A storm warning has been announced in the Magadan region

An emergency warning about strong winds that can lead to emergencies has been distributed almost throughout the Magadan region, according to the website of the fire and rescue center (PSC) of the region.

Bad weather can lead to damage to power lines and communications, disruption in the work of road utilities, the occurrence of road accidents and other destruction.

The warning applies to residents of Magadan, as well as Tenkinsky, Khasynsky, Yagodninsky, Omsukchansky, Severo-Evensky and Olsky urban districts.

According to forecasters, the speed of the north-easterly wind will be 16-21 m/s, and in the east of Olsky, on the coast of Omsukchansky urban districts, wind gusts can reach 30 m/s.

Meanwhile, on Sakhalin, as a result of bad weather, 13 settlements were left without electricity, in addition, dozens of trees were felled, the roof of several buildings was seriously damaged. One person was reported dead.

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