Putin laid flowers at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier

On the anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, Russian President Vladimir Putin laid flowers at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier near the walls of the Kremlin.

The head of the country said that Russia will preserve the memory and the truth about the Great Patriotic War, he also added that on this day all thoughts and feelings are addressed to the veterans. This is reported by the press service of the Kremlin.

“We do and will do everything to ensure that our motherland will always be a great and powerful state,” the agency quotes the head of state as saying. Putin also noted that the citizens of modern Russia will always be grateful to those who gave life and peace to future generations.

After his speech in the Alexander Garden, the President announced a minute of silence. According to tradition, the action in memory of those who died during the war took place at 12.15 Moscow time. in all regions of the country.

The law on the annual holding of the All-Russian Minute of silence on the Day of Remembrance and Mourning was signed by the Russian leader last year.On June 22, 1941, at 12:15 pm, the People’s Commissar Vyacheslav Molotov reported on the air about the German attack on the USSR.

Earlier, the Kremlin published an article by Putin on the Day of Remembrance and Mourning.In it, the Russian leader stressed that the truth about the Great Patriotic War is that Soviet troops came to Germany with a mission of liberation.

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In the dock. Miratorg will punish the former commercial director

As follows from the information on the official portal of the courts of general jurisdiction of Moscow, former Commercial Director of Miratorg Yulia Aksenova he is accused of committing a crime qualified under Article 165, Part 2, paragraphs a and b of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (causing property damage to the owner or other owner of the property by deception or abuse of trust in the absence of signs of theft, committed by a group of persons by prior agreement or an organized group, and causing a particularly large amount of damage). damage).

In addition to Yulia Aksenova, the defendants are 3 more people. According to information from the source АиФ.ги these are her accomplices. According to the indictment, the damage to “Miratorg” from the activities of this group amounted to more than 94 million rubles.

As the source explained АиФ.ги, the duties of the commercial director included the wholesale of meat products, including to third-party meat processing plants and for export. Aksenova is accused of selling it to controlled companies in 2015-2017 at prices below market prices and for the manufacturing company itself obviously unprofitable. She abused the trust of the company and used her official position to involve other employees, including her former subordinates, in the commission of crimes.

“Miratorg”, according to our source, adheres to a policy of intolerance to theft, corruption, abuse of official position in relation not only to its employees, but also to representatives of counterparty companies. For employees of any level of the company, it is categorically unacceptable to lobby for someone’s commercial interests, which is a standard rule both in Russian business practice and in international practice.

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The military helps to eliminate the consequences of the emergency in the Crimea

The plot of Flooding due to heavy rains in the south of Russia

A mobile detachment of the Army Corps of the Black Sea Fleet is assisting the residents of Kerch in eliminating the consequences of an emergency situation due to heavy rains that hit the Crimean Peninsula, the Ministry of Defense reports. 

Military personnel clear away silt and debris from administrative buildings and private households, storm wells and sewers, in addition, they help citizens restore destroyed homes, power lines and other infrastructure. 

To date, more than 130 private homes have already been cleaned, more than 370 tons of garbage have been removed, and about 264 cubic meters of drinking water have been delivered to the population. It is expected that on Tuesday, restoration work will be carried out in the central hospital of the city, kindergartens, educational institutions, and assistance will also be provided to residents of 360 residential buildings and homesteads. 

At the same time, the military reinforced a temporary dam in Yalta at the most dangerous site of the breakthrough of mudflows caused by heavy precipitation. Up to 40 military personnel and up to 20 units of special military equipment were involved in the task. 

Now a combined detachment of radiation, chemical and biological protection units of the Southern Military District compound from Novocherkassk has started performing tasks for special treatment and disinfection of social facilities, building facades, roads and terrain areas. 

Earlier, Head of State Vladimir Putin instructed Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to attract the necessary forces and funds to help eliminate the consequences of floods in the Crimea. 

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Super trains and bulletproof fabric. National project for scientific projects

Plot National Projects

Within the framework of the project “Science and Universities” , many scientific projects are supported

2021 is declared the Year of Science and Technology in Russia, and June 2021 is named the month of new production technologies and materials. In the Year of Science and Technology, events with the participation of leading scientists are held throughout the country, educational platforms and competitions are launched, and new scientific projects are launched.

For the development of science, the national project “Science and Universities” creates world-class scientific centers (NCMU) and centers of competence of the Scientific and Technological Initiative( NTI), which constantly conduct research on the priorities of scientific and technological development of the country.

& laquo; Smart & raquo; digital Doubles

For example, in The NTI Center of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and the World-class Scientific Center “Advanced Digital Technologies” a platform for the development and application of “smart” digital twins has been created. With the help of digital design and modeling tools, you can perform all the necessary tests virtually, find solutions “beyond intuition” and make a product in the shortest possible time. Digital assistance allows engineers to significantly reduce labor costs for the development of the domestic small-sized urban electric car KAMA-1. The same technology is also used to create the design of a new marine gas turbine engine, aircraft engines, power plants, aircraft and helicopter equipment of a new generation.

And scientists and postgraduates of the laboratory “Inorganic nanomaterials “NUST” MISIS ” we have created multi-layer antibacterial coatings with a base of modified titanium oxide with a prolonged effect and a universal spectrum of action. Such coatings are needed in modern implantology as a protective layer for the prevention of inflammation or rejection of implants. In vitro experiments revealed an excellent (up to 99%) bactericidal effectiveness of this development againstan antibiotic-resistant strain of E. coli escherichia coli. Articles about this research were published in the international scientific journal Applied Surface Science, which suggests that Russian scientific discoveries may soon lead Russia to the top 10 countries in terms of research and development, which is one of the priorities of the national project “Science and Universities”.

“The creation of antibacterial and bioactive coatings is a key task in the development of biomedical materials, since the two main complications of postoperative implant insertion are inflammatory processes (introduction of infections) and its rejection,” said Elizaveta Permyakova, author of the study, researcher at the Laboratory of “Inorganic Nanomaterials” of NUST MISIS.  & mdash; & nbsp; In our laboratory, a bioactive coating was developed, obtained by spraying a composite target TiC +10% Ca(PO4)2, which ensures good cell growth and division on the surface of the coating. Modification of the surface of the bioactive coating with bactericidal agents (gentamicin/heparin), as well as the inclusion of silver ions in the composition of the bioactive coating, provided biocompatibility and a long-lasting-up to 7 days-antibacterial effect against pathogenic bacteria.

400 km per hour

New alloys, polyurethanes and rubbers with new qualities and properties are needed for high-speed trains that are being launched, for example, for a train that is planned to be built in the Sverdlovsk Region. The maximum speed that this train can reach is 400 km per hour. For comparison: while the fastest trains run between Moscow and St. Petersburg, they can reach an average speed of 200 km per hour. Today, our young scientists are from a world-class Scientific and Educational Center”Advanced production technologies and materials” are just developing new materials that allow you to create the highest-speed trains, including the train that will be built in the Sverdlovsk region. For example, for the manufacture of train wheels, steel is still used, which were created 30-40 years ago. Young scientists from the Ural Federal University (UrFU) with their colleagues from the Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions are going to make new steels that meet modern requirements.

In addition to new materials, it is planned to develop intelligent transport management systems during the construction of the train. Thanks to such a large-scale project, several thousand jobs will be created. According to the plan, from 2028, a new high-speed train will run between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

25% warmer

By the way, one of the key tasks of the national project “Science and Universities” is to increase the share of young researchers in Russia up to 39 years old. Today, they receive grants and opportunities to work on the most advanced equipment, head laboratories.

Young scientists Siberian Federal University they came up with the idea to improve the combat clothing of firefighters with the help of special inserts. Such inserts contain spring-loaded parts made of a material with shape memory. Smart inserts allow you to increase the stability of a standard combat set of firefighter clothing. This is a very important invention, because just a few extra seconds can help save someone’s life. The development was co-authored by master’s student of the Department of Technosphere and Environmental Safety, Head of the fire department No. 19 of the Zheleznodorozhny district of Krasnoyarsk, Igor Fedorchenko.

Recently, young scientists, students under the guidance of 38-year-old Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Technology and Design of Fabrics and Knitwear of Kostroma State University Alexander Grechukhin, created a heavy-duty fabric-armor protection, which stops bullets, absorbing the impact energy.This fabric is stronger than similar materials by 15-20% and weighs 5 times less than a traditional armor plate.

And the researchers from Perm Polytechnic University we have developed a construction eco-material for housing insulation. At the heart of such a material is pan-glass, it fills the pores of thermal insulation mixtures. This new product does not contain harmful polymer additives. Compared to conventional insulation, it is more effective by 25%. Perm Polytechnic University is part of the world-class Scientific and Educational Center “Rational Subsoil Use”, created within the framework of the national project “Science and Universities”.

Artificial vessels

Young scientists Tomsk Polytechnic University today, a new technology for producing artificial vessels is being developed. This technology will allow you to create implants that mimic the structure of natural blood vessels as accurately as possible. Biological preclinical studies of the development will be conducted at the Center for Preclinical and Translational Research of the Almazov National Research Medical Center in St. Petersburg.By the way, Tomsk Polytechnic University received a grant to update the instrument base, thanks to which the university has an X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) for the study of materials with new properties. The implementation of the national project “Science and Universities” will allow updating the instrument bases of leading organizations performing research and development.

Colleagues of Tomichs, scientists Kabardino-Balkar State University we also received the latest equipment in the implementation of the project of the Foundation for Advanced Research and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. They develop high-strength and high-temperature composite materials based on superconstructive polymers for 3D printing. For example, polymer composites created by KBSU scientists are used to print components for the air conditioning systems of the Russian MS-21 aircraft.

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Man and battleship. Admiral Maximilian von Spee’s Last Pass

In the XX century. generals stopped going to the battlefields ahead of their troops. But for the admirals, the habit of standing on the bridge of the flagship during a naval battle has been preserved. To the German Naval commander Max von Spee and it cost his two sons their lives in 1914.

Admiral on remote

Count Maximilian Johannes Maria Hubert von Spee was born on 22 June 1861. He is known for the circumstances of his death 53 years later. At the age of 17, he threw in his lot with the Navy. Almost all of Maximilian’s career was spent in the German colonies. Shortly before the First World War, he took command of the East Asian Cruiser Squadron (Qingdao, China). It consisted of two armored cruisers, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, and four light cruisers, Dresden, Emden, Leipzig, and Nuremberg.

After the outbreak of hostilities, communication with Berlin was interrupted. From then on, von Spee decided where to go. It was dangerous to stay where he was. Japan, acting on the side of the Entente, would sooner or later reach Tsingtao. Most of the squadron moved to the coast of Chile. This country, although neutral, treated the Germans well. From there, having replenished the reserves of coal and fresh water, it was possible to break home.

England kept a task force of ships in the Falklands under the command of rear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock. The force was not enough: the obsolete ironclad cruisers Good Hope and Monmouth, the light cruiser Glasgow, and the auxiliary cruiser Otranto. The slow-moving battleship Canopus had to be abandoned in the Falklands. However, at the end of October, the British put to sea to intercept the Germans.

The squadrons met on 1 November 1914 near the Chilean port of Coronel. Good Hope and Monmouth were sunk, and all 1,654 people on board, including Admiral Cradock, were killed. Glasgow & raquo; and & laquo;Otranto & raquo; were lucky to escape. After the victory, the German community of Chile presented von Spee with a bouquet of flowers. “This is a bouquet for my grave,” said the admiral. As in the water of the Atlantic looked.

Operation Retaliation

On the morning of December 8, Spee’s squadron approached the British base of Port Stanley. The Germans expected to find one “Canopus” there, but they cruelly miscalculated. Just a day before them, the new battlecruisers Invincible and Inflexible, under the command of , had anchored in the Falkland IslandsVice Admiral Frederick Sturdy.

Spee had no chance against them. The worn-out machines of Scharnhorst and Gneisenau barely allowed 20 knots, and the main armament was sixteen 210-mm guns of the main caliber. Stardy’s battlecruisers could make 26 knots. They had the same number of large guns, but the caliber was 305 mm.

As the British began to catch up with von Spee, Scharnhorst, who was holding the flag, turned around and launched a final suicide attack to allow Gneisenau to escape. All for nothing: the Scharnhorst sank with the entire crew, including Admiral Spee. The circumstances of his death remained unknown. Soon after, Gneisenau and the admiral’s youngest son were killed. Otto von Spee.

Death of the squadron

On December 9, the British cruiser Kent overtook the German cruiser Nuremberg in the ocean. The death of the latter is described in the report of His Majesty’s Fleet Commander Allen: “Shortly after the distance to Nuremberg began to clearly shorten, at 17: 00, he opened fire on Kent fromtwo poop guns and a port stern gun. I responded with a salvo from the forward turret at the highest elevation, but it was short-lived. The first few shells of “Nuremberg” flew over “Kent” and fell astern, but “Nuremberg” quickly took aim. The distance was 12,000 yards (just under 11 km (AIF), but now his shooting was remarkably accurate.

We gradually drew closer, until the distance was reduced to 7,000 yards. Nuremberg turned 8 points to port to bring all the port guns into action. I turned to the left, too, and managed to bring him straight across. The range was reduced to 6,000 yards, and I opened fire with all the starboard guns. For about a quarter of an hour, we followed slightly converging courses until the distance was not too far.reduced to 3,000 yards. Kent’s shooting was excellent. Our shells were bursting, hitting “Nuremberg”. It almost stopped and stopped firing at 18: 35. Seeing this, I ordered a cease-fire… The Nuremberg sat heavily astern with a roll to starboard and began to sink. I ordered all the remaining boats to be prepared for launching, and prepared to rescue the survivors.

At 19: 26, it lay on the starboard side, capsized and sank. I saw a small group of people on the quarterdeck waving the German flag. I did my best to save as many people as possible. 3 of my boats were riddled with shells and shrapnel, and the carpenters were ordered to repair the least damaged ones. After about 20 minutes, we lowered 2 boats. Although 12 people were picked up, only 7 survived. The others died shortly after they were brought on board (Spee’s youngest son Otto was not among those rescued)».

The high mortality rate among the survivors of the battle is explained by the water temperature (6 or 7 degrees). Paying tribute to the courage and professionalism of his subordinates, Allen added: “I also want to express my admiration for the brave and decisive behavior of the captain, officers and sailors of Nuremberg in the battle, which they demonstrated until the very moment of the destruction of their ship. They continued to shoot with great accuracy and speed even after their ship had taken many hits and caught fire.

In the battle of the Falkland Islands, more than 2 thousand German sailors and only 6 Englishmen were killed. 212 Germans were rescued and captured.

Subsequently, in honor of Admiral von Spee, the Germans will name one of their “pocket battleships”. It will be included in the fleet of the Third Reich, but it will not be tainted by participation in war crimes-on the contrary, sinking ships in the Atlantic, the battleship will be famous for humane treatment of the sailors of intercepted ships and compliance, as far as possible, with the “rules of gentleman’s war”. By the will of fate, the ship “Graf von Spee” will die in approximately the same places as Admiral von Spee himself ,and also in a heroic battle. But that’s another story…

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Facebook has launched an analog of the Clubhouse platform

Facebook has launched an analog of the Clubhouse platform, which does not have text messages, and communication is based on voice communication. The Live Audio Rooms service is currently only available in the United States, according to the Facebook website. 

The social network allows users to listen to the speeches of public figures and take part in the conversations of large communities.

Facebook will give the right to a number of organizations and individuals to create public chats, the number of listeners in which is not limited, but the number of speakers does not exceed 50.

Earlier it was reported that the personal data of more than 533 million users of the social network Facebook from 106 countries were posted in the public domain on the Internet.

In April, the data of 1.3 million Clubhouse users were online.

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Bard College educational organization recognized as undesirable in Russia

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has declared the American educational non-governmental organization Bard College undesirable. This is reported on the website of the department.

It is noted that the activities of NGOs pose a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system and the security of the Russian Federation.

Information about the decision was sent to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. The Ministry will enter the relevant information in the list of organizations that are undesirable in the Russian Federation.

Recall that last week the State Duma adopted in the final reading a law that toughens the responsibility for participation in undesirable foreign/international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as for the creation of such structures. For the leadership of an undesirable NGO in Russia, you will face from two to six years in prison.

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COVID-19. Return. Valery Vechorko-about the mutation of the virus

Plot Measures against the spread of coronavirus in Russia

In the country, the statistics of morbidity have crept up again.We talked about this with the winner of the State Award for personal contribution to the fight against coronavirus, head physician of the Moscow State Clinical Hospital No. 15 Valery Vechorko.

& mdash; Valery Ivanovich, your hospital, one of the largest in Moscow, has again been redesigned for the treatment of COVID-19. Was it unexpected for you?

To be honest, we did not expect such a surge. The number of cases already exceeds the peak values of last year. Among them, there are more young people: up to 30%. So the trend is, unfortunately, depressing.

With What can this be related to?

The root cause has already been mentioned a million times: there are a lot of us who do not want to be vaccinated. For various reasons. For the formation of collective immunity, 60-70% of citizens must be vaccinated. So far, the figure is much smaller. According to the country with the account of the ill and vaccinated 30%.

In Russia, the death rate from COVID-19 has so far been much lower than in other countries. But the West doesn’t believe it. Can they be persuaded?

“The West doesn’t believe much in anything at all, it’s time to get used to it. Mortality in hospitals and mortality in the country are statistically different things. Only serious patients are admitted to the hospital with COVID-19. If we take the mortality rate in the intensive care units of those who are on artificial lung ventilation, we will not see much difference between countries. The mortality rate of patients with coronavirus in intensive care units is high:from 30% to 50%. The mortality rate on the ventilator, unfortunately, is even higher: from 50% to 88%. This is public data. But we also know that only 20% carry the disease seriously, and even fewer are admitted to the intensive care unit and on a ventilator. According to statistics, up to 30% of the population has experienced the virus in our country in one way or another. So count it. Our figures are reliable and suggest that the restrictive measures taken during the last peak of the pandemic have paid off.

They say that the virus mutates and the previously developed therapy has ceased to be effective. Is that true?

Yes, alas, the course of the disease is now different from what it was last spring, summer or autumn. Now we see more and more young patients without concomitant diseases, who, despite their age and the absence of aggravating factors, still get sick a lot and hard. This has never happened before. The course of the disease itself has also changed: it has become more rapid, with extensive damage to the lung tissue. From a lung lesion of less than 25% to a severe lesion of more than 75%, it can take only 2-3 days. That is why the experience that we havepurchased for a year of working with COVID-19, priceless. And it’s not just about the therapy used at the treatment stage. Important are the doctor’s view of the patient, his analysis on the basis of the collected anamnesis, assessment of the condition according to laboratory parameters, adjusted therapy based on the individual condition, timely oxygen support. In short, to achieve a positive result, you need a combination of knowledge, experience and an individual approach to each patient.

Is it possible to get sick after the vaccine?

How many employees of your hospital have been vaccinated?

– Of course. Doctors, like no one else, understand the full extent of the danger of this disease and the responsibility that lies on them, both to patients and to relatives, colleagues and other people with whom they encounter in their daily lives.

Your colleague, the chief physician of the Kommunarka, Denis Protsenko, reported the following figures: from 30.12.2020 to last Wednesday, 23,281 patients were admitted to them. Of these, 136 were vaccinated, and 69 received both components. 0.58% and 0.29%, respectively. Do you have similar numbers?

I will be able to answer this question in a couple of weeks, because we have just started receiving patients with coronavirus infection in this wave. However, it must be understood: the vaccine is not a guarantee of 100% protection. But the fact that it significantly facilitates the course of the disease, we see in the patients who get to the treatment in hospitals.

The vaccination campaign started back in December 2020. We were the first to invent a vaccine against COVID-19 and the first to provide the population with the possibility of vaccination. Today, for Muscovites, three vaccines are already available for free, without queues and delays, and vaccination points are deployed throughout the city, from polyclinics to large stores and shopping centers, working without holidays and weekends.

Do those who did it more than a year ago need to be vaccinated again?

As the course of the disease is individual for each person, so the body’s reaction to the vaccination is also individual. Some people have antibodies to the coronavirus for a year, and some people, even after leaving the hospital after a serious illness, almost do not have them. While it is difficult to say what this is related to, research in this area continues throughoutto the world. We may soon find the answer. WHO recommends vaccination for those who have had COVID-19 more than six months ago. And our doctors believe that to make a decision about vaccination, you need to focus on the indicator of the level of antibodies to the coronavirus.

Many patients who have been ill complain of the severe consequences of the disease. Can you give me any advice?

At the beginning of the pandemic, there were problems with the provision of medicines and personnel. And how is it now?

I have always said, and I will never tire of repeating, that we did not have a shortage in Moscow. We did not lack for anything: neither for medicines, nor for PPE, nor for ventilators, nor for personnel. The Department of Health and the city government provided any assistance we needed immediately. We have not heard the word “no”. Thanks to this approach, we were able toconvert a huge multi-specialty hospital into an infectious diseases hospital in just 7 days. The work was then carried out around the clock, all the services of the city were involved. They rebuilt existing buildings, erected buildings, drew electricity and oxygen. The hospital was like a buzzing hive. But we did it.

The second time the conversion was easier?

– Yes, much easier. We already know what is needed to return to the covid. We do this confidently and steadily, as far as the current situation allows.

& mdash; Will you continue to provide planned assistance?

– No, for the safety of patients, this is excluded. Planned patients will be assisted by other specialized hospitals.

But COVID-19 patients may have other chronic diseases. How will they then treat, for example, diabetes?

Of course, coronavirus patients also need multidisciplinary care. And this is the help they need to provide.

Can we do without a lockdown?

-I would very much like to hope. The extension of the May holidays improved the epidemiological situation. Perhaps these impromptu holidays from June 12 to June 20 will lead to a decrease in the incidence of diseases. Provided that each of us will observe all the necessary precautions: social distance, use of masks, refusal to visit places of mass gathering of people. And & nbsp; plus vaccination. Then we can return to normal life, as did, for example, the UAE and Israel.

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Putin’s article on the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War will be published in the German edition of Die Zeit

The article, which Russian President Vladimir Putin prepared for the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, will be published on June 22 in the German edition of Die Zeit.

This was stated to the RIA Novosti news agency in the press service of the publishing house.

On the Day of Remembrance and Mourning, June 22, the Russian president will lay flowers at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier and make a speech.

Recall that for the 75th anniversary of the Victory, Putin also wrote an article that was published by The National Interest magazine. In the publication, the president not only cited numerous historical facts, but also shared his family’s memories of the war. 

Previously АиФ.ги he told what the newspaper “Pravda” wrote about on June 21, 1941, the day before the attack of Hitler’s Germany on the USSR.

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New ecocenter. Responsible consumption is being developed in Russia

Environmental protection issues are always acute. And big business, like no one else, understands this. So, in Russia, a joint federal action of two large companies will start. Its name is “Keeping the Planet Together: The Five Green Cases”. Its initiators are the trading network “Pyaterochka” and the company Procter & amp; Gamble. Its goal is to make the path to responsible consumption in Russia even easier and more convenient. Part of the funds from the sales of the brand’s products in the amount of 3 million rubles will be used to create an ecocenter in one of the cities of Russia, which will be chosen by popular vote.

The ecocenter is scheduled to open in the fall. There will be a point for receiving and sorting various types of recyclable materials for further processing, and it will also become a space for holding events and festivals on ecotematics. To promote the opening of a modern eco-center in your city, you must purchase the product participating in the promotion at any supermarket in the network by July 31, 2021, and then vote on the promotion website. Thus, everyone will be able to contribute to the development of waste collection and recycling infrastructure in their city.

The ambassador of the environmental campaign “Save the Planet Together: Five green causes” was the singer Glucose, who shares the philosophy of responsible consumption and takes an active part in environmental forums and projects. She starred in a video in support of the action. As part of the campaign, special POSM materials with a QR code will also be placed in stores, where the consumer will learn how to make the shopping process in the store more eco-friendly.

“We came up with a great campaign with a very clear and, most importantly, simple message: every day, each of us can contribute to the preservation of the planet, and the path to responsible consumption is not as long as it may seem at first glance. I am sure that the issue of ecology and environmental protection concerns the majority of Russians. It’s just that not everyone understands that eco-friendly habits are easy. That is why we decided to help our customers a little: with advice, simple instructions and, of course, with our own example, ” comments the singer Glucose on the launch of the environmental campaign.

In addition, all participants of the promotion get a chance to win an electric scooter, and for the purchase of two products of the brand, you can get reusable bags for products in an exclusive design from Glucose.

“Pyaterochka” shows by its example how a business can take care of the environment. For example, for the production of baskets in new stores, we use recycled plastic, send for recycling the waste that is formed as a result of the daily activities of stores, and implement the “smart store” system, which reduces energy consumption in retail outlets. And of course, we strive to engage guests by creating moreopportunities for an eco-friendly lifestyle. So, in our mobile application, you can refuse to print a receipt, replacing it with an electronic one. We strive to create useful habits among Russians, encouraging them to perform simple actions for the benefit of the entire planet. Our joint action with P & amp; G is a contribution to the development of the infrastructure for separate waste collection, which is so important to develop especially in small cities, ” said Mikhail Yartsev, Marketing Director of the trade network.

Procter & Gamble has long been a leader in responsible consumption, working daily to ensure that our projects are a source of positive change. And we see how readily customers respond to our initiatives: for example, they hand over plastic for recycling and choose more environmentally friendly products. Society is becoming more and more aware, realizing that the future of the planet depends entirely on how we live.we behave today. Of course, we, as business representatives, have a huge responsibility for the environment, but it is impossible to do without the support of consumers in this matter. The joint campaign with Pyaterochka is our call to join forces for the well-being of future generations, ” emphasizes Ruslan Nozdryakov, Senior Director for Corporate Communications and Brand Sustainability in Eastern Europe.

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