PACK ahead. The new bomber will receive an impenetrable protection system

The advanced long-range aviation complex (PAK DA), which is being developed at PJSC Tupolev, will receive the most advanced defense complex. This will protect the aircraft from all types of weapons. 

The manufacturer reports that when creating a promising bomber, special emphasis is placed on protecting the aircraft from enemy air defense and missile defense using electronic warfare. A completely new onboard defense system is being developed for the PAK DA, which will protect it from all types of weapons. This is a system that connects the means of controlling air and ground space under a single control for the timely detection of threats. 

Who’s on the new one?

Modern on-board defense systems identify and classify targets, helping pilots to develop a solution for the localization of threats and the use of countermeasures. As counteraction measures, evasion, interference with the enemy’s guidance means, as well as the physical defeat of a missile or other munition are provided. Some systems with elements of artificial intelligence are able to make decisions independently.

The specific technical characteristics of the new PAK bomber and the protection system being created for it remain unknown. Earlier, the developers reported that a large number of new devices are being developed for the supersonic strategic bomber. Among them are locators, an aerobatic complex with modern laser gyroscopes, an innovative communication system, new sensors, fuel devices, an indication system, as well as a new weapon control system.

According to experts, the range of the PAK DA can be about 12,000 km, the aircraft can carry up to 30 tons of payload on board. The bomber can be armed with conventional or nuclear weapons, in particular, hypersonic missiles. The aircraft will be able to carry existing and promising strategic cruise missiles, high-precision aerial bombs,hypersonic weapons, will be equipped with the latest means of communication and electronic warfare. The car will get a subsonic flight speed. This strategic bomber will be able to stay in combat patrol mode for a long time. In the design of the machine, technologies and materials that reduce visibility (stealth technology) will be widely used.

The advanced long-range aviation complex is designed according to the “flying wing” scheme. Such a scheme is rarely used, it is not easy to implement it because of the difficulties with the stability of such devices in the air. The peculiarity is that the lift is created by the entire surface of the aircraft, and not just a part of it, as it happens in the classic layout.

Got into perspective & nbsp;

PAK DA has been developed for more than 10 years. In 2019, it was reported that the preliminary design of the aircraft was approved and PJSC “Tupolev” began to develop design documentation. The production of the airframe elements will be handled by one of the plants of the United Aircraft Corporation (USC). It was also reported that in 2021, the United Engine Corporation (UEC) will conduct the first bench tests of the engine for the PAK DA, called the “Product of the Russian Federation”.

Currently, USC has started working on the first model of the PAK DA. In May 2020, there were statements that the production of the first prototype of the bomber had begun, and later that as many as three prototypes of the PAK DA were already in production. The first prototype of the PAK DA is expected in 2021-2022, a trial flight is planned for 2025-2026, and serial deliveries will begin in 2028-2029.

According to some reports, the PAK DA will replace the aging Tu-95 and will be operated in parallel with the Tu-160 and Tu-22M3. According to others, all three bombers will be replaced in the future.


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