How long will the heat last in Moscow?

The expert’s answer is 0 + –

The center of European Russia, including Moscow, is waiting for abnormally warm weather for the end of November, the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia reported. In the capital, the winter weather changed to warmer on Wednesday, November 24: the thermometer columns rose to zero degrees. On Thursday, November 25, in Moscow it is expected to reach +1…+3 °C during the day and about zero at night, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand told TASS.

How long will the heat last?

According to the meteorologist, Thursday’s weather will remain in the city until the end of the week, November 28.

Will the snow melt?

Yes, the small snow cover established in Moscow on Wednesday will melt. This is due to both warming and rain, which is forecast for Friday, November 26, and Saturday, November 27.

“Maybe there will be some snow left, and that’s all,” Vilfand said.

How will the weather change in Moscow next week?

According to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, on Monday, November 29, the temperature in the afternoon may drop to zero, and on Tuesday, November 30, to minus values.

On Monday night -2..+3 °C is expected, on Monday afternoon 0…+5 °C, there will be precipitation at times. On Tuesday night, the temperature will drop to -1…+4 °C, on Tuesday afternoon it will be -1…+4 °C, precipitation. On the night of Wednesday, December 1, -2…+3 °C is forecast in Moscow, on Wednesday afternoon -1…+4 °C, short-term precipitation is not excluded.

Also in the last days of November, according to the forecast, residents of Moscow expect a jump in atmospheric pressure: on Tuesday, the indicator will drop from 740 to 722 mmHg, and then on Wednesday it will rise to 735 mmHg.



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