combat mode after an American missile destroyer passed near the Taiwan Strait, TASS reports.

The official representative of the Eastern Zone of the Combat Command of the People’s Liberation Army of China, Shi Yi, said that military maneuvers were conducted in the air and at sea in the southwestern waters of Taiwan. Ships, long-range radar detection aircraft and bombers were used in the exercises.

It is added that the exercises are aimed at improving the combat capability of the Chinese army.

Earlier, Shi Yi called the recent passage of the American missile destroyer Barry through the Taiwan Strait unacceptable. China believes that such actions pose a threat to security in the region.


An earthquake has occurred in California

An earthquake of magnitude 4.3 occurred in the state of California.

According to the US Geological Survey, tremors were observed two kilometers west of the city of Carson in Los Angeles County. The center was located at a depth of 11.9 kilometers.

No injuries or damage were reported. However, according to CNN, residents of Los Angeles and nearby cities felt the earthquake.

At the beginning of the week, an earthquake of magnitude 5.8 was recorded in Argentina. The epicenter was located 76 kilometers northwest of the city of San Antonio de los Cobres.

Another earthquake of magnitude 4.9 occurred on September 11 near the Kuril Islands. Its epicenter was located 310 kilometers northeast of the city of Kurilsk, which is home to about 1,700 people.


On Saturday, up to 13 degrees of heat is expected in Moscow

Weather with variable clouds and no precipitation is expected in Moscow on Saturday, September 18, the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation reports.

According to meteorologists, during the day the air temperature in the capital will be from 11 to 13 degrees Celsius. On Sunday night, the thermometer in the city may drop to plus three.

On the territory of the Moscow region, it is expected from 9 to 14 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. At night, it can get cold to plus one.

The wind is north-easterly and easterly with a speed of up to ten meters per second. The atmospheric pressure will be 754 millimeters of mercury.

Earlier, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center, Roman Vilfand, warned of a sharp cold snap in the European part of Russia.


Is it true that they don’t take astronauts with a tattoo?

Weekly magazine “Arguments and Facts” No. 37. When will the pills “for old age” appear? 15/09/2021

They say that astronauts are forbidden to get tattoos. Why?

The expert’s answer is 0 + –

“There is no such ban in the modern rules of selection in the cosmonaut squad,” the AIF replied Valery Bogomolov, Head of work on the organization of medical support for the health of the crews of manned space objects at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. However, as the cosmonautics historian Alexander Khokhlov clarifies, in the requirements for the selection of astronauts, signed by the Ministers of Defense and Health back in the early 2000s, tattoos are prohibited, i.e. K. this is considered a mental disorder. “Most likely, a person with a tattoo will be given a challenge and psychologists,” confirms cosmonaut Sergey Ryazansky. They may consider it a sign of dissatisfaction with their body or obsession with it. It is believed that sometimes a tattoo is applied by those who, in a difficult situation, will not be able to fully rely on their own strength. It is noteworthy that there are no such bans in Europe and the United States.