Alexander Mavridi, who escaped from the detention center, was charged

The plot of the escape of five defendants from the IVS in the Moscow region

Alexander Mavridi, who escaped from the Istra detention center, was charged, he admitted his guilt during the interrogation, according to the website of the IC of the Russian Federation. 

According to her, Mavridi gave confessions to the investigator, and also told about all the circumstances of preparing for the escape, saying that he was hiding in abandoned buildings on the territory of Moscow and the Moscow region.

The representative of the GSU added that after the arrest, 3 thousand dollars, 1,350 euros and 70 thousand rubles were withdrawn from Mavridi’s backpack.

Recall that on August 6, five people escaped from the IVS in the Moscow region of Istra. Among the fugitives was Alexander Mavridi, who is accused of murdering businessman Vladimir Marugov. He is also charged with imprisonment of a metropolitan lawyer. Mavridi was detained on Dubravnaya Street in the Mitino district with the power support of the Rosgvardiya.

After some time, two employees of the temporary detention center were detained on suspicion of abuse of official authority, a criminal case was also opened. They, in turn, stated that they did not notice the escape of the prisoners, despite the noise.


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