In the dock. Miratorg will punish the former commercial director

As follows from the information on the official portal of the courts of general jurisdiction of Moscow, former Commercial Director of Miratorg Yulia Aksenova he is accused of committing a crime qualified under Article 165, Part 2, paragraphs a and b of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (causing property damage to the owner or other owner of the property by deception or abuse of trust in the absence of signs of theft, committed by a group of persons by prior agreement or an organized group, and causing a particularly large amount of damage). damage).

In addition to Yulia Aksenova, the defendants are 3 more people. According to information from the source АиФ.ги these are her accomplices. According to the indictment, the damage to “Miratorg” from the activities of this group amounted to more than 94 million rubles.

As the source explained АиФ.ги, the duties of the commercial director included the wholesale of meat products, including to third-party meat processing plants and for export. Aksenova is accused of selling it to controlled companies in 2015-2017 at prices below market prices and for the manufacturing company itself obviously unprofitable. She abused the trust of the company and used her official position to involve other employees, including her former subordinates, in the commission of crimes.

“Miratorg”, according to our source, adheres to a policy of intolerance to theft, corruption, abuse of official position in relation not only to its employees, but also to representatives of counterparty companies. For employees of any level of the company, it is categorically unacceptable to lobby for someone’s commercial interests, which is a standard rule both in Russian business practice and in international practice.


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