How did the knights relieve themselves?

Weekly magazine “Arguments and Facts” No. 47. Why are there fewer fish, birds and animals 24/11/2021

The knight’s armor was well thought out and designed, so that with the help of one servant, it could be put on in 10 minutes. Alone, in half an hour maximum, Alexander Bayramov, Candidate of Historical Sciences, answered .   In general, full combat armor weighed 25 kg   now the same weight is carried by a Special forces soldier. As for the toilet problem, it did not exist in principle. Simply because those parts of the body that come into contact with the saddle were not covered with armor, it was inconvenient, and there was no need. There were no modern-looking trousers either. They wore stockings-chausses that reached to the top of the thigh.They were attached to the belt with laces. They also wore bra – a kind of underwear like modern «family» underpants. They were also attached to the belt, they could be easily lowered. Then  this was not required. French King Louis the Grumpy, who suffered from dysentery, in the XIV century. introduced the fashion of bra with a deep slit at the back.


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