Doctors told how they feel, saving the lives of criminals

When saving the lives of criminals, you need to turn off emotions and think about the fact that, first of all, this is a person. This opinion is shared by doctors who have treated and operated on intruders.

Surgeon and Doctor of Medical Sciences Igor Korotkiy operated on an 18-year-old student who staged a shootout in the PSNIU. In a conversation with the TV channel “360”, he said that criminals, while in a medical institution, are necessarily handcuffed. Law enforcement officers are always near them, even during the operation. According to him, the doctor’s opinion that an attacker is in front of him should remain somewhere in the back of his mind. 

“We are not judges, we are doctors. Such cases, in order to do something poorly, are excluded-this is a crime, then we also become criminals, ” adds Korotkiy. 

Plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive surgeon Galina Dekasper notes that a criminal needs to save his life so that he is responsible for his actions “not in the next world, but in this one”.

Both doctors are sure that if emotions get the better of their colleagues, they need to be removed and take someone who can cope with their feelings. 

Earlier it was reported that doctors amputated part of the leg of a student who staged a shooting at the Perm University.


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