Golden ray. The award was given to the TV channel “Izvestia»

The news channel “Izvestia” received an award in the annual national award “Golden Ray” in the category “TV channels: information and journalism”.

The TV channel “Izvestia” is a round-the-clock TV channel that online shows short, succinct videos about the main events in the country and the world. “Izvestia” helps viewers quickly receive news around the clock in absolutely any format. The channel tries to meet the new trends and trends of TV viewing ondifferent devices. The editorial board constantly introduces and integrates the latest technologies that contribute to rapid visual consumption, because all news on the air is accompanied by text titles, which allows you to watch the TV channel without sound, “said Vlada Levitskaya, head of the editorial board of the TV channel “Izvestia”..

This is the third award for “Izvestia”, previously the TV channel has already become a winner in the category “Discovery of the Year” and “TV channels: information and journalism”.

Photo: MIZ & laquo; Izvestia & raquo;

Izvestia is a new-generation federal news media that provides a new information format that combines the capabilities of modern television. Today, it is available in the networks of major operators, such as Tricolor TV, Rostelecom, MTS, Beeline, ER-Telecom, Akado, MegaFon TV, Orion-Express, Sea TV, as well as in the networks of regional cable operators. In addition, the TV channel can be viewed around the clock on the portal

It is noted that the award in the field of satellite, cable and Internet television this year was awarded in 25 categories: TV channels: cinema, TV channels: TV series, TV channels: entertainment, Educational TV Channel, Popular Science TV Channel, Music TV Channel, Best regional channel », «Men’s TV channel», «Women’s TV channel» and others.

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