Don’t leave the room: an Indian man of 11 years hid his girlfriend from everyone

The woman was reported missing 11 years ago. It turned out that she just lived in the house next door.

In the Indian state of Kerala in 2010, an 18-year-old girl named disappearedSajita. Her family and the police searched for her, but no trace was found. Her parents decided that she had left home for good, and they stopped looking for her. But it turned out that Sajita lived literally next door-in her boyfriend’s room in a house nearby. She lived so quietly and inconspicuously that even the parents of her beloved Rahman did not know about her.

The man carefully thought out the plan. An electrician by profession, he had installed an automatic lock on his room that only Sajita could open. And at the slightest attempt by an outsider to unlock the room from the outside, the door was electrocuted.

At the slightest attempt by an outsider to unlock the room from the outside, the door was electrocuted. Photo: Screenshot of IndiaTimes

Rahman was constantly locked in his room, and even ate separately from the family. Sajita was there with him the whole time. At night, or when Rahman’s family was at work, the girl would leave the room.

When the parents of the 34-year-old Rahman decided to marry him, he and Sajita ran away. The guy’s family found them only a few months later: the couple was hiding in a nearby village. When asked by their parents why they had started this adventure, Rahman and Sajita said they were afraid that their families would not approve of their relationship.

Local Police Department officer Deepa Kumar he said that Sajita and Rahman hid their relationship because they belonged to different religions and were afraid of a negative reaction.The police brought the couple to the local court, which allowed them to live together after Sajita stated that she wanted to be with Rahman.

The police said that when investigating the disappearance of the girl, they never suspected Rahman, who was then 24 years old: “No one knew about their affair.In any escape, both people go missing.


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