The armor is liquid. What kind of new bulletproof vest can be included in the “Centurion”equipment?

Russian developments of bulletproof vests using “liquid armor”are expected to be in service with the arrival of combat equipment in the army “Sotnik”. According to the available information, the formation of the technical task will end in 2021, and the equipment will be able to start entering the tests and the troops. АиФ.ги I analyzed the principle of operation the principle of operation and features of the use of this technology in bulletproof vests were analyzed. 

Soft but firm

Earlier, the Rostec State Corporation promised that the equipment of the soldier of the future “Centurion” due to the technology of “liquid armor” will receive a record low weight and the ability to fit the anatomical features of the fighter. As a result, the protection will not restrict movement and will allow you to take the additional weight necessary to perform special missions. 

At the same time, the equipment will have increased security in comparison with existing types of body armor. In the future, the Centurion will not only stop the fragment flying at a speed of up to 670 m/s, but also extinguish the shock pulse, which can cause serious damage to internal organs even without breaking through the protection.

What is liquid armor?

The basis of the so-called “liquid armor” is non-Newtonian liquids. The peculiarity of such liquids is their ability to acquire the properties of solid materials with a sharp impact on them. Since the barrier material undergoes high-speed shear deformation during impact, such a liquid can be used as a kind of ” liquidarmor», hardening under the impact & mdash;penetrating impact of knives, sharpeners or ballistic impact of bullets or shrapnel. Since it is very problematic to use the liquid as a structural material for building protective structures, it is impregnated with porous multilayer textile armor packages made of synthetic high-strength high-modulus materials such as Kevlar, tvaron.

Under normal conditions, the textile armor package impregnated with a suspension remains soft and flexible and does not restrict movement, and when a bullet or fragment hits, the liquid contained in it hardens and thereby enhances the protective ability of the textile armor package. Improving the characteristics of a bulletproof vest using such technology is possible only with the simultaneous use of both Kevlar and liquid bags.

How did it all start?

The beginning of work on “liquid armor” dates back to the mid-1990s, when in the USA at the Center for Composite Materials of the University of Delaware) under the guidance of Prof. Norman Wagner began research on the ballistic resistance of textile armor impregnated with a thickening (hardening) liquid during shear, which was briefly called STF. In 2000, these studies were conducted jointly with the Materials Research Laboratory of the US Army Research Laboratory, headed by Dr. EricWetzel. The aim of the research was to increase the ballistic resistance of textile armor based on nanotechnology advances. The first encouraging results were obtained in 2002. In the next two years, the increased resistance of textile armor impregnated with STF to the impact-penetrating effect of thin pointed strikers was established, and the technology for obtaining STF and methods for its introduction into a textile armor package were developed. The US patent for the new armor was obtained in May 2003. 

Comparing successes

Comparing Russian developments and Western analogues, it should be remembered that most of both the characteristics of the armor and the results of its tests are kept secret. However, according to open sources, the United Kingdom, the United States and Poland have developments in this area. Regarding the UK, it is known that their prototype body armor has an equal degree of protection for personnel with less weight and greater flexibility. Russian developments, as well as experiments in the United States, have similar characteristics. Both technologies have been tested for both bullets and shrapnel, as well as for piercing weapons. According to the resultsexperiments that our, that American armor has a similar penetration limit (in terms of projectile velocity) for a single layer of Kevlar fabric impregnated with “liquid armor” about 220 m/s. At the same time, in the same experiments, both tissues showed excellent resistance against stabbing weapons. And from the above, we can conclude that in the near future, we should expect a significant strengthening of the US Army bulletproof vests against light firearms and stabbing weapons. According to experts, the strengthening of the protective properties of body armor of the British army to the appropriate level should be expected later than in our country and in the states.


The girl who knocked down the children will remotely participate in the meeting on the complaint against the arrest

Plot Investigation of the case of an accident in Moscow, in which children were killed

Valeria Bashkirova, who knocked down three children at a pedestrian crossing in Moscow, two of whom were killed, will take part in a court hearing on an arrest complaint via video link. This is reported by TASS, referring to the press service of the Moscow City Court.

The tragedy occurred on the afternoon of July 16 on Aviatorov Street. Bashkirova, driving a Mazda car, hit three children aged nine months, three and five years, who were walking along an unregulated pedestrian crossing together with two adults. The children were hospitalized.

A five-year-old boy died a few hours later, a three-year-old child died a day later. The nine-month-old child has a concussion and a closed craniocerebral injury.

Bashkirova was charged under Part 5 of Article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Violation of traffic rules by a person driving a car, which caused the death of two or more persons by negligence”. At first, she was placed under house arrest, but after an appeal from the prosecutor’s office, she was transferred to a pre-trial detention center. The defense appealed this decision.

According to representatives of the Public Monitoring Commission of Moscow, who visited Bashkirova in the pre-trial detention center, she fully admitted her guilt and repented.

Earlier, the mother of the accused told about the experiences of her family about the incident.


Start of AI development. Up to 20 million rubles will be allocated for artificial intelligence

Plot National projects

The Innovation Promotion Foundation has launched new competitions in the field of artificial intelligence “START-AI” and “DEVELOPMENT-AI”. Within the framework of the national project “Digital Economy”, enterprises can win a grant of up to 4, 8 or 20 million rubles, depending on the stage of product development. 

To participate in the competitions ” Start —Artificial Intelligence » and« Development —Artificial Intelligence » companies must develop projects on computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition and synthesis, intelligent decision support systems and promising methods of artificial intelligence.

“We have provided an opportunity for startups to implement developments in a shorter time, while increasing the grant amount: now for 2 years of project implementation under the Start-AI program, you can get a grant of up to 12 million rubles. At the same time, even a team that has not created its own company can apply online: registration of a legal entityit will be after the victory. A special feature of the competition is that the teams that have not worked enough on the project for a grant of 4 million rubles will be able to receive 800 thousand rubles for acceleration and development of competencies and come to the competition again after training, said Pavel Gudkov, Deputy General Director of the Innovation Promotion Fund. & mdash;For the competition „ Development-AI“ we are waiting for companies that have both development experience and successful sales of their own products. We are ready to provide financing for such projects up to 20 million rubles.

To receive 4 and 20 million rubles, participants need to attract their own funding in the amount of 30% of the grant amount. 

“The projects that have scientific novelty have the greatest chances to receive a grant.” In this case, this means that a product or solution using artificial intelligence should perform tasks no worse than human natural intelligence. The second component of success is the commercial prospects of development, understanding of the client and the market. It is also important for us to see that the team declaring the project is able to implement it and bring the company to a new level, ” Pavel Gudkov noted.

Already this year, the Innovation Promotion Fund plans to support more than 100 projects for the development of products in the field of artificial intelligence. 800 million rubles will be allocated for this. 

“The company will be able to use the funds received to expand the team, attract external experts, purchase data sets and rent cloud services. We hope that such support will allow us to create commercial solutions based on artificial intelligence faster. Together with the acceleration of projects and stimulating the development of open AI libraries, more than 7 billion rubles have been allocated for grants until 2024, ” he addedAlexey Sidoryuk, Director of Development, Director of the direction of “Artificial Intelligence” ANO “Digital Economy” .

You can apply for participation in the START-AI contest for up to 4 million rubles until August 23, up to 8 million rubles until September 6, and for the AI Development contest until September 20 of this year. Details — on the website

“I am sure that the launched contests will allow us to grow technological leaders in the field of artificial intelligence in a short time. By 2024, it is planned to support 569 small enterprises, 66 teams of developers of open libraries, 580 teams of developers in the field of artificial intelligence.the acceleration program. Artificial intelligence is a cross-cutting technology that in the future should cover all sectors of the economy, so we can say that AI startups are the foundation of the country’s technological development, ” said the deputy head of the Analytical Center under the government of the Russian Federation, the head of The Center of Expertise for the implementation of the federal project “Artificial Intelligence” Sergey Nakvasin.

Many enterprises have already received grants for the development of artificial intelligence and implemented their projects within the framework of other competitions of the Innovation Promotion Fund.

So, the St. Petersburg company “” won a grant in 2020. About 20 million rubles were allocated to her for the development of a system for determining scoliosis by X-ray. 

“First of all, the program for the automatic analysis of radiographs of the spine facilitates the work of doctors and, through this, the life of patients. The main problem is that radiographs are still being evaluated “by eye”. Doctors evaluate the position and deformity of the spine from their own experience. The program automates this situation and eliminates the influence of the human factor. The system determines the contours of the vertebrae using a convolutional neural networkand calculates the angles of their deformation. Previously, if you gave the same X-ray to ten specialists, you could get ten different results. In our program, the conclusion is always the same. This allows you to make more accurate diagnoses and give the right treatment option. The program is already being used in several Russian private medical centers. Colleagues from Spain and America became interested in the project and began testing it, ” said the general director of the company “” Grigory Lein.

In 2020, the IT company “Adeptik Plus” won the competition “Development of the national technology initiative” and received a grant of 15.5 million rubles. They were spent on the salaries of IT specialists, the purchase of equipment and the rental of office space.

“The IT system, which we presented as part of the competition and continue to develop, is an innovative system for industrial enterprises that allows you to plan production competently and efficiently. Imagine: the company has hundreds of machines, hundreds of people, tens of thousands of production operations; there are deadlines for the production of each order, there are resource constraints, there are priorities in orders, new urgent orders appear. At the same time, the equipment should not be idle, orders were made on time, production operations were carried out on timeoperations in accordance with the regulations. The human brain is not able to put together all this information and give out a production plan in which all the conditions are met. This is subject to modern mathematics, which uses artificial intelligence methods. This kind of modern mathematics is the basis of our IT solution. Its implementation will allow Russian industrial enterprises to effectively use resources and increase labor productivity, ” explainedSergey Gudyrin, General Director of Adeptic Plus LLC .

According to him, the development has already been implemented at the MAGMA machine-building plant in Ukraine. Currently, projects are underway at two more factories for the production of refrigeration equipment and electronics, and negotiations are underway with several more enterprises. The head of “Adeptic Plus” is not going to stop at this and is already planning to take part in new grant competitions. This time he wants to offer a software product for planning activities in service companies.


In which regions is the heat expected to reach 43 degrees?

The abnormally hot weather that has settled in the south of the European part of Russia will last until the end of the week (August 8). In some regions, the thermometer will rise to + 43 degrees. This was told by scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Where will it be +43 degrees in Russia?

The hottest weather this week (August 2-8) will be established in the continental regions of southern Russia, in particular on the lower Volga and in the Astrakhan region. Up to + 43 degrees is expected in the Volgograd and Rostov regions, as well as in the south of the Stavropol Territory, Vilfand noted.

Where else will it be very hot?

According to forecasters, up to +35 degrees is expected on the Black Sea coast near Sochi, +30 & hellip;+37° —in Simferopol, +30…+35°—  in Sevastopol. Even the smoothing influence of the sea does not reduce the air temperature in coastal cities below 30 degrees, says Vilfand. According to him, such hot weather is a dangerous phenomenon. It will last in the coastal regions until the end of the working week (August 6).

What kind of weather is expected in the center of European Russia?

In the first half of the week, the center of the European part of the country is located in the zone of moderately cool air masses. Precipitation is not expected on Wednesday, August 4, and on Thursday, August 5.

From Friday, August 6, the situation will change: the center of European Russia will be at the mercy of warm air masses. It will warm up to +25 degrees in the north of the region, and up to +30 degrees in the south. At the end of the week, the temperature in the central regions of European Russia will be four to five above normal, Vilfand noted. But Friday and Saturday, August 7, will be cloudy and rainy. 

What kind of weather is forecast in Moscow?

According to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, +12…+14° is expected in Moscow on Thursday night, partly cloudy, mostly without precipitation. On Thursday afternoon, it will warm up to +23 & hellip;+25°, it will be cloudy, there will be a little rain. On Friday night, it will also rain at times, +13 & hellip;+18°. On Saturday afternoon, the thermometer will rise to +25 & hellip;+30°, it will still be rainy. On Sunday night +16 & hellip;+21°, cloudy with clarifications and light rain. On Sunday afternoon +25 & hellip;+30°, the sky will be overcast.


Timofey Bazhenov warned about a new scheme of cyberbullying

Timofey Bazhenov urges Russians to be especially vigilant when receiving messages on the Internet. You should be the most careful when receiving notifications about winnings, prizes and gifts, scammers may be behind such messages.

According to the journalist, attackers are increasingly using a new scheme of deception. They send out offers to participate in the prize draw. By clicking on the link contained in the message, the user gets to a fraudulent site with information about the prize fund, for example, one hundred thousand dollars.

Then, the potential victim is informed via a messenger about winning a prize, which is up to ten thousand dollars, and is offered to convert dollars into rubles, explaining that transfers between citizens of the Russian Federation are prohibited in foreign currency. To do this, you allegedly need to pay a “small commission”.  

The consequence of the transfer of the commission may be the loss of funds from the bank card, Timofey Bazhenov warned. During the transfer, the user enters confidential information, giving attackers access to personal data.

The journalist urged to participate only in legal lotteries. “Of course, the prizes there are much more modest, but there is no need to pay any fees, since all the organizational costs of legitimate prize draws are borne by the initiators of the draw,” Bazhenov said. He stressed that only scammers sin by offering to pay a certain “commission”.

To protect himself, the journalist advised to be critical of messages on the Internet, to check information about draws and victories on the official websites of companies. Bazhenov warned that it is impossible to follow suspicious links received through messengers, social networks and emails. The journalist urged not to lose vigilance, even if letters with such links are received from relatives or friends – their accounts can be hacked by intruders.


They plan to breed quails on the ISS

As part of the experiment, which will be conducted on the basis of the laboratory module “Science” at Moscow Time, scientists want to breed Japanese quail chicks. This is reported on Wednesday by the “Russian newspaper”.

The module “Science” promises to become the main platform for experiments in the Russian segment of the station, one of the studies ” testing the influence of weightlessness, temperature conditions and radiation on living beings. In particular, scientists want to breed Japanese quail chicks in the conditions of the ISS. As the publication explains, the “Quail” experiment is aimed at providing the products of manned expeditions, namely, to obtain fresh quail eggs in orbit.

The first such study was undertaken back in 1978, but it was not crowned with success. In 1990, eight quail pups were hatched at the Mir station, but they quickly died. And only in 1999, scientists got the result: for the first time in history, living beings were born in space and, after living there for several days, three chicks returned to Earth. Now, in the 21st century, biologists have a new opportunity to continue their research.

In addition, it is planned to study the evolution of microbes on the ISS in the near future, the conditions of sterility during biotechnological experiments in space, as well as to grow lettuce by conveyor method and create crystals for IR detectors.

Recall that the multifunctional laboratory module “Science” was launched to the ISS from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on a Proton-M rocket on July 21. On July 29, the module successfully docked to the ISS.

On July 31, astronauts from the ISS conducted a video tour of the new module. 

It is worth noting that, according to experts, in the future, “Science” and two other modules being developed for the ISS can become the basis for an independent Russian orbital station.


It’s up to the employers. What subsidies will enterprises receive for hiring the unemployed

Weekly magazine “Arguments and Facts” No. 31. Without a flag and anthem, but with medals and Tchaikovsky 04/08/2021

Employers can now receive subsidies for the employment of the unemployed. Payments are made by the Social Insurance Fund, which received 12 billion rubles from the budget for these purposes.

The spread of COVID-19 has led to the fact that many people were out of work in 2020. Enterprises, especially in the field of tourism, entertainment, catering, which fell under restrictions due to the pandemic, were forced to close or reduce employees. According to the Higher School of Economics, the number of people employed in the labor market decreased by 1.5 million mainly due to small businesses. In order to support employers and their employees, to return employment to the level before the pandemic, the state has developed support measures. One of them is payments to employers for the employment of citizens from the labor exchange. The program is valid from March.

Who and how are they hiring?

“You can hire an employee through the employment service, then apply to the Social Insurance Fund with an application and receive a subsidy based on the results of the employee’s work for one month, then after 3 months and 6 months,” explains acting chairman of the Social Insurance Fund Tatyana Lototskaya. The subsidy is equal to the minimum wage (minimum wage, in 2021, 12,792 rubles) plus social contributions to the funds (all employees who pay wages also pay contributions for an employee to extra-budgetary funds), taking into account district salary coefficients. After the start of the program, a proposal was received to extend the offer of subsidies to employers who will hire graduates of educational institutions in 2020 who have registered with the employment service.

“Such actions in support of the housing and communal services of entrepreneurs during the pandemic make it possible to save jobs, get wages for people, and therefore stabilize in economic terms,” I am convinced District Coordinator of “Business Russia” for the Siberian Federal District, member of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Viktor Zubarev.

On average, it turns out that for one employee hired from the labor exchange, the employer could receive a subsidy of 50 thousand rubles. by the sum of three payments. Thanks to the program, drivers were hired most of all, and tractor drivers took the second place. In general, the program turned out to be the most popular among agricultural enterprises. There were many applications from companies in general, especially for the production of bakery and confectionery products, for vacancies of unskilled workers. For example, one of the catering enterprises in the city of Verkhny Ufaley, Chelyabinsk region, hired 7 people under this program.

“For five employees, we received two payments in full after working for three months, for two more payments after the first month of work,” said individual entrepreneur Tatyana Maksimova. It is easy to register an application for participation in the program. We were greatly supported by our employment service, whose employees told us about this program, helped us fill out the documents.

But the private agricultural enterprise “VectorAgro” from the Kurgan region employed even more employees than it had. “We have been working since 2019, before there were only 15 people on the staff. Thanks to the program, we have hired 20 people from the labor exchange. We received money in two tranches, 800 thousand rubles. This was a very good support for us, because our work is seasonal, andwe usually get a profit for our products in winter. We invested in the repair of equipment, purchased air conditioners and put them on tractors. It has been hot in the Kurgan region since April, so this has seriously facilitated the life of our tractor drivers and drivers. We also bought workwear, shoes, hats, and protective equipment. I would like this program to continue for the next year.”

“There are no restrictions where the employee can direct the media. I am glad that the funds received by many employers are directed to improving working conditions for employees, as well as to their means of protection, ” Tatyana Lototskaya noted.

Among the regions, the Altai Territory was the most active in hiring citizens. Omsk, Kurgan, Rostov, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Orenburg, Voronezh regions, Dagestan, Crimea are also among the top 10.

The program is designed until December 27, 2021. Therefore, employers still have the opportunity to receive subsidies. Those who will hire employees in September will have time to receive one payment if the terms of the program are not extended.

How will the employer be checked?

& laquo;The employer submits an application for participation in the project through his personal account on the portal «Work in Russia», where he can attach a list of professions, vacant positions, & ndash; tells Deputy Head of the Department of Control and Coordination in the field of employment of the population of the Federal Service for Labor and Employment Yulia Kholomtseva. The application is submitted to the employment service of the population. Next, specialists check whether the employer meets the requirements. In particular, the company must be registered before January 1, 2021, must not be in the stage of bankruptcy, have arrears on wages, taxes, etc. After the possibility is confirmedthe employer will participate in this project, the employment service will receive proposals for candidates until the vacancy is closed. And then, in the mode of an interview with the employer (in person or in the format of video communication), a decision is made on their employment.

At the next stage, the Social Insurance Fund is connected.

“The employment services send us the details of the employers and the SNILS of the employees they have hired,” says Head of the Department for Ensuring Insurance Payments of the Social Insurance Fund Vyacheslav Tolkachev. “A month after the employment of employees, employers submit an application through the personal account of the policyholder on the FSS website, where they indicate the hired employees for whom they want to receive a subsidy. After verification, the employer receives a subsidy within 10 working days from the date of sending the application. Payments are made in three tranches. After the first month, then after the 102nd day and the third tranche after the 192nd day of employment. At the same time, it is enough to send an application for each employee once.

Thanks to the introduction of electronic workbooks, it is now easy to check the fact of employment. “Since 2020, employers are required to transfer this information to the Pension Fund within one working day from the date of issuing the order on hiring an employee,” explains Natalia Belyantseva, Head of the Department of Organization of Personalized Accounting of Pension Rights of Insured Persons of the Pension Fund. “If the employer has provided us with information about the employment of a citizen in a timely manner, then the information goes to the FSS that yes, indeed, this employee works for this “employer”.

“It is important to note that in this project, the employer does not need to personally visit state structures due to the fact that the portal “Work in Russia”, personal accounting in the form of an electronic workbook and the employer’s personal account on the Social Insurance Fund website, which can be used to apply, ” Tatyana Lototskaya emphasizes.

Any enterprises, including individual entrepreneurs, joint-stock companies, etc., can participate in the program of subsidizing the employment of the unemployed. There are no restrictions on the legal and territorial status. There are many examples when an organization registered in one region recruited employees from other regions and received subsidies .

All questions about the work project can be asked by the employers by calling the “hotline” of the Social Insurance Fund or in the regional telegram chat. To connect to it, you need to call the regional branch of the Foundation and ask for a link with an invitation. The status of working out an application for a subsidy can be tracked in the employer’s personal account on the FSS website.


The one who aspired to Mars. Oleg Baklanov was at the center of the events of the twentieth century

Weekly magazine “Arguments and Facts” No. 31. Without a flag and anthem, but with medals and Tchaikovsky 04/08/2021

He passed away on July 28 – the whole year was not enough for his 90th birthday. But he has already managed so much.

Writer, journalist, laureate of the USSR State Prize Vladimir Gubarev:

Do you know what the difference is between a minister and a manager? Time has shown that it is huge, since one makes decisions and then executes them, and the second only talks about what decisions should be made. By the way, he says a lot of words, but no deeds…

“This is our trouble”

Oleg Dmitrievich Baklanov by the will of fate became the minister of our space industry after the legendary S. A. Afanasyeva who was able to defend the interests of rocket technology and cosmonautics at all levels of government and did not allow the industry to turn into a farce. With the appointment of Baklanov, the party bosses expected to have an “obedient minister”, but they were mistaken-Baklanov not only continued the work of his predecessor, but also significantly expanded the scope of work. To the powerful missile systems standing on the defense of the country, space giants have been added – «Energy» « Buran »,« Zenith », new orbital stations, including« Mir ». We are still proud of these achievements.

All the main designers have unimportant characters. They can quarrel, and sometimes they will not give hands to each other, and they can quarrel to their heart’s content. In general, they are different people, but they also have something in common: they are outstanding and strive to serve the Motherland in full force. The Minister of the Rocket and Space Department must always find a common language with the chief designers of all ranks. Here you have to be kind, and decisive, and tough, and sometimes even cruel, but always fair. However, the main thing is to be respected, that is, a real professional.

O. D. Baklanov was just such a minister, and then the secretary of the Central Committee of the party, who oversaw the defense department. At that time, I was the editor of “Pravda” for science, and therefore I was in contact with him often. I remember a meeting on the eve of the launch of the “Blizzard”.

& ndash; Why is it needed? After all, we don’t have the scientific equipment to “fill” it.

“This is our trouble, things are not very good with the device structure, but the situation is not hopeless,” Baklanov replied. – In the coming years, we will fix it… Then we will use & laquo; Buran» in full.

& ndash; And what projects?

– There are many of them. From applied research on the Earth to flights to the Moon and even to Mars. The system “Energy” –«Buran & raquo; allows you to solve almost any problems in near and far space.

“I have the impression that we put the cart before the horse.

& ndash; A carriage, dear, a chic carriage, on which even to Mars it is not a shame to ride! But seriously: & laquo; Energy & raquo; and & laquo; Buran & raquo; required the creation of thousands of the latest technologies, and they guarantee the rapid development of the entire industry and science. We just need to use this achievement wisely & hellip;

Unfortunately, Baklanov’s hopes failed to materialize. One of the “Blizzards” intended for testing was sold to a collector in Austria, another went to auction in a private museum, the third turned into a restaurant in an amusement park. And some time (mockery of the creators!) it even served as a public toilet.

Creating a different reality

After his release from prison (he ended up there as a member of the State Emergency Committee) Oleg Baklanov assessed what is happening as follows: “If it were not for the collapse of the USSR, which we tried to prevent, then, I am convinced, we would have already visited Mars. A unique rocket “Energy” could send a person there and bring him back. That’s what we were aiming for! And there were such studies, andthe technique allowed. With this rocket, in general, we created a different dimension: one block with a mass of 105 tons! Can you imagine the Mir-2 system assembled from such modules?! This is a whole space city, and a launch complex. We planned to upgrade this rocket so that it could put 200 tons into orbit. But after our arrest, came to powerYeltsin with a gang of his Neanderthals, who began to destroy and smash everything. Immediately, like a jackal on a dead man, he ran to Russia Soros and he began to buy up the developments laid down in the “Energy” system for pennies, “Buran” Today, Russia is lagging behind the leading foreign countries by about two decades in the development of rocket and space technology and space exploration. If the funding of the Russian cosmonautics remains the same, we will finally lose experienced personnel, and in the future our cosmonautics will have to be revived from scratch.

Bitter words…

Here is a fragment of another of our conversations.

“I will support your project, but it is not necessary to advertise it. In “Energy” against the participation of a journalist in a space flight, ” Baklanov told me. It was about the flight into space of a Soviet journalist in defiance of a Japanese project .In 1989, a commercial agreement was signed in Moscow for an eight-day space flight of a Japanese journalist. The most ambitious commercial deal in Japanese television cost TBS $ 37 million. As a result, a Japanese reporter flew into space Toyohiro Akiyama, director of the TBS bureau in Washington.

& ndash; Why? The prestige of cosmonautics is falling, children no longer dream of becoming cosmonauts, and therefore, in my opinion, the project “Space” for children, which we have come up with, will contribute to the popularization of science in general, and cosmonautics in particular.

“I understand this perfectly well, but they want to make money on the flight of a journalist on “Energy”. We are talking about $ 20 million, which is good money for the company… If I support you openly, then they will misunderstand me.

“It seems to me that our cosmonautics has turned off the right path, such commerce will not lead to good,” I complained.

& ndash; I have to agree. It’s good that there is still a military space. There is still order there. Well, we will still fight for the project “Space” for children.

I didn’t have to, because soon the August putsch of 1991 happened, and Baklanov became one of its main participants.

«Satan is keeping us …«!

Despite the importance of the space projects supervised by O. D. Baklanov, the protection of the country was still in the first place.

The situation in the world was alarming. The Americans were building up their nuclear power. We managed to maintain parity.

& ndash; Exclusively thanks to the 36th rocket, & ndash; Baklanov once admitted. & ndash; We call her «Voivode», and the Americans – «Satan». Its uniqueness is that it has 40 false targets and 10 combat blocks. That is, in the case of the launch of the “Voivode”, the enemy will see 50 missile blocks threatening him, buthe will not know which of them are distracting and which are combat-ready. It will be more difficult for him to fully localize the Voivode. This rocket is excessive in its power. It has a mortar launch: 200 tons are thrown out of the mine in one second and go into the sky. Depending on the specific goal, 12–30 minutes of flight to the United States.

& laquo;Satan» was created in Dnepropetrovsk on the famous & laquo; Yuzhmash » in the Design Bureau«Yuzhnoye & raquo;. The chief designer of “Satan” was With Tanislav Ivanovich Us. I was in Dnepropetrovsk, met with Us.

“Baklanov is well aware of our problems, he often comes to us,” Us said in one of the conversations. ” He understands that only our car is able to stop the Americans if they decide to rein us in. He boldly took responsibility for himself, sometimes made risky decisions. We let them into the waters of the Pacific Ocean. As usual, two cars No. 10 and No. 11 were prepared for launch. The second one was allowed earlier. And the highway passed just over the capital of Indonesia. And it had to happen that the third stage exploded right above her. And the explosion was sopowerful that “blinded” the tracking systems of American ships. The second rocket, No. 10, was on alert, and the chairman of the state commission, and it was Baklanov, asked me: “What are we going to do?”I answer that the cause of the explosion is unknown, and therefore the second rocket must be launched. The launch took place. And it was the most beautiful launch! And we still haven’t figured out what happened to car No. 11. After this incident, there was not a single emergency start. But if O. D. Baklanov had not taken responsibility, the working out of “Satan” could have been delayed for a long time.

Now there are new missile complexes in service in Russia, and we should remember that the foundations of their creation go back to those times when O. D. Baklanov was also responsible for the defense of the country.

*  *  *

I specifically did not say anything about the State Emergency Committee, where one of the main figures was Baklanov. The fact is that yesterday’s villains often become heroes, and the current rulers of thoughts quickly disappear from our memory. Sometimes they come back, but this rarely happens.

History is unpredictable, so let’s trust it. It seems to me that the name of Oleg Dmitrievich Baklanov will remain with descendants for a long time, because he was at the center of the events of the past century, the very ones that largely determined both the present day and the future, even very far away.


I deceived the whole world. Conflicting facts about Meghan Markle

Since Meghan Markle turned from an ordinary serial actress into the wife of Prince Harry and & nbsp;became (albeit for a short time) part of the royal family, we learned a lot of interesting things about the Duchess of Sussex. To the anniversary of the woman who immortalized her name with the help of “Megzit”, АиФ.ги recalls facts from her biography.

1. Staged a performance for the whole world

It’s no secret that even before meeting Prince Harry, the actress was married to Trevor Engelson. Now the media call the producer nothing but Meghan Markle’s ex-husband, although it was once difficult to imagine, because Meghan’s achievements in cinema, to put it mildly, were not outstanding. But the relationship with the royal family made her a real celebrity.

The couple divorced in the summer of 2013. It was rumored that, despite the breakup, Megan continued to receive a monetary allowance from her ex-lover and refused financial assistance only when the whole world learned about her relationship with the prince. So, the wedding with the producer was the first for the actress. Then she married Harry. All of us & nbsp;could watch them & nbsp; incrediblya beautiful wedding ceremony on May 19, 2018. However, before her, Markle managed to go down the aisle once again. “We got married three days before the wedding. No one knows this. We called the archbishop and said:  & bdquo;This is a performance for the whole world, and & nbsp;we & nbsp; want to make an alliance between us and  for us, — the actress told Oprah Winfrey in an interview.

At the secret ceremony, which took place in the backyard of the couple’s house, there was no one but the lovers and the Archbishop of Canterbury, so what happened on May 19, 2018, can really be called a “performance”, because Harry and Meghan were already married.

2. I have not yet established a relationship with my father

Megan has a wonderful relationship with her mother Doria, but with her own father Thomas there is none at all. After the divorce of her parents, the future Duchess of Sussex still kept in touch with Markle, but gradually she came to no. Even the actress was led to the altar not by Thomas (he was not able to attend the ceremony for health reasons), but by Prince Charles. No wonder Megan’s father has never met with his grandchildren, even though the eldest Archie is already two years old! “I hope thatSomeday I will see my grandchildren, because I am a pretty good grandfather, “Thomas said in an interview with the Australian show “60 minutes”. Nevertheless, the less upset father is not going to give up: in an interview with Fox News, he said that he was going to get the right to meet Archie and baby Lilibet through the court. So Meghan and Harry are only dreaming of peace. The relatives of the Duchess of Sussex are more than anyone able to cause her problems.

3. Lived and lives in a big way

In those times when Harry and Meghan were still performing their duties as members of the royal family, journalists closely followed Markle’s appearance, because the actress did not spare money for her outfits. According to the Daily Mail, the wardrobe of the Duchess of Sussex during her tour of Oceania cost $238,789. So for & nbsp;Megan is prettythe reputation of a real spender was quickly established, which she repeatedly confirmed, for example, with her American “baby shower”, on which her famous friends Serena Williams and Amal Clooney had fun. Markle delivered a private plane to the United States, and upon arrival, the actress stayed at one of the most expensive hotels in New York.

Surprisingly, even after Harry and Meghan resigned their royal powers, Markle’s requests did not decrease at all. She still lives on a large scale and does not deny herself expensive things. For example, when the prince’s wife recorded a video message for an online Vax Live event released on American television, she was wearing a Carolina Herrera brand dress for 1200 poundssterling. But this is not all: the journalists also saw on Markle a Cartier jewelry house watch worth 17.8 thousand pounds and bracelets of the same brand worth 5000 and 2360 pounds sterling. According to the Daily Mail, such an expensive outfit angered many users, because Megan was invited to talk about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on women, and did not show her level of wealth.

4. Did you deceive your grandmother?

Accusations against Markle are constantly being made. One of them was made by the author of several books about the royal family, Penny Junor. The writer is sure that Harry and Meghan were not completely honest with Elizabeth&II, when they turned to her to agree on the name of the newborn daughter. They wanted to name the girl Lilibet & laquo;Lily & raquo; Diana. The first name of the child was given in honor of the great-grandmother’s home nickname,The second is in honor of the grandmother of Princess Diana. Junor is sure that the agreements with the queen were of a formal nature, allegedly the couple decided everything even before the conversation with Elizabeth II. So on the day of the call, the address was redeemed, and a similar address was registered before this on May 31 & laquo;Prince Harry clearly did not & nbsp;consult with & nbsp;the Queen & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; quotes the journalist Mirror.

And & nbsp;after all, a representative of the couple previously reported that if Harry and Meghan had not received permission from the Queen regarding the name of their daughter, then the girl would not have been given the name Lilibet. Anyway, the baby became “Lily”, moreover, according to the Daily Mail, her name recently appeared in the list of heirs to the throne on the official website of the royal family.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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David and Victoria Beckham. © Reuters

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Guests are arriving for the wedding. © Reuters

Philippa Middleton and James Matthews. © Reuters

Oprah Winfrey, Sabrina Daur, Idris Elba. © Reuters

Guests are arriving for the wedding. © Reuters

Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian. © Reuters

Prince Harry and Prince William. © Reuters

Megan’s mother is Doria Ragland. © Reuters

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David and Victoria Beckham. © Reuters

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Guests are arriving for the wedding. © Reuters

Philippa Middleton and James Matthews. © Reuters

Oprah Winfrey, Sabrina Daur, Idris Elba. © Reuters

Guests are arriving for the wedding. © Reuters

Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian. © Reuters

Prince Harry and Prince William. © Reuters

Megan’s mother is Doria Ragland. © Reuters

Meghan Markle. © Reuters

Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Meghan Markle. © Reuters

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Source: Daily Mail, Mirror, Fox News


Near Samara, to Switzerland. Rosturizm advises where to spend an unusual vacation

Weekly magazine “Arguments and Facts” No. 31. Without a flag and anthem, but with medals and Tchaikovsky 04/08/2021

The holiday season is in full swing. Where to spend it for those who have not yet decided? Consider non-beach destinations & ndash; active recreation, wellness or cruises.

Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Zarina Doguzova: 

For health and impressions

Active tourism is well combined with a measured rest in nature, beaches on lakes and even wellness programs, such as balneo­logia. If we talk about the regions not so far from Central Russia with incredibly beautiful landscapes and opportunities for active recreation and recreation, then these are Bashkiria and the Chelyabinsk region, in the Caucasus-Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, my native Ossetia, Chechnya and Dagestan.

In the North, this is, of course, Karelia and the Murmansk region. Then – Altai, the unique Baikal, both from the Irkutsk side and from Buryatia, and, of course, the Far East – and the Primorsky Territory, and Kamchatka, and Sakhalin Island, to which you can now also fly & shy;inexpensively.

An excellent format for a non-beach summer vacation & ndash; cruises: there are hundreds of different routes in our country, both along the rivers and along the Black Sea coast. These are very special trips, with their own traditions and atmosphere. A real “classic” cruise on the Volga, the largest river highway in Europe. You can go to it from all the major Volga citiesYaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan. A cruise along the Volga is both ancient merchant cities, and acquaintance with different cultures, new gastronomy, for example, in the republics of Tatarstan, Chuvashia. You can pass the Volga downstream and get to Astrakhan, where lotuses bloom in the second half of summer until the beginning of autumn.

Cruises between the two capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg, are good. And from St. Petersburg, you can choose routes along the Russian North to Valaam and Kizhi, to the Solovetsky archipelago.

Cruise on wheels

But the cruise can be not only on the water. A new type of cruises has appeared in Russia-railway cruises. Here the principle is the same, only instead of a “hotel on the water” you are traveling in a “hotel on wheels”. The novelty of the season was the tourist train “Caucasian pearl”. It departs until the end of September every Saturday from Moscow. This is a unique route,a bright mix of the south, the Volga and the Caucasus. During a short trip, you can visit the thermal springs in Kislovodsk, take a walk by the sea in Novorossiysk, see the ancient citadel in Derbent or the Sulak Canyon in Dagestan, the most beautiful mosques in Chechnya, and complete the procession with a visit to Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd and a walk along the Volga.

In the city & ndash; and on the beach

You can spend your vacation comfortably in large cities that already have high-quality tourist infrastructure, opportunities for country recreation in nature and by the water, for example, on the banks of the Volga in Kazan, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, on the Baltic Sea in St. Petersburg and Kalinin City, in the south in Rostov-on-Don. Atmospheric walks in Kaliningrad can be combined with eco-routes along the unique Curonian Spit, recreation on beaches with snow-white sand, as well as balneology. Kazan is the color of Tatar culture, and UNESCO sites on the island-city of Sviyazhsk and in ancient Bolgar, anda trip to the picturesque Kama Estuary. Samara is not only a very beautiful city with modern architecture, but also the longest embankment on the Volga, sandy beaches within the city, Samara Luka, Zhiguli Mountains, which are called “Volga Switzerland”. And Nizhny Novgorod is celebrating its 800th anniversary ,and this promises to be an event of this summer season. At the same time, from Nizhny Novgorod, you can go to the sandy beaches of the Gorky Sea, and to the famous Lake Svetloyar, as well as take a walk in the ancient cities of Semenov and Gorodets. To be calm on vacation, I recommend getting vaccinated before your vacation.