What support measures are put in place for the relatives of a combat veteran?

Russian legislation provides for social support measures for the families of deceased (deceased) combat veterans. They are specified in Article 21 of the Federal Law of 12.01.1995 N 5-FZ “On veterans”. 

Who are considered combat veterans?

Military personnel, as well as civilians who took part in battles, served military units, received an award or were wounded, can be recognized as veterans of military operations. Article 3 of the Federal Law “On Veterans” contains a list of persons who belong to veterans of military operations. The annex to the Federal Law also lists combat operations, for participation in which the status of a combat veteran is assigned.

Which relatives of combat veterans are entitled to support measures?

Social support measures are provided to disabled family members of a deceased (deceased) combat veteran who were dependent on him and receive a survivor’s pension.

Also, regardless of the state of working capacity, being dependent, receiving a pension or salary, social support measures are provided to his spouse (or spouse) under the following conditions:

1.She (or he) has not remarried;



2.2. Or with a minor child (children) 

2.3. Or with a child (children) over the age of 18, who became (became) disabled (disabled) before he (they) reached the age of 18

2.4. Or with a child (children) who has not reached the age of 23 and is studying (studying) in full-time educational institutions. 

What payments and benefits are due to relatives of combat veterans?

The above-mentioned persons are entitled to the following social support measures:

  • pension benefits;
  • advantage in joining housing, housing and construction, garage cooperatives, priority right to purchase garden land plots or garden land plots;
  • provision of housing for family members of deceased (deceased) combat veterans in need of better housing conditions;
  • medical care in medical organizations to which relatives were attached during the life of the deceased (deceased), as well as extraordinary provision of medical care within the framework of the program of state guarantees of free provision of medical care to citizens;
  • compensation of expenses for payment of residential premises and utilities;
  • preferential provision of vouchers to sanatorium-resort organizations (if there are medical indications);
  • priority admission to social service organizations providing social services in a stationary form, in a semi-stationary form, extraordinary service of the spouse by social service organizations providing social services in the form of social services at home.

On the basis of what payments and benefits are provided to relatives?

According to Article 28 of the Federal Law “On Veterans”, social support measures are assigned to relatives upon presentation of their certificate of a combat veteran. If a military man participated in battles and did not manage to get a veteran’s crust during his lifetime, then relatives can claim payments and benefits if they provide a document,confirming the fact of the death of a military man, as well as the fact of his participation in hostilities, operations, combat missions, performing tasks, works, ensuring combat operations or performing special tasks. 


http://www.consultant.ru/document/cons_doc_LAW_5490 /

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In the DPR, they announced more frequent cases when the Ukrainian military throws weapons

Cases when Ukrainian troops drop weapons have become regular. Yan Gagin, adviser to the Chairman of the Government of the Donetsk People’s Republic, told RIA Novosti about this.

“The enemy, retreating, leaves a lot of weapons, they just run, in some places they just turn to flight, throwing personal belongings,” the agency interlocutor said.

According to him, among the weapons are anti-tank missiles, small arms, uniforms and equipment elements. The military also leaves weapons, which were supplied by their Western partners.

Earlier, the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin said that the situation on the contact line remains tense, “the armed formation of Ukraine is still fighting with the civilian population.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian servicemen who defected to the Donetsk People’s Republic confirmed that Kiev was preparing an offensive operation on Donbass. It turned out that the security forces were given the command to prepare for large-scale hostilities. 

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The head of the DPR Pushilin announced the suspension of general mobilization in the republic

General mobilization in the Donetsk People’s Republic is suspended. The corresponding statement on the air of the TV channel “Russia-24” was made by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

“Because the necessary number of those areas has already been filled, which the mobilization campaign was aimed at,” he explained.

According to Pushilin, the authorities of the republic now intend to focus on the humanitarian component.

Recall that on February 18, the heads of the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics announced the evacuation of civilians amid the escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and on February 19 signed decrees on general mobilization.

On February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an address to the Russians that the country recognizes the independence of the republics. On February 24, the Russian leader announced the start of a special military operation in the Donbass, the purpose of which, as the politician stressed, is the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, the Russian military has hit 1,067 objects of the country’s military infrastructure. Meanwhile, the units of the People’s Militia of the DPR are strengthening the advancing grouping to concentrate forces in the Mariupol direction.

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The Hydrometeorological Center predicts that spring will come to Moscow at the end of March

The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation Roman Vilfand said that the climatic spring will come in the capital at the end of March. Moscow 24 writes about this.

The forecaster clarified that on March 1, the air temperature in the city is forecast to be 2–2.5 degrees above normal.

“The sun is expected in the afternoon and the temperature is up to +4 degrees,” he said.

Vilfand explained that in March the cold weather very often returns, the temperature can drop to -10 degrees. According to him, a steady temperature transition through the zero mark usually occurs in the third decade of April. At about the same time, the snow completely disappears.

Recall that February 22 was the warmest day in Moscow since the beginning of winter. On this day it was about four degrees Celsius.

Earlier АиФ.ги published a long-term weather forecast for March.

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The expert told what to fear from the Anonymous group

The Anonymous team of computer hackers most often deals with DDoS attacks. For this reason, it does not pose a serious danger. This is reported by 360 with reference to programmer Sergey Vakulin.

He noted that Anonymous is a group of activists who can be located anywhere in the world. The main method of the command is DDoS attacks.They are capable of causing interruptions in the operation of equipment. Subsequently, it may stop responding to user requests, explained Vakulin.

According to the programmer, the danger of the group will increase if it decides to attack any bank. As a result, its websites and applications will be inaccessible, which can cause damage to both the bank and ordinary citizens, the expert concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the Anonymous group announced the cyber war of the Russian Federation and claimed responsibility for the attack on the website of the Russian TV channel RT.

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Why are bats the main carriers of infection?

Weekly magazine “Arguments and Facts” No. 8. Protection of the Fatherland – in the first place 23/02/2022

A new type of coronavirus has been discovered in bats from Laos. Why have these mice become the main source of infection? Are ours as dangerous as the Asian ones?

Three new coronaviruses were found while studying a population of bats living in caves in northern Laos. This was reported by the journal Nature. Scientists suggest that these viruses are relatives of SARS-CoV-2, capable of penetrating human cells.

Bats are the second largest group after rodents and, consequently, in terms of the number of parasites feeding on them. They regularly infected us with something,” explains Maria Orlova, PhD, the only scientist in Russia studying parasites living on bats. The coronavirus family was originally associated with bats, all other hosts are secondary. But these are not the bats that live with us (they do not pose any danger to us yet), but bats, giant animals whose wingspan reaches a meter. Being fruit-eaters, they also eat dates. Theirfeces, urine and saliva remain on fruits that fall on the table to a person, in pet food. This is how Hendra viruses were transmitted (with a mortality rate of up to 60% in humans) and Nipah (mortality rate of up to 75%). Theoretically, we can expect anything from bats. 

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What ships of the Black Sea Fleet could remain outside the Bosporus and the Dardanelles?

Plot Aggravation of the situation in Donbas

Turkey can close the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits for the passage of warships. However, even in this situation, the Russian Federation will have the right to use them to return the fleet to the base, reportedTurkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. АиФ.ги I was looking for ships that were outside the straits. These could include ships participating in exercises in the Mediterranean Sea on February 15-21.

What happened?

Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasyl Bondar He demanded that Ankara close the straits for the passage of Russian warships.

Turkey has received an official request from Ukraine, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu confirmed. The provisions of the Montreux Convention are clear and precise. During a war in which Turkey does not participate, it is permissible to take measures against the countries participating in the war, the minister noted.

Thus, Turkey can close the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits for the passage of warships, but even in this situation, the Russian Federation will have the right to use them to return the fleet to base.

The Montreux Convention

The 1936 Montreux Convention on the Status of the Straits consolidated Turkey’s sovereignty over the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits.

Subject to prior notification of the Turkish authorities, the Black Sea Powers may conduct their warships of any class through the Straits in peacetime. For warships of non-Black Sea powers, significant restrictions on class and tonnage have been introduced.

Depending on whether Turkey is a party to the conflict, it has additional powers to regulate the passage through the straits. In some circumstances, Ankara may prohibit any country from using the straits if it considers that this will violate security in the region or create threats to itself. However, the Turkish side has repeatedly stated that it intends to fully comply with the terms of the convention and opposes its revision.

However, the Montreux Convention also provides that the ships of the countries participating in the war can return to their bases and this should be allowed to them. The Montreux Convention also provides that the same measures should be taken with respect to Ukrainian warships, the Turkish Foreign Minister said.

Foreign trip

In the period from February 15 to February 25, 2022, naval exercises were held in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea under the leadership of Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. The event involved more than 15 warships, boats and support vessels, as well as over 30 aircraft.

The list of ships included the missile cruisers Admiral Grigorovich (part of the Black Sea Fleet), as well as ships of other fleets Varyag (flagship of the Pacific Fleet) and Marshal Ustinov (Northern Fleet), frigates Admiral Kasatonov (Northern Fleet), as well as large anti-submarine ships Admiral Tributs ; (Pacific Fleet) and «Vice Admiral Kulakov» (Northern Fleet) and others. 

The fact that “Admiral Grigorovich” returned to the home port (Sevastopol) was not reported. 

In February, the Ministry of Defense also did not report the location of other ships of the Black Sea Fleet, but at the beginning of 2022, in the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”, the small missile ship “Vyshny Volochek”, the patrol ship “Dmitry Rogachev”, submarines, the naval minesweeper “Vladimir Zakharin”, were in the composition of the Naval forces of the Navy, in addition to the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”, the small missile ship “Vyshny Volochek”, the patrol ship “Dmitry Rogachev”, submarines, the sea minesweeper “Vladimir Zakharin”. They performed special tasks as part of the permanent grouping of the Navy (Navy) in the far sea zone. Thus, more than 10 ships and support vessels of the Black Sea Fleet (Black Sea Fleet) may not be in the Black Sea at the moment.

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Sobyanin: the remote format of work in Moscow will become a recommendation from February 28

In Moscow, the mandatory requirement to transfer 30% of employees to remote mode is canceled. The corresponding decree was signed by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin on February 25.

“The requirement to transfer 30% of employees to a remote work mode is being transferred from mandatory to recommendatory,” he wrote in his blog today, telling about the current situation with omicron in the city.

Sobyanin explained that since the end of January, when there was a peak in the incidence of covid among residents of the capital, the number of new cases has decreased by more than three times. The number of hospitalizations has halved, including children by 80%.

On February 25, 3,333 covid patients were identified in Moscow, which was the lowest value since the beginning of January, when the fifth wave of coronavirus began in Russia.

“Hospitals and polyclinics are returning to work as usual and increasing the planned admission of patients,” the mayor added.

Recall that from October 25, 2021 to February 25, 2022, Moscow employers had to transfer at least 30% of their employees to remote work, including citizens over 60 years old and suffering from chronic diseases. It was only about those workers who had not been vaccinated or had not suffered coronavirus.

Earlier, the mayor’s office said that medical institutions in Moscow began to return to the planned mode of work.

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NASA will continue to cooperate with Roscosmos, despite the sanctions

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will continue to cooperate with Roscosmos, despite the sanctions imposed by Washington due to the start of the military operation in Ukraine. A representative of the department said this on CNN.

According to him, the new export control measures allow the United States and the Russian Federation to continue cooperation in the civil space field. The NASA representative noted that the space agency supports the work on the safe operation of the ISS with all international partners, including Roscosmos.

Recall that on Thursday, American leader Joe Biden said that new sanctions against Russia would hit the country’s aerospace industry, including the space program. The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, replied that the ISS is waiting for an uncontrolled descent from orbit to Europe or the United States if restrictions affect cooperation with the Russian Federation.

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In the LPR, 33 attacks from the AFU were recorded in ten settlements

33 attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on ten settlements were recorded in the LPR, RIA Novosti reports.

This is evidenced by the data of the republic’s representative office in the JCCC as of 3:00 Friday Moscow time.

At the same time, the period for which these attacks occurred is not given.

The representative office notes that more detailed information about the victims and damages is being clarified at the moment.

On the eve of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree on general mobilization in the country. The Ukrainian leader also decided to create the Supreme Commander’s headquarters.

Last Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military special operation to demilitarize Ukraine. The Russian leader also called on the Ukrainian military not to follow the criminal orders of the Kiev authorities and lay down their arms.

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