MiG-31 received short-range R-74M missiles-Izvestia

Russian air regiments equipped with long-range MiG-31BM interceptors are receiving new serial R-74M short-range air combat missiles, the Izvestia newspaper writes.

As a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told the publication, they were first used by naval aviation pilots at the exercises held in Kamchatka.

It is noted that the R-74M is not only able to fight against possible enemy aircraft, but can also be used on cruise missiles and drones with a small reflective surface.

“Melee combat is the most difficult. At first, it used machine-gun and cannon weapons, then it used melee missiles, ” added the former commander of the 4th Air Army of the Air Force and Air Defense, Lieutenant General Valery Gorbenko.

Earlier it was reported that by 2027, the Russian Defense Ministry should receive more than 20 of the latest Yak-130 combat training aircraft.

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