Accreditation of Russian universities from March 1, 2022 will become indefinite

The press service of Rosobrnadzor reported that the accreditation of Russian higher education institutions will become indefinite from March 1 next year.

At the same time, the agency plans to control the universities that will receive such a preference, TASS reports.

The new model assumes an assessment of the quality of student training during accreditation, as well as an assessment of the teaching staff by several parameters (qualification, work experience, availability of academic degrees).

As an accreditation indicator, the average score of the Unified State Exam of applicants in dynamics and the assessment of the employment of graduates can also be used.

Rosobrnadzor intends to discuss the accreditation indicators with the university community and adopt them by January 1 by joint orders with the relevant ministries.

Rosobrnadzor took the initiative to make accreditation and license for universities indefinite in March this year. The new accreditation model was developed with the active participation of the professional community and meets current global trends.


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