In what cases can I refuse a medication purchased online?

Non-chain pharmacies will be able to sell medicines remotely from September 1, 2021. The drugs can be purchased on the marketplaces, with which the pharmacy organizations will conclude contracts.

How can I order medicines?

Medicines can be ordered via the website, the mobile app (if available), as well as by phone. When accepting orders, the owner of the aggregator must post information about the pharmacy’s help desk on the website or in the mobile app, as well as specify the phone number, email address, last name, first name, and patronymic (if any) of the pharmacy’s employee responsible for accepting orders.

Medicines will be delivered to the address specified when placing the order. Relatives or friends will be able to receive them after presenting a receipt or other document confirming the payment or the conclusion of a delivery contract.

Is it possible to refuse the delivered drug?

Yes, you can. You can do this before paying for the order. In this case, only the delivery service is paid. If the product is of poor quality, you can return it without paying anything at all, or require proper execution of the order.

You can also return the medicine if you brought the wrong drug or a different dosage by mistake.

What does improper product quality mean?

In accordance with the government decree, pharmacy organizations and persons delivering the order are responsible for the sale of counterfeit, counterfeit, substandard and unregistered medicines in the Russian Federation. 

Improper quality of the product is considered:

  • expired;
  • no mandatory information;
  • lack of instructions for the use of the drug;
  • inconsistency of the description of the drug in the instructions and the actual color, smell, shape, size, consistency and other indicators of the drug;
  • the presence of defective packaging (chipped, leaky packaging, fuzzy printing).

What will be the prices for medicines when selling them remotely?

As stated in the resolution, the retail price of the drug specified in the contract of sale (excluding the cost of delivery of the order) should not differ from the retail price of the drug in the pharmacy organization. 

Do I have to comply with the storage regime of drugs during delivery?

The order must be in a sealed package. If the medicine requires certain storage conditions, it must be brought in a special bag, separately from other drugs. Pharmacy organizations are responsible for storage conditions and quality.


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