How will the proms go this year?

The format of the graduation ceremony this year will be chosen by universities, said the Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov.. According to him, the most worthy graduates who have distinguished themselves over the years with their achievements will have the opportunity to take part in events in Moscow.

Last year, the first all-Russian graduation for students was held in an online format and broadcast live on Channel One.

How will the All-Russian Student Graduation be held?

In 2021, the All-Russian graduation will be held on July 10. More than 700 higher educational institutions of the country will participate in it. As stated in the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science, the holiday will be dedicated to the Year of Science and Technology, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the ANO “Russia” country of opportunities”.

This year, the events will be held both online and offline. For graduates, on July 10, an online marathon “Student Graduation-2021” will be held, where during the day in the studio, favorite artists and bloggers will watch and comment on the best student performances of the 2020-2021 academic year, as well as communicate with graduates of 2021.

In addition, on July 10, a festive concert “With Science in the Heart” will be held in Moscow on Vorobyovy Gory. The event will be broadcast on the evening broadcast of the First Channel, famous artists will perform with congratulations to graduates-2021, outstanding students will be solemnly awarded the cups “Best student of the Year”.

According to the Minister of Science and Higher Education, the All-Russian Student Graduation does not cancel events held at universities, and does not restrict universities in choosing the format of the local graduation. Thus, educational institutions themselves can decide how to spend the holiday.

What other events can graduates participate in?

Graduates can take part in the #SNaukoyVSerdce campaign, which started on June 4. During the month, students will share their achievements in scientific, social, sports, cultural and other fields on social networks with the hashtags # GodNauki;#SNaukoyVSerdse #MinobrnaukiRossii #russiaexternal Links. The best publications will be shown at the main event of the All-Russian Student Graduation.

The following events will also be held in an online format:

  • the competition “Best academic group of graduates”. To participate, you need to submit an application on the website, registration will begin on June 10, the qualifying stage will last until June 25. The most friendly group will learn the prize-a trip to the cities of Russia from the competition “Masters of Hospitality”, internships in top companies from the project “Career Time” and the opportunity to participate in All-Russian forums and the festival “Tavrida”.ART»
  • intellectual game & laquo; Test & raquo;. To participate, you need to submit an application on the website until June 07, July 09, there will be an intellectual battle of 5 rounds, 35 questions in text and graphic formats and 6 video questions from experts and mentors. The most erudite team of graduates of 2021 will receive prizes and gifts from partners;
  • online research« Portrait of a graduate & raquo;. The sociological study will be held from 07 to 23 June, it will allow you to make a portrait of a student-graduate of 2021.

In addition to entertainment events, the project “Career Time” will launch an online service for creating and auditing resumes. Graduates will be able to get an assessment and recommendations for improving their portfolio from HR managers and consultants.

How will proms be held in schools this year?

The Ministry of Education expects that the proms in schools this year will be held in the traditional format.

In Moscow, the citywide graduation ceremony will be held in the early 20th of June in the Gorky Park area. The exact date and place of the holiday has not yet been announced. The decision to hold the event will be made based on the epidemiological situation.

In other regions, the format of proms will be as follows:

  • In St. Petersburg, the authorities have appointed the annual holiday of graduates of city schools “Scarlet Sails” for June 25, it will be held in full-time format. After midnight, a sailboat with scarlet sails will sail in the waters of the Neva. The audience will see a pyrotechnic show, which will be visible from the embankments, bridges and high points of the city;
  • in Buryatia, the decision was made to cancel school proms due to the deterioration of the epidermis. The incidence of coronavirus infection in the republic exceeded the national average by 60%. Graduates will be awarded certificates in accordance with the recommendations of the epidemiological service within the same class;
  • In the Lipetsk region, the main celebrations will be held in the Bykhanov Garden on June 25. The proms will be held in the traditional format, on the street;
  • in the Kursk region, proms will be held for 8 days – from June 23 to June 30, which is due to coronavirus restrictions. Schools are advised, weather permitting, to hold outdoor events;
  • in the Kostroma region, proms will be held in person, with the presence of parents, but the presence of other persons who are not related to the educational process is not allowed by sanitary rules. In the Perm Region, parents of graduates will also have the opportunity to attend the solemn event in person.
  • in the Stavropol Territory, the all-Russian graduation ball “Wind of Change” is organized. It will be held on June 26 in the central square of Stavropol. The festive program includes a musical show and fireworks.

Is it possible to hold a graduation party at school or in a restaurant?

Officials will make an announcement about the permitted graduation venues at the last moment. So far, we can only speak with confidence about the date of graduation and the holding of outdoor events.


The State Duma toughened the punishment for repeated drunk driving

The State Duma adopted in the third and final reading a bill to increase from two to three years the maximum term of imprisonment for repeated drunk driving, reports TASS.

The corresponding changes will be made to Article 264.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Deputies voted for tougher sanctions for drunk drivers who were previously convicted under the article for drunk driving, which entailed serious consequences.

The article will be supplemented with a part according to which such persons will be punished by a fine of 300 to 500 thousand rubles with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions for up to six years, correctional labor for up to two years, forced labor for up to three years, imprisonment for up to three years with deprivation of the right to engage in certain work for up to six years.

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin noted that the tightening of sanctions is aimed at preventing such drivers from driving. He also expressed the hope that such measures will reduce the number of accidents on the roads and the number of victims.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia denied reports about the development of changes in the traffic regulations, according to which it will be possible to install alcohol locks on the cars of drivers caught driving under the influence of alcohol.


What was discussed at the Flowers of Life forum in Moscow?

Weekly magazine “Argumenty I Fakty” No. 23. Gifts of fields, gardens and vegetable gardens 09/06/2021

The topic of children’s safety in the network was discussed at the forum “Flowers of Life”, organized by the member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Evgeny Nifantievon Children’s Day.

“We wanted to have a cozy family holiday. And we did it. This time we have focused on educational work with parents. Young participants were presented with a musical show “Blue Tractor”, and parents were given useful practical knowledge. Unfortunately, not all the threats that lie in wait for our children are obvious. Now parents will be able not only to warn them, but also to equip them with rules of behavior in questionable situations in the network, ” noted Yevgeny Nifantiev.

According to him, many threats come from the Internet, including social networks, which children begin to use almost from the first grade, only after learning to read and write. Unfortunately, parents often use gadgets to calm or keep their children occupied. We have held a number of sports events in the Southern District.we see that we are able to organize children’s leisure activities so that children spend more time with their families in the fresh air, and do not sit in social networks. It is we who can choose for them clubs according to their interests, sports sections and make them friends with the real world, Nifantiev added.

The guest of the event was child psychologist Olga Bochkova, who gave a lecture and answered questions. In a conversation with parents, she noted that we should not forget about the safety of the Internet, so that when using it, children avoid dangerous consequences. * Use parental control programs for children’s gadgets that allow you to limit dangerous content, help filter friends, and control timelocations in the network and are able to track the location. As a rule, such measures are enough to protect the child, and a great effort from the parents is not required, the expert explained.

By the way, in May, Yevgeny Nifantiev held a “Mama Forum” for large families, where the well-known TV presenter Tutta Larsen spoke with the public talk “Conscious Parenthood”.


Blogger Khovansky detained in St. Petersburg in the case of calling for terrorism

Video blogger Yuri Khovansky was detained in St. Petersburg, TASS reports, citing a source in law enforcement agencies. 

It is specified that he was detained in the framework of a criminal case under the article on public calls for terrorist activities, but the status of Khovansky has not yet been disclosed. 

Let’s add that Yuri Khovansky leads a video blog on YouTube, the number of his subscribers is 4.4 million.

Earlier it was reported that the Tyumen blogger Alexey Kungurov was accused for the second time of calling for terrorism and inciting hatred, four years ago he was sentenced to prison for one of his posts in the “LiveJournal”, where he criticized the military operation of Russian forces in Syria.


The consequences of the fire in the Ryazan clinical hospital named after N. A. Semashko

In the Ryazan clinical hospital named after N. A. Semashko on the night of June 8 to 9, a fire occurred.

The fire occurred on Wednesday night in the intensive care unit, where patients were being treated for complications after contracting the coronavirus. The fire area was 15 sq. m. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as a result of the fire, 3 people were killed, 8 were hospitalized, and another 35 were evacuated. Among the injured are two nurses who began to extinguish the fire before the arrival of emergency departments. One of them received 75% of the burns on her body.

The governor of the Ryazan region, Nikolai Lyubimov, confirmed the main version of the fire in the Semashko Regional hospital. A criminal case was opened on causing death by negligence. The hospital continues to operate normally.

© Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Ryazan region

© Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Ryazan region

© Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Ryazan region

© Department of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Ryazan region

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The Central Bank revoked the license of Energomashbank

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has deprived the Bank of Power Engineering (Energomashbank) of St. Petersburg of its banking license. This was reported on the website of the regulator on June 9.

The reasons for revoking the license were that Energomashbank had completely lost its own funds and was implementing a high-risk business model. The credit institution has repeatedly violated the laws of the Russian Federation regulating banking activities and the regulations of the Bank of Russia.

Due to the loss of liquidity, Energomashbank was unable to fulfill its obligations to creditors on time, while the bank’s owners did not take the necessary measures to improve financial stability in advance.

The report of the regulator noted that Energomashbank was also deprived of its license to operate in the securities market.

The regulator suspended the powers of the bank’s executive bodies, and a temporary administration was appointed.

In terms of assets, Energomashbank was ranked 145th in the Russian banking system.

Previously, the license was revoked from the Moscow RFI Bank. The credit institution violated federal laws regulating banking activities.


Where in Moscow can you walk barefoot?

Weekly magazine “Argumenty I Fakty” No. 23. Gifts of fields, gardens and vegetable gardens 09/06/2021

A barefoot trail has opened in Elk Island National Park.

The first route in Russia, created for walking barefoot, was supposed to be launched in the last season, but the opening was postponed due to the pandemic. And here is a 3 km long path finally ready. What “obstacles” are offered to force without shoes, massaging the feet? On the trail there is sand and pine bark, sea pebbles and expanded clay, boulders and cones, and you will still have to walk on logs, ladders and cross the stream.

“We are developing a network of ecological trails, adding fashion trends,” explains Rustam Yakubov, director of the Losiny Ostrov National Park. Specially protected natural areas are becoming more popular, and more and more people choose active recreation.

Off with your shoes and on through the wood chips, rocks, sand, and bumps. Photo: Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation


Roskachestvo warned about the danger of applications “My guests” in social networks

Roskachestvo conducted a study of the applications “My guests” in the social network “VKontakte”. The main dangers of using such programs are the lack of confidentiality guarantees and the likelihood of money being debited from the account, the organization warned.

The experts studied 56 applications of this type (40 on the Android platform and 16 on iOS), and none of them passed the test successfully.  

The main thing to be afraid of when installing such applications is the lack of privacy guarantees and the likelihood of money being debited from your account, Roskachestvo warned. According to experts, after receiving the client’s data or taking his money, such a program can simply disappear. This is exactly what happened with ten of the 56 apps examined-they were removed from the stores.

The specialists also analyzed the traffic direction of the installed programs. It turns out that 60 percent of applications during authorization sent requests to other countries, and the majority went to Turkish servers. The process in which the IP address leads to a third-party server, the staff of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo compared to the fact that a person gives the keys to his apartment to a stranger and asks to open the door.

The administration of VKontakte has been warning for several years that applications that can be used to find out data about guests who visited the user’s page simply do not exist in nature, ” Roskachestvo recalled. The organization’s specialists recommended using only official mobile clients.

Earlier, experts told how to protect yourself from spam calls. The first thing you can do is block the numbers from which spammers or scammers called.


American helicopter Ingenuity made the seventh flight over Mars

The Mars-based Ingenuity helicopter has made its seventh flight over the planet’s surface, according to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Twitter. 

It is specified that the flight lasted 62.8 seconds, the device flew 106 meters to the south and landed in a new place. During the flight, the helicopter took a black-and-white photo.

The creation of the helicopter cost $ 80 million, it was delivered to the Red Planet on February 18, along with the Perseverance rover. The purpose of the research is to study possible traces of life on the planet.

At the end of April, an unmanned NASA helicopter successfully made its fourth flight over the surface of Mars, rising to an altitude of about 5 meters at a speed of about 3.5 m/s.


Do the “My Guests in VK”category apps work?

Some owners of accounts in the social network “Vkontakte” are interested in finding out who visited their pages. The social network itself does not provide such an opportunity, so users are looking for alternative ways and download special applications that promise to show “guests”. Roskachestvo analyzed whether these programs really perform their function.

Do such apps show page visitors?

According to the data of the Roskachestvo research, the main function of the applications of the category “My Guests in VK” is deception. Of the 56 apps of this type studied (40 on Android and 16 on iOS), none were tested successfully.

To determine this, the experts visited the test page from another account, spent some time on it, and then looked at the results in the applications. None of them managed to complete their task and did not show a real guest.

Who do the apps show in the statistics then?

As the social network Vkontakte itself explains, these programs analyze the Likes and comments on the user’s page, and add them to the list of random people for greater reliability.

Are guest tracking apps dangerous?

With a high probability, yes. These applications may pose a threat not only to the privacy of the user’s data, but also to their bank account.

First of all, it is suspicious that some of them request rights to access device functions that are clearly not needed for the application to work: camera, storage, and search for other accounts on the device. Such requests were found by experts in the applications “VK”, “My guests”, “My guests”, “Activity on the” Vk “page, ” Real Guests”, ” VK ” and “Guests”, and “Statistics from “Vkontakte”.

The second obvious danger of such programs is the risk of transferring your credentials to someone unknown. The study showed that 60% of applications do not authorize through the Vkontakte server, but through a third-party one: requests go to other countries, mainly to Turkey. In such a situation, the owners of this unknown server can easily keep the data for themselves and use it at their own discretion.

Also, in a strange way, sometimes these apps have a paid subscription (to disable ads). The window with its design is shown only once, and nowhere in the program of this section can you find it to see the amount of the charge or cancel it. Thus, the user can give the application much more money than planned.

Another dangerous feature of these programs is suspicious advertising. In some cases, it is so inconveniently located that it is easy to accidentally click on it. When you click through, you can end up on a phishing site or download a virus.

What else is suspicious about the operation of these applications?

It turned out that some of them just as quickly disappear from stores as they appeared. They can be removed due to suspicious activity, or the developers themselves decide. Of the 56 apps, 10 were missing from the store by the time the Roskachestvo study was published.

Some of these programs quickly change the conditions of their work: they are paid, then free. For example, the app & laquo; Guests & nbsp; VK & raquo; during the research had to be purchased, and & nbsp; by the time the article was published, it was already free. The app “@Hunter VK ” behaved in a similar way, but in reverse.

What is recommended in Roskachestvo?

Experts of Roskachestvo recommend not to install applications of the category “My guests” in VK and use only official mobile clients.