​The highest rating. SUEK has become the leader of Russia’s sustainable development

The leading economic magazine of Russia “Expert” has published the third rating of sustainable development. According to him, SUEK has once again become a leader in this field. Rosneft, Sberbank, TMK and Norilsk Nickel also received high scores on the most important criterion for the development of the territories of their presence.

The social policy of the company is implemented by the fund “SUEK-REGIONS”. Thanks to him, tens of thousands of families across the country are improving their living conditions. In the study, experts noted that paying attention to creating a comfortable environment, developing the social infrastructure of the territories of presence, as well as supporting local communities are important aspects of the stability of the business of the ranking leaders in the long term.

According to the rest of the rating criteria, namely social support of employees, ecology and other indicators, SUEK also took the highest places. This once again brought her the position of a confident leader in the rating along with such companies as NLMK, Phosagro, TMK, Norilsk Nickel, Rosneft and Sberbank.

“We strive for a comprehensive improvement in the quality of people’s lives, which increases the interest in living in a specific territory, and it, in turn, helps our enterprises to work stably,” said Stepan Solzhenitsyn, CEO of SUEK.

SUEK has been repeatedly recognized as a leader in the field of sustainable development in Russia. The company has passed the ESG assessment of the S&P rating agency, occupies the top positions in reputable ESG ratings at the Russian and international levels, including in the RAEX Europe of the rating agency “Expert RA”, as well as in the ESG indices of the RSPP.

The other day, the highest level of social responsibility of SUEK was also confirmed by the project “Leaders of corporate charity”. The company entered category A (best practice) in the rating of charitable activities and social investments. She also won awards in the eponymous competition of social programs in nominations in such areas as health, education and ecology. In addition, SUEK became one of the first domestic companies to receive the official status of a partner of National projects.


SUEK is one of the leading coal mining and energy companies in the world, Russia’s largest coal producer, the largest supplier of coal to the domestic market and for export, one of the main producers of heat and electricity in the country. The mining, processing, energy, transport and service enterprises of SUEK are located in 12 regions of Russia. More than 70,000 people work at SUEK enterprises. The main shareholder is Andrey Melnichenko.

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