European Space Agency approves Venus mission program

The European Space Agency has decided to launch the EnVision mission to Venus in the early 2030s.

The organization’s website says that the new orbiter will provide a holistic view of the planet, from its inner core to the upper atmosphere, which will determine the cause of the various paths of development of not only Venus, but also the Earth.

EnVision – a mission led by ESA with the participation of NASA, which is a continuation of the Venus Express program that operated in 2005-2014.

Earlier, ESA’s director of science, Gunther Hasinger, said that the discovery of life beyond Earth is the highest priority for the space agency, which is already carrying out and preparing a series of exoplanet missions.

Meanwhile, NASA plans to send two missions in 2028-2030 to study Venus, which has many characteristics similar to our planet.

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