Why didn’t Stalin exchange Sorge? The legendary scout endured 1100 days of hell

80 years ago, on October 18, 1941, Soviet intelligence officer Richard Sorge was arrested in Tokyo. He had 1,100 days ahead of him in Sugamo prison, accompanied by endless tortures and interrogations.

The sentence — the death penalty — he met in cold blood, without forgetting to thank the prison officers, those of them who preserved in communication with the prisoner human appearance.

Helped save Moscow

Sorge made history by reporting on the impending attack of Hitler on the USSR. He also conveyed information that in 1941 Japan was not going to declare war on the Soviet Union.

The scout sent this information to the Center on September 6, 1941. Sorge’s report said that Tokyo was planning to start fighting in the south, and not in the Soviet Far East, which the Soviet leadership feared. It was the very moment when the Germans had already approached Moscow. After receiving the encryption from Ramzai (codename Sorge), divisions and tank brigades ready to repel the attack of the Kwantung army were transferred from our Far Eastern borders to Moscow and played a huge role in saving the capital.

Sorge operated under the noses of the Japanese authorities for almost 10 years. He was a resident of Soviet intelligence in Tokyo from February 15, 1932 to October 1941. All this time, he was being monitored. Every day the scout walked on the blade of a knife, managing to get secret information and transmit it to Moscow. This became possible thanks to the assistants with whom he started working back in China, the journalist Hozumi Ozaki and to the radio operator To Max Clausen. In the future, a journalist joined the intelligence group Branko Vukelic and the artist Etoku Miyagi.

Japan as the final stop

The uniqueness of the situation was that, as a Soviet intelligence officer, Sorge worked as an adviser to the German ambassador in Tokyo. The future resident got carried away with leftist ideas in Berlin during his studies at the university. While pursuing a scientific career, he simultaneously led an active party activity, creating a socialist group thatIn 1919 she became a member of the Communist Party of Germany. Over time, Sorge became the head of the Communist Party school in Germany. And in 1924, a German activist was invited to Moscow to work in the structures of the Comintern, where he would stay for five years, until he was invited to the Soviet military intelligence in 1929.

He begins his resident activities in China under the guise of working as a journalist, writes articles for the German press. Sorge’s materials are a success among readers. He is making a name for himself in international journalism. And proceeds to the next step — preparing a springboard for work in Japan. This is exactly the goal set for him by the Soviet leadership.

To do this, the scout had to return to Germany, where Hitler came to power the day before. Miraculously, Sorge corrects a new passport, since the old one expired. He took a colossal risk if former acquaintances who knew him as an ardent socialist met on his way. But everything went smoothly. Sorge, where necessary, mentioned the sins of youth, assuring that in the presentfully shares the views of the Fuhrer. Having finally received a new passport, he begins to bypass the leading newspapers in Germany, offering himself as a correspondent in the land of the Rising Sun. And Sorge manages to go to Japan as a journalist. And then he will have incredible luck — the position of press secretary of the German Embassy in Tokyo.

Why didn’t Stalin exchange Sorge

The surrounding people saw Richard as a lover of carousing and a womanizer who twisted novels to the right and to the left. Wherever Sorge appeared, he became the soul of the company. Even with those who conducted surveillance on him (in Japan, a detailed dossier was kept on every foreigner), he managed to make friends. I had a drink with one of the spies in a bar, I presented presents to someone on time. In Tokyo, Sorge drove a motorcycle at a tremendous speed. It was hard to imagine that behind the facade of the guy’s shirt there was hard work, on which the course of world history depended.

The Soviet leadership appreciated Sorge, not once making sure of the fidelity of the information transmitted to them.

It is all the more surprising that Stalin did not try to get his intelligence officer out of the bowels of a Japanese prison. Tokyo offered an exchange for two admirals held in Soviet captivity. And this is by no means a myth — says journalist and intelligence historian Nikolai Dolgopolov: “After the war, the indisputable fact of the proposed exchange was confirmed by a major German intelligence officer held in Moscow. The Gestapo revealed another option: Tokyo was not averse to exchanging Sorge for several of its officers captured somewhere on the islands by the Americans who fought with Japan.

Execution on the day of the October Revolution

ButJoseph Vissarionovich on it’s not gone. Why he did so, and it remains unclear to the end. As one of the versions, the leader’s doubts are called: they say that Stalin could consider Sorge a double agent working simultaneously for the USSR and for Germany. However, this version did not even have indirect evidence, neither in the 1940s nor the 50s, nor much later, when there wereThe materials of the Japanese and German intelligence services have been declassified and made available. The answer, rather, lies in the other. Suffice it to recall that during the war and after the Victory, hundreds of thousands of Soviet servicemen who had been captured by the enemy were waiting for suspicions, new ordeals in the camps. Perhaps this rule also worked in relation to a unique scout.

The Japanese showed special sophistication by appointing the day of Sorge’s execution on November 7, the feast of the October Revolution. On this day, in 1944, Ramzai was hanged. The scout’s body was buried in a mass grave with other prisoners. In the USSR, Sorge’s feat became widely known during the times of Khrushchev. Sorge’s posthumous fame became a reward for his feat. Usually the names of residents die for history, so that the scouts themselves remain alive. In the case of Sorge, the opposite happened.

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The cosmonaut told about the mess on the ISS after filming

The plot of the flight of the film crew to the ISS for the filming of the film

Cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov said that the Russian segment of the ISS needs to be cleaned after the filming of the film “The Challenge”, follows from the crew talks broadcast by NASA.

The cosmonaut said that “now we will do the cleaning”.He clarified that the Russian segment is a mess, since nothing has been cleaned for two weeks.

Earlier it was reported that the condition of the cinema crew returning from the ISS is satisfactory. Cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky with actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko returned to Earth on October 17. The film crew, accompanied by doctors, was taken by three helicopters to the airport of Karaganda. He is going to be rehabilitated in Star City.

Actress Julia Peresild admitted after landing that she was sad because she did not want to say goodbye to space. The crew commander drank birch juice at the landing site, which he had ordered earlier. The cosmonaut’s wife prepared Belarusian bread and lard for her husband. 

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A storm warning has been announced in the Magadan region

An emergency warning about strong winds that can lead to emergencies has been distributed almost throughout the Magadan region, according to the website of the fire and rescue center (PSC) of the region.

Bad weather can lead to damage to power lines and communications, disruption in the work of road utilities, the occurrence of road accidents and other destruction.

The warning applies to residents of Magadan, as well as Tenkinsky, Khasynsky, Yagodninsky, Omsukchansky, Severo-Evensky and Olsky urban districts.

According to forecasters, the speed of the north-easterly wind will be 16-21 m/s, and in the east of Olsky, on the coast of Omsukchansky urban districts, wind gusts can reach 30 m/s.

Meanwhile, on Sakhalin, as a result of bad weather, 13 settlements were left without electricity, in addition, dozens of trees were felled, the roof of several buildings was seriously damaged. One person was reported dead.

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The plane with Patriarch Kirill could not land in Orel because of fog

The aircraft of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia cannot land in Orel because of fog. This is reported by TASS with reference to Metropolitan Tikhon of Orel and Blkhovsky.

According to him, the arrival of Patriarch Kirill is expected in Orel. There he must take part in the consecration of the church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.

Metropolitan Tikhon noted that parishioners and representatives of the clergy will pray for the health of the patriarch and his successful landing.

Earlier it was reported that Patriarch Kirill held a sermon in the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The event was organized in honor of the Feast of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos.

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On Sakhalin, 13 settlements were left without electricity as a result of bad weather

The power supply stopped immediately in 13 settlements in the Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky district due to strong wind and snowfall, the press service of the government of the Sakhalin region reports.

“13 settlements were left without electricity – 1,853 people, 965 houses, 47 socially significant objects, 12 boiler houses. The hospital, boarding school, nursing home and boiler rooms are powered by backup power sources, fuel supply for seven days,” the message says.

Power outage is also recorded in the Okhinsky, Nogliksky, and Uglegorsky districts. 

The region was under the influence of a cyclone that brought heavy precipitation with snow, wind gusts reach 35 m/s. As a result of bad weather, dozens of trees were felled, the roof of several buildings was seriously damaged.

Earlier it was reported about the death of a resident of the city of Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky under the rubble of the roof, which was torn off by the wind.

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Jeanne, Dina, Anton. How Boris Nemtsov’s children live

In the personal life of Boris Nemtsov as well as in the number of his children, it is easy to get confused, because after the death of the politician, when the struggle for inheritance began, several women said at once that they had once given birth to Boris Yefimovich. However, even during Nemtsov’s lifetime, the names of his three heirs mainly appeared in the press: Jeanne, Dina and Anton. We tell you how they live today.

Zhanna Nemtsova. Photo: RIA Novosti/Eduard Erben

Zhanna Nemtsova

Zhanna is the oldest of all Boris Efimovich’s children, she is 37 years old. The girl was born in the only official union of a politician with his wife Raisa. Back in the 1990s, Nemtsova’s parents began to live separately, but they did not formalize an official divorce. 

Despite Jeanne’s attempts to enter politics, she eventually became a journalist. Nemtsova’s idol — her colleague in the shop Yuri Dud. “Dud is the number one journalist in Russia. This is an immutable truth for me. There’s not even anything to argue about, in my opinion. I think that no one can really challenge him yet, even though they are trying to do it. He laid the foundations of a new type of journalism and positively influenced a large number of people and me too,” Boris Efimovich’s daughter told the spletnik.ru portal.

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A post by Zhanna Nemtsova (@zhannanemtsova2018)

After her father’s death, Jeanne moved to live in Germany, where she worked in the editorial office of Deutsche Welle. However, today her cooperation with the German company ended, but she did not return to Russia, focusing on the development of the Boris Nemtsov Foundation.

Zhanna was married to the banker Dmitry Stepanov, with whom she conducted a joint business, but the couple divorced many years ago. Recently, Boris Efimovich’s eldest daughter announced that she had received a marriage proposal from her new chosen one Pavel Elizarov. “I asked Jeanne to marry me, and she agreed,” Nemtsova’s future husband wrote in social networks.

Anton Nemtsov

“My father had a lot of activities during his life. First science, then politics, then business. Then politics again,” Nemtsov’s son from his common-law wife told Ekaterina Odintsovo in an interview kp.ru . Anton, at the age of 25, has not yet fully decided in which sphere he will develop, although he seems to have chosen the latter option between politics and business. “I am studying at the Department of Technological Entrepreneurship. This department… It is unofficially called the Department of “Rusnano”. What do they teach at our department? To do business in the field of high technology. ThenI am studying at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, but exactly how to do business in the field of high technology. I graduated from the bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Physical and Quantum Electronics, where I was taught physics, and now I am studying how to do business in the field of high technologies,” the young man said in an interview, while still a student at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

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Publication by Anton Nemtsov (@antonnemtsov)

In 2018, Nemtsov Jr. married To Anna Ignatieva. He met his future wife through social networks, the correspondence on Facebook ended with an offline meeting. By the way, the girl, like Anton’s parents, is from Nizhny Novgorod. The young man transported the beauty to Moscow, where he proposed to her. The lovers legalized their relationship in the Wedding Palace No. 1 Barvikha Luxury Village. In early 2019, the couple had a son. The boy was named after his grandfather Boris.Anton believes that the baby is a copy of his father not only externally. “He is similar in eyes, facial expression and, most importantly, vital energy and, probably, from some position, fearlessness. By the way, he is not a timid child.But what else does he look like my father, so it’s probably intelligence,” the young man said.

Dina Nemtsova

Another child of a politician from Ekaterina Odintsovo — daughter Dina. Relatively recently, the girl joined the ranks of students of the British Higher School of Design. «Hooray! My daughter is a student! Dina enrolled in the British, will study business and marketing in English, while not leaving Moscow!»— shared with subscribers Ekaterina Odintsovo on Instagram.

But in love affairs, the girl is not as good as in school. At the age of 18, Nemtsova married her boyfriend Dimitri Matevosov. The future spouses studied at the same school and went to the wedding for three years. Because of the pandemic, there was no magnificent celebration, many relatives, including Anton’s brother, as well as Dina’s grandparents, simply could not come. After the wedding, the couple sealed their union in the church. “We thought about getting married in the summer, but the more often we went to the temple, the morewe wanted to do it sooner. And that’s why it happened. Thank God for everything! Now Dimitri and Dina are married. Dima, I love you very much. And I’m happy that we’re a family,” the girl wrote on Instagram. Now it is impossible to find a photo with Dimitri on her page, since Nemtsova divorced a young man and deleted footage from social networks reminiscent of the past.

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Publication by Dean Nemtsov (@dinanemtsova_)

“We got divorced. I will not name the reason, but it is significant enough to get out of 4 years of relationships and marriage without a doubt. With Dima, we maintain a neutral attitude towards each other. If you see an interview on the Internet about our divorce, it’s fake. We don’t comment,” Dina said. But the ex-husband still spoke out on the pages of “Starhit”, however, he could not clarify the situation to the end. “She and I really turned out to be very different and with verydiffering views on the institution of the family. The most interesting thing is that neither my friends, nor my family, nor I could understand the real reason, and I don’t care. That is, there are many small factors that led to the divorce. We all accepted them, but frankly, they don’t pull for a divorce, although at that age, maybe they do,” the young man said.

Sources: spletnik.ru , kp.ru, «Starhit»

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Optimization without optimism. Residents of villages remain without medical help

“Now, in order to get the medicine, we will have to go to the district center and return. This trip for medicines costs 200 rubles. And with roads like ours, you will die seven times and rise again six times, that’s what the residents of a small village near Volgograd say. Almost the same situation is developing in Bashkiria. Thousands of people have already come out to people’s gatherings on the streets there. The whole reason is the optimization of the healthcare system, which is carried out in the regions.

«Wait, they may come to you»

Residents of the village of Yerzovka, which is located 8 kilometers from Volgograd, are outraged: they were left without an ambulance. The local Yerzovskaya outpatient clinic served the settlement and nearby settlements. The ambulance had its own phone number, and there was always a paramedic at the station. And people came by themselves, even if they couldn’t wait for the doctors.

“Our last hope for life was taken away from us. Now an ambulance has been taken away from us, which provided 4 settlements: Yerzovka, Orlovka, Vinnovka and Kamenka, says the yerzovchankaTatiana Murashko. — And instead of our ambulance number, we have to call 112, they will accept our call there, transfer it to the Settlement (district center), and only from there will the car arrive. Is this how long it will take if the count is in minutes?»

Residents of Yerzovka are outraged by the reorganization of medical care. Photo: AIF/Nadezhda Kuzmina

Recently, without waiting for an ambulance, a local resident died. Relatives called him an ambulance at 22:15. Two hours later, when the medics arrived, the Yerzov resident was already dead.  

«I also called an ambulance to my mom. She was suffocating, — says a resident of the village of Yerzovka Oleg. — While my call was registered, while the information was transmitted… After the words “wait,” they may come to you.”.. I called a paid ambulance from Volgograd. We got to the 25th hospital in Volgograd, and there we were already admitted to the emergency room. How can this be?»

It is the organization of ambulance calls that residents blame for their troubles. Instead of several cars, there was one at the substation, and even that one was on call all the time. A brigade stationed in Yerzovka can be sent to any district of the Volgograd region. And while it is absent, more than 8000 residents actually remain without an ambulance.

It is now impossible to get through to the local branch by direct number. Photo: AIF/Nadezhda Kuzmina

“You will die seven times and rise again six times”

The local outpatient clinic does not have its own car to drive on administrative matters: to take tests and PCR tests to the district center of Gorodishche. Unlike Volgograd, it is 30 kilometers away. Outpatient doctors do not know how to get to their patients in remote areas of the area entrusted to them now. It is 15 kilometers to the serviced Orlovka, almost 10 to Vinnovka. It is hardly possible to visit all those in need of medical care at home. There was no such car before. The ambulance coped with everything.

Residents of the village went to the gathering. Photo: AIF/Nadezhda Kuzmina

“PCR tests have been done for more than a week,” locals say. Now, in order to get the medicine, we will have to go to the Settlement and return. This trip for medicines costs 200 rubles. And with such roads as we have to the Settlement, you will die seven times and rise again six times.

Doctors reacted to the spontaneous gathering of local residents, which they announced in their village group on social networks. To the outraged citizens came out the head of the Yerzovskaya outpatient clinic Lola Atokhodzhayevaand the chief physician of the State Medical Institution “Gorodishchenskaya CRH”Oleg Vakhrushev.

The head of the Yerzovskaya outpatient clinic, Lola Atokhodzhayeva, and the head physician of the State Medical Institution “Gorodishchenskaya CRH” Oleg Vakhrushev. Photo: AIF/Nadezhda Kuzmina

“I now need to pick up a person so that the paramedic is at the substation around the clock,” says Oleg Vakhrushev. — I can’t tell you when this person will appear. I have been working here for six years and was able to pick up only 4 people from the average staff. But there won’t be a second ambulance here anymore, it’s too big a financial cost.”

“You are condemning them to certain death”

Optimization in the healthcare sector hits all regions of the country. Somewhere, as in Yerzovka, ambulances are being cleaned, despite the increasing pace of the pandemic. And in Bashkiria, people are afraid to be left without their village hospital at all.

In the village of Pribelsky, Karmaskalinsky district, local residents are fighting for the only hospital in the village. If the medical facility is closed, they will have to travel 30 kilometers to the district center.

Information about the closure appeared on the Internet and almost all residents of the village took to the streets.

“If they close it now, where will I go?! — told Bash.news a resident of the village of Pribelsky Lyudmila. — Every month it takes three or four days to get the medicine.».

The situation in the cities is no better. In Bashkir Uchals, residents are also protesting against optimization. Here they want to merge the Central City Hospital with the medical institutions of the city of Beloretsk. As part of the optimization, maternity and emergency stroke therapy departments, as well as a laboratory, a morgue and an ambulance are being transferred there. People are sure that such a reorganization will primarily affect patients and medical personnel.

People’s gathering in Uchaly. Photo: provided by the Bashkir branch of the trade union “Action”

“There is a terrible road between Uchaly and Beloretsk. Two days ago, the first snow fell, and there was already a traffic collapse. And it happens all the time with the onset of winter,” people told reporters. — How can patients in need of emergency care be sent there on such a road? After all, you are condemning them to certain death!»

Today there are actually two therapists left in the Hospitals. They’ve been waiting for an ambulance for hours.  

“Lezginka in a minefield”

“Optimization of healthcare, as they say, “hits the squares” indiscriminately, sometimes causing irreparable harm, which can be extremely difficult or even impossible to fix. The last drop seems to have fallen into the cup of patience of the residents of Uchaly. Citizens declared a peaceful gathering to show that they are not ready to put up and silently observe how they have to overcome significant difficulties in the geographical conditions of the Trans-Urals in order to receive normal medical care,” says Coordinator of the Trade Union of Healthcare workers “Action” in the Republic of Bashkortostan Anton Orlov. — Optimization, if in one word. Failures in organizing citizens to receive affordable and high-quality medical care, as prescribed by the Constitution and FZ-323.

Outpatient clinic of the Yerzovsky settlement of the Gorodishchensky district of the Volgograd region. Photo: AIF/Nadezhda Kuzmina

Expenses will be reduced

Recently, the government submitted to the State Duma a draft federal budget for 2022, according to Medvestnik.According to this document, the total federal budget expenditures on healthcare will decrease from 1.36 trillion rubles in 2021 (according to the budget list as of September 1) to 1.25 trillion rubles in 2022.

The share of expenditures of the Healthcare section in the budget in relation to GDP in 2022 will be 0.9%. The share of healthcare in the total volume of federal treasury expenditures will also decrease (from 5.8% in 2021 to 5.3% in 2022). In subsequent years, healthcare spending will only decrease. At the same time, spending on national security and law enforcement will increase by 17%.

Most of all, the costs of the federal project “Providing medical organizations of the healthcare system with qualified personnel” will decrease by 64%, from 3.3 billion to 1.2 billion rubles.

By 33%, from 8.1 billion to 5.5 billion rubles, the costs of the project “Development of the primary health care system” will be reduced.

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Father’s Day. How is the role of men in society changing?

Plot National projects

Russians note that the ideal father is the one who cares and respects the mother of his children, takes an active part in the lives of children and is a role model. For the first time in Russia, Father’s Day appeared. It will be celebrated this year on October 17.

On the eve of the new date, VTSIOM, in partnership with ANO National Priorities, conducted a survey of Russians, which showed that two-thirds of Russians (66%) know that Father’s Day has been approved in our country, which will be celebrated annually on the third Sunday of October (71-73% among older citizens, 69% among women). 

Russians have chosen ways to congratulate their father on the holiday (top 5 in popularity):

  • come to visit and spend time at a family dinner (49%);
  • to be around on this day, to help with the housework, etc. (32%);
  • to give my father what he has long dreamed of (23%);
  • to thank him for his love and care (23%);
  • make a gift with your own hands (12%).

Our fellow citizens named the qualities that most accurately describe the modern ideal father (top 5):

  • caring, respectful attitude towards the mother of children (33%);
  • active participation in the life of children;
  • joint search for solutions to problems (29%);
  • role model (19%);
  • kindness (18%) and reliability (17%).

Two-thirds of Russians (67%) believe that today a man with a small child on the playground is a familiar picture, and not an exception that attracts attention (73% among 35-44-year-olds, 72% among men), 31% have the opposite opinion (36% among women).

“A month ago, “National Priorities” prepared together with VTSIOM an expert report on the modern Russian family. In it, experts talked a lot about the changed role of the father, about the fact that many dads have stopped perceiving themselves only as “earners”, they want to devote more time to family and children, almost about the new trend for “conscious fatherhood”. And just a month later, a new holiday appeared in Russia: Father’s Day. 

The results of this survey show an important thing: both women and men almost equally prioritize the “ideal image” of the father. This means that in most Russian families there is agreement and mutual understanding about family roles. And judging by the answers,most likely, most people, even on this first Father’s Day, will congratulate their fathers or the fathers of their children,” says Sofia Malyavina, CEO of ANO “National Priorities”. 

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Put a deuce — call the police? What happened at SPbGUP

Allegations that students are being mistreated at the St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions (SPbGUP) have been circulated by several local media outlets. According to reports from the injured party, the rector, academician Alexander Zapesotsky allegedly “forcibly detained students in the building” and “one of the students”fainted”after a conversation with him. The press service of the university notes that all these are fakes.

“The information about the retention of students was born from an anonymous call to the police, the author of which will be identified by law enforcement agencies in the near future. The fainting of a female student, according to experts, was staged by a group of third-year actors suspected of transferring money to their teachers, which, according to the university, can be considered a bribe and is strictly punishable, as indicated in the press release.

In the management of the educational institution, it is assumed that such actions of students are supported by those teachers who collected money like for renting premises for the lockdown period. This is documented. At the same time, the money did not go beyond the pockets of the collectors.

“We already know that the Morgenstern generation is entering adulthood. But for our university, such behavior of students is abnormal and unacceptable. Moreover, we have done a lot of good things for these guys. Excellent conditions, bright student life, scientific environment, tuition at the expense of SPbSUP for many of them and one hundred percent employment of graduates. You just need to work on yourself and behave with dignity…», — quotes the words Rector of St. Petersburg State University, Honored Artist of Russia Zapesotsky press service of the university.

On this occasion, the rector, by his order, created a Commission to investigate the incidents that occurred. The Commission includes a number of the largest scientists and teachers of St. Petersburg and, according to the order, must understand the situation in 10 working days: “conduct an internal investigation of the mentioned events, identify their causes, consider their legal qualifications, make a report including proposals to the Academic Council on making appropriate decisions and recommended measures.”

Also, the Commission should understand and establish the individual role and responsibility for the actions of each student of the group. It is necessary to determine the civic position of each student. And  already on the basis of this, to make balanced and informed decisions on an individual basis about the continuation of students’ participation in the educational process.

The university believes that the provocation has external organizers who will continue to try to manipulate students, encourage them to seek sympathy from the public. However, no one is going to indulge student actors, because otherwise about education and trainingI won’t have to say anything. After all, then the consequences will have to be sorted out for a long time. The teachers will strictly say something to the students, they fainted, reprimanded, fainted again, and the shooting on the video, they put a deuce on the call to the police… This is where education will end, the university notes.

“SPBSUP is known in the country not only for its huge competition and one hundred percent employment of graduates. Here it is not only taking bribes is not accepted — the educational process in principle does not allow slack. You can’t skip. For cheat sheets and plagiarism, they are expelled without talking. The most brilliantretelling a lecture or textbook above the four will not bring, you still need to demonstrate knowledge of a lot of additional literature and the ability to analyze it. Excellent students and good teachers annually give grades to their teachers. In general, the system is rigid and effective, the university’s press service added.

Now students behave in a peculiar way, experts say, so 13 people from the distinguished group have gone on sick leave. Such a massive disease suggests that the participants of the actor’s production are trying to evade the meeting with the commission, to evade possible responsibility.

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