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A new career guidance course for high school students will appear on the Internet. It is launched on the online educational platform with the support of the online school Agi.Homes and the national project ” Education“.

The goal of the project is to introduce students to popular professions and help them choose the right direction for further education.

The career guidance course consists of a series of pre-recorded videos and live broadcasts with representatives of different professions: mobile developer, designer, chef, teacher, producer. In total, there will be 16 invited specialists who work in leading Russian and foreign companies. All students of the course will have access to a career guidance test, a guide to Russian universities with a detailed description of the faculties and lists of necessary exams, as well as discounts on partner services and products.

As part of the project, students will get acquainted with a programmer from Yandex, who will share his experience: how to start a career in the IT field. A data analyst from Twitter will dispel the most common myths about the profession. The chef from Nestle will give recommendations on how to avoid common mistakes at the beginning of your career. The Viber marketer will tell you about the skills that young professionals should develop.

The course will be held online from June 10 to August 5, and participation is free. To join it, you just need to register on https://prof.uchi.ru/

The video with the first guest, the architect, will be published on June 15 in the project group in the social networkVKontakte». The first live broadcast with Data Scientist from Twitter will also take place there on June 17. A detailed course program, links to videos and broadcasts, as well as a guide to universities will be sent to all participants immediately after registration.

A course on the choice of professions from Agi.ru meets the objectives of the national project “Education” for the identification and development of children’s talents, which includes early career guidance for schoolchildren. For more information, visit < u>nationalprojects.rf

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The main goal of the national project “Education” ensuring equal access of the population to quality education throughout the country, getting Russia into the TOP 10 countries in the world in terms of the quality of general education, developing mechanisms for educating a harmoniously developed and socially responsible person, as well as strengthening the competitiveness of secondary vocational and higher education.

Areas of work: This is an online educational platform where students in grades 1-11 learn school subjects through interactive tasks. Learn. is one of the top 10 largest EdTech companies in Russia according to RBC. The platform is used by more than 8 million students from 35 thousand different schools.

< u>Learn.At home this is an online school for children 5 & ndash;17 years old, where classes are held with tutors. Currently, the platform offers educational programs in English and mathematics, and plans to develop programming and a number of other school subjects. All classes are based on materials that are specially developed by the methodologists of Uchi.Doma. Uchi.The house is part of the online educational platform .

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