On Sakhalin, 13 settlements were left without electricity as a result of bad weather

The power supply stopped immediately in 13 settlements in the Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky district due to strong wind and snowfall, the press service of the government of the Sakhalin region reports.

“13 settlements were left without electricity – 1,853 people, 965 houses, 47 socially significant objects, 12 boiler houses. The hospital, boarding school, nursing home and boiler rooms are powered by backup power sources, fuel supply for seven days,” the message says.

Power outage is also recorded in the Okhinsky, Nogliksky, and Uglegorsky districts. 

The region was under the influence of a cyclone that brought heavy precipitation with snow, wind gusts reach 35 m/s. As a result of bad weather, dozens of trees were felled, the roof of several buildings was seriously damaged.

Earlier it was reported about the death of a resident of the city of Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky under the rubble of the roof, which was torn off by the wind.

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