How will the weather in Moscow change due to the arrival of cyclone Balkanets?

Heavy rains are expected in the capital on October 14. The weather change is related to the cyclone “Balkanets” According to the leading employee of the weather center”Phobos”Evgeny Tishkovets,up to 20% of the monthly precipitation rate will fall in the capital, the heaviest rains are expected in the evening.

An active Balkan cyclone always brings an abnormal amount of precipitation, says the forecaster. This time it is expected from 8 to 13 millimeters. The temperature will drop to plus 11 degrees due to dense clouds.

“Today, the capital region will be attacked by an active Balkan cyclone, accompanied by hordes of rain clouds, which may cause up to 20% of the monthly precipitation rate, or from 8 to 13 millimeters, roughly speaking, a bucket of water per square meter,” Tishkovets told RIA Novosti.

The Balkan cyclone is classified by forecasters as a southern cyclone. It forms on the southern border of temperate latitudes and then shifts to the north and northeast. Such a cyclone has enormous reserves of energy. In central Russia, the heaviest precipitation, winds, thunderstorms, squalls and other weather phenomena are associated with it.

When will the rains stop? 

There will be less rain on Friday and Saturday, but it will stop only by Sunday. 

And when to expect a decrease in temperature? 

The air temperature in the capital will begin to decrease from Sunday, October 17. The thermometers will already be about plus 9– plus 10 degrees. And at night it will be about 0 degrees from -2 to +3 degrees.

On Monday, October 18, according to the forecasts of the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of RussiaRoman Vilfand, it will get colder to +5 degrees. On Wednesday, October 20, according to the meteorologist, the rains will begin to return to Moscow. In some places, half of the October volume of moisture may fall.

Vilfand promises snow cover so far only in the Asian part of Russia. “The snow cover has already formed in the Asian part thoroughly, almost everywhere. Only the very, very south is still snowless, but soon there will be snow there,” he said.

The forecaster also clarified that a noticeable cooling will come to the Far East by the end of the week.


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