In which regions will the “terry” heat come, and which will be covered by the”bag of cold”?

Next week (July 19-25), abnormal air temperatures are predicted in the regions of Russia. Severe heat is expected in some regions, and cold is expected in others. This was announced at a press conference on July 13 scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

Where will it be abnormally hot?

The territory of the European part of Russia is painted in terry-red, Vilfand said. We are talking about the color designation of the temperature on the prognostic map. The color that the forecaster called terry-red illustrates that the temperature will be more than eight degrees above normal.

For example, in Moscow, the average monthly daytime temperature in July is 23.1, in St. Petersburg-21.9, in Voronezh-25.4, in Krasnodar-29.6,in Saratov-27.8.

Also, very high temperatures are expected in the Far East, Vilfand noted. Moreover, such anomalies are predicted not only in the south, but also in the north of the region.

In which regions will the cold come?

Western Siberia, the east of the Ural Federal District and the west of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, on the contrary, formed a “bag of cold” on the prognostic map, the forecaster said. In these regions, the temperature is expected to be 4-6 degrees below normal next week.

For example, the daily temperature norm in July for Tyumen is 24.1,Barnaul is 26.2, Omsk is 25.5,Salekhard is 19.4.


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