The famous tiger Amur became a father for the second time

In the Seaside safari Park, the famous tiger Amur and his girlfriend Ussuri became parents for the second time. This is stated on the website of the institution.

The cubs were born on May 29, it is noted that Ussuri gave birth to the first kitten at 0: 53 and spent an hour licking it, and at 1: 55 the second baby was born.

“The first tiger cub only an hour after birth, she allowed him to suck milk. The second tiger cub was similarly licked for an hour and only then allowed to touch the nipple, ” they told in the park.

The newborns are feeling well now, the staff is watching the striped mother and her babies through the camera, because Ussuri does not let anyone near the aviary yet.

Earlier it was reported that in the Moscow Zoo at the beginning of this year, a chick of a curly pelican hatched.


Vilfand warned of freezing temperatures in several regions in the coming days

The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Roman Vilfand, said that night frosts are expected in a number of regions, TASS reports.

According to him, it will get colder in the Perm Region, Sverdlovsk, Kurgan, Irkutsk, Tomsk and Arkhangelsk regions, as well as in the republics of Komi and Karelia.

It is noted that especially “decent” frosts are expected in the Tyumen and Omsk regions-up to minus five degrees. The weather forecaster added that night frosts in these regions will be observed until June 10-12 inclusive.

Earlier, Vilfand said that due to a small amount of precipitation in some regions of Russia in the second half of June, a drought may occur.

We add that forecasters promise a fairly warm summer in the Russian Federation, but advise not to discount the rapid change of heat and cold waves and their possible delay in any region.


Roscosmos reported where in Russia the solar eclipse of June 10 will be visible

The press service of the state corporation Roscosmos reported that on June 10 in Yakutia and Chukotka it will be possible to see the annular phase of the solar eclipse, Interfax reports.

“The eclipse will begin in North America and end in our Far East. On the territory of Russia, private phases of the eclipse will be visible-from 0.01 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur to 0.91 in the city of Pevek in Chukotka, the report says.

It is noted that in Moscow it will be possible to see only partial phases of this eclipse with a maximum at 14: 26 Moscow time.

Roscosmos said that the eclipse of the Sun will be visible from Russia from 14: 22 Moscow Time to 14: 29 Moscow time. The maximum duration of the ring-shaped phase is 3 minutes and 52 seconds.

Earlier, Oleg Ugolnikov, a senior researcher at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that in the coming decades, there will be no total solar eclipses in Russia.

According to the expert, the celestial phenomena can be observed in Spain and Egypt.


Who buys Russian weapons?

Weekly magazine “Argumenty I Fakty” No. 23. Gifts of fields, gardens and vegetable gardens 09/06/2021 Expert’s response 0 + –

Despite the pandemic, Russian weapons in 2020 successfully sold in the world.

Good news on Monday reported to the president To Putin director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Dmitry Shugaev. “We have fulfilled the indicators of the previous year,” he reported. — & nbsp;The volume of 15 & nbsp; billion  & mdash; 102% of the planned indicators. And the order portfolio, which is important, has remained at the level of $ 50 billion. We currently maintain relations with more than 100 countries, and have delivered our equipment to 51 countries.

Despite the powerful external pressure, Russia for many years retains the second place in the world in terms of arms sales. The main customers are Algeria, China, and India. From & nbsp; promising countries & nbsp; & mdash; Indonesia, Angola, Myanmar. Traditionally, the Su-30, Su-35, MiG-29 and MiG-35 fighters are in great demand. S-400 air defense systems, T-72 and T-80 tanks are well sold. Non-nuclear submarines are also in demand.


Osterman is the most Russian German. How Hermann Johann became Andrey Ivanovich

335 years ago, on June 9, 1686, a son was born in the family of the pastor of the church of the Apostle Paul in the Westphalian city of Bochum. If everything went as it should, then he would have a standard and quiet modest German career. Like his grandfather and father, he would have become a pastor or perhaps a professor of theology. There are, as they say, twelve such quarries in every dozen. However, fate was pleased to write the name of this man in the Big Story. True, not in Germany, but in Russia, so that even the name Hermann Johann Friedrich he was replaced by Andrey Ivanovich. The surname, however, remained the same & nbsp; & mdash; Osterman.

This name immediately causes a number of unmanageable associations. Osterman? Yes, yes, of course we do. The court of Empress Anna Ioannovna, intrigue and guile, and also the terrible “German dominance”;:Osterman, Minich and & nbsp; & laquo; fiend & raquo; Biron the three of them staged large-scale repressions and drove many natural Russians behind Mozhay. In the literal sense, it is Osterman who is considered responsible for the fall and exile of the most prominent associate. Peter I & nbsp; Alexander Menshikov in & nbsp;Berezov. Especially relished is the fact that after 15 years in the&Beryozov was also exiled, and Osterman himself was exiled, as they say, under the daughter of Petrova, the Empress Elizabeth the “German domination” has ended, and the truth has triumphed.

The real truth is that just under Anna Ioannovna, a strict course was taken to eradicate the “German dominance”. In the beginning of the XX century. historian Vasily Stroev he published a good monograph, “The Bironov Region and the Cabinet of Ministers,” where it is stated with some surprise that during the reign of Anna Ioannovna, the number of foreigners in the Russian service is steadily decreasing. The most interesting thing is that this very Cabinet of Ministers was created by the thought of Andrei Osterman. So what’s behind all the businessthis authority is worth this non-ordinary figure. Not ordinary even by the standards of the XVIII century, which gave our country a number of exceptionally talented individuals. But this is a special case. A German who actually blocks the road to Russia for the Germans.There is something fascinating about this.

However, how long did Osterman remain German? This is a big question. Historian Vladilen Vinogradov For example, he believed that Russia was not Osterman’s second homeland, but his only one. Indeed, it is difficult to find a person who would have done more for Russia in those times than Andrey Ivanovich. Management reform, fleet reform, defining foreign policy vectors for many years to come. Development of the famous “Table of Ranks” tool, which includedone of the most serious social elevators. Powerful infusions into science. Under his care was the famous Great Northern Expedition, which secured for Russia the riches of Siberia and the Arctic. Well & nbsp; and & nbsp; other, on trifles:reduction of the noble service, reduction of taxes, measures for the development of trade, industry and literacy, improvement of the judicial and financial parts…

All this was based on a serious knowledge of Russia and the Russians. Osterman was Russified not only by the documents, but in fact. Here is what his contemporary, the Prussian, wrote about him king Frederick II A skilful pilot, he ruled the helm of the empire with a faithful hand in the era of the most violent upheavals, being cautious and brave, depending on the circumstances, and knew Russia as surely as the human body. Note that the French artist and doctor Joseph-Guichard du Verney he was then considered an unsurpassed expert in anatomy, so the compliment turned out to be brilliant and very flattering at the same time for Osterman and for Russia.

This is partly because, unlike many other foreigners in the Russian service, Osterman had nowhere to go back to. In Russia, he got under bad circumstances, and in his homeland, he was waiting for a trial and, possibly, execution.

One can accurately date the day when the small German career of the pastor’s son, a student at the University of Jena, was interrupted. Here is what appears in the book of the deceased of the Lutheran community of the city of Jena: “A student is buried Borherding who, on May 4, 1703, at half-past eleven in the morning, was stabbed by a student named Ostermann, a burgher from Westphalia. Subsequently, a story about a student duel will be invented. However, the duel was not a real murder. Young Osterman, who was not yet 17, was forced to flee to Amsterdam.

Russia, then waging a Northern War with Sweden, resembled a kind of personnel vacuum cleaner. The Russian service attracted everyone in a row, in whom it was possible to see at least some abilities. The past dark deeds turned a blind eye. And just when Osterman was in Amsterdam, without a penny in his pocket and without prospects, the Russian Vice-Admiral Cornelius Kruis arrived there. . It was Osterman who joined him as a sub-skipper, but on the way to Russia it turned out that the young man was capable of languages and office work. So Osterman’s Russian career began. In contrast to the small German one, it almost immediately becomes large. The secretary of Vice-Admiral Kruis was noticed by Tsar Peter himself. His phenomenal flair worked this time, too. Osterman becomes first a secret clerk in the field office of the tsar, and then his personal secretary.Russian Russian For a couple of years, the German is learning Russian, and it seems that he is even beginning to think in Russian. Here is what Peter himself wrote about him: “Not once in a single case did this man make a mistake. I instructed him to write to foreign courts, and to my ministers who were at foreign courts, in German, French, and Latin. He always gave me rough notes in Russian so that I could see if he understood my thoughts well. I have never noticed in his works even the slightest flaw.

Actually, Osterman had some shortcomings. But they passed through the category of the struggle of the good with the best. For example, in 1721 Osterman proved himself to be hardly a greater patriot of Russia than the tsar himself. He took a serious risk, but in the end he won. Moreover, he left both the tsar and Russia in the win.

He was assigned to help To James Bruce in the conclusion of the peace of Nishtadt with Sweden. A peace that summed up a long, bloody war. And this war fed up with Peter I to such an extent that he showed cowardice at the last moment and decided to return the city of Vyborg to the Swedes, captured in 1710, in the name of the speedy signing of the treaty. To do this, I sent a new proposal to Nishtadt, where Osterman was already negotiating. Vez offer Pavel Yaguzhinsky– Peter’s confidant. Osterman learned about the essence of this proposal through his own channels. And it went right down his throat. How so? Give the Swedes what they’ve won? No, it’s unthinkable. But it is unthinkable and outright to trample on the monarch’s will…

And then Osterman, who knew about Yaguzhinsky’s weakness for drinking, writes a letter to the commandant of Vyborg, Ivan Shuvalovwith a request to detain the royal courier at least for a couple of days. The latter fulfilled the request perfectly, pumping Yaguzhinsky with vodka and buying Osterman time. When Yaguzhinsky finally arrived in Nishtadt, peace had already been signed. Vyborg remained for Russia forever.

Peter was impressed by Osterman’s dexterity. For the peace of Nishtadt, he gets the title of baron and something else. Peter, valuing such a valuable frame, decides to firmly tie Osterman to Russia. And & nbsp; acts as a matchmaker. In & nbsp; wives of a clever German will be determined Marfa Streshneva, a representative of a noble boyar family, who is related to the tsar. Of course, this relationship is remote, Marfa Ivanovna was the grandmother of Peter I & nbsp;great-great-granddaughter. But the fact is the fact. It’s a great honor.

Marfa Osterman. Portrait by Frankart, 1738

But even greater was the love between a German student who had not yet completed his studies and a Russian aristocrat. When Osterman was exiled to Beryozov in 1742, his wife received the highest permission to settle on her estate and not to follow her husband into exile, as was previously the practice. For & nbsp;84 & nbsp; years before & nbsp;the feat of the Decembrist wives MarfaIvanovna rejected this offer and went to exile with her Andrey Ivanovich. She died in 1781, long outliving her husband, who died in 1747. And witnessed his posthumous triumph. Catherine the Great fully rehabilitated Osterman, confirming all his titles “in a sign of high appreciation of his services to the royal house”.


Correct orientation. The new system will improve the navigation of Russian UAVs

The holding company “KRET” of the state corporation “Rostec” has created new navigation systems for domestic unmanned aerial vehicles. The advantage of the development is the high accuracy and the possibility of autonomous operation: the system can determine the coordinates and parameters of the movement of objects even in the absence of land, sea or space landmarks. АиФ.ги I found out what the new system is and why it is so good.

What is an INS?

The created navigation system belongs to the inertial navigation system (INS). An inertial method is a method of navigating objects and controlling their movement, based on the fact that a physical object remains at rest without external influence or does not change the trajectory and speed of its movement. The advantage of the method is that it does not require external landmarks or external signals for navigation. Thus, the new complex allows you to determine the coordinates and parameters of the movement of objects, even in the absence of land, sea or space landmarks.

The disadvantage of the INS can be called errors that accumulate over time in the information received from the devices. These can be either methodological errors or errors related to incorrect initial hardware configuration.

Inertial systems are composed of acceleration sensors (accelerometers) and angular velocity sensors (gyroscopes). The accuracy of the information obtained depends on the characteristics of these devices. The data is analyzed by a computer, which then corrects the movement of the object according to certain navigation algorithms.

With the help of the obtained data, it is possible to determine the deviation of the coordinate system associated with the instrument body from the coordinate system associated with the Earth. The basis of the operation of inertial systems is to measure the acceleration of the aircraft and its angular velocities relative to the three axes of the aircraft, in order to determine the location of the aircraft, its speed, course, and other parameters based on this data. According to the results of the analysis, the object is stabilized, and automatic control can be used.

How to apply the system?

In particular, the navigation system provided by Rostec provides general geographical orientation and determines the location of the drone relative to a given trajectory or target, including moving objects. Such systems will allow the drone not to depend on ground landmarks and weather conditions.

The first inertial navigation systems were created in the 1950s in the United States and the USSR, but they were quite bulky and could occupy all the free space of the aircraft.

In the new navigation systems, it is possible to work on GPS or GLONASS, in combined mode or independently (that is, according to the inertial principle). At the same time, the error of the systems is less than 1% in normal operation and less than 2% in autonomous operation, that is, in the absence of landmarks. Information “inertial” and “satellite”, that is, requiring external reference points, is transmitted through different channels.

The new system belongs to the so-called free-form (BINS). They provide complete information about the navigation parameters of the movement: the angles of course, roll, acceleration, speed of movement and the coordinates of the object. The new BINS have no moving parts, are absolutely silent, durable, do not require special maintenance, and last a long time.

Platform-free inertial systems favorably differ from platform-based systems by their lower weight and dimensions, and also by their ability to operate under significant overloads.

The new navigation systems have already been tested on prototypes of Russian drones and have proven their high efficiency. The technology will begin to be used in 2021. At the same time, it is not reported which drones will receive it as a basis.


Is the third one superfluous? Why the Chinese are not happy with the new law on children

Chinese authorities have allowed families to have a third child. Formally, the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom could do this before, but only if they paid the state a large sum. As a result, the country is faced with the problem of total aging of the population. АиФ.ги I learned how modern China treats family planning.

“The decision of the Chinese Communist Party is related to the systematic decline in the number of newborns and the aging of the population in China over the past few years,” believes Lydia Stanchenko, Sinologist, journalist. The National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China reported a critical decline in population growth last year, citing data for 2019, the birth rate then amounted to 10.48%, 14.65 million newborns. This is the lowest figure since 1949, when the People’s Republic of China was formed.Republic! Therefore, when in mid-May of this year, official statistics reported that the number of newborns in 2020 fell by more than 2 million, the government decided to act quickly and immediately allowed families to have up to 3 children.

Women are in short supply

Stanchenko notes that when the 1979 law on birth control was passed against the background of the baby boom, the authorities did not take into account that it could radically change the psychology of society and its gender composition. After all, these factors have contributed to the fact that the birth rate began to fall much more rapidly than expected.

“I’ll explain. First, the vast majority of Chinese families wanted to have a boy. Therefore, pregnant women, learning about the fact that they will have a girl, had an abortion, says Lydia Stanchenko. This led to the fact that in the early noughties, when the children of families who fell under the”the policy of one child”, grew up and were ready to start their own family, it turned out that women of childbearing age in the country are much less than men. Guys could not find a soul mate simply because there were not enough girls for everyone. By the way, this problem persists to this day.

Not so long ago, some Chinese demographers suggested allowing women to have two husbands, says the Sinologist. The second problem, which Stanchenko points out, is psychological. “As is often the case, the only children in Chinese families focused on themselves all the attention of their parents, grandparents and grandparents. In the resultthey grew up to be individualists, accustomed to living in solitude and caring only for themselves. The desire for privacy among young people is noticeable in China with the naked eye. If the older generation likes to gather in groups and spend time in the company of their peers, then young people are more likely to meet alone, at most two.

What are the families in China?

Anfisa Afonso, English teacher, worked for several years in China, in school, college, kindergarten. According to her, traditions are still strong in China, so people over 30 almost always have a family, but usually there is a maximum of one child. “The topic of sex education in China is directly taboo, so it is quite difficult for guys to get acquainted with girls. To & nbsp; the & nbsp; same,guys get married when they build a house or buy an apartment. Without this, no one will build a relationship with them. And to buy your own home, in China you need to work hard and save for a long time, Anfisa believes. Girls in the city also get married after about 28 years. In the village, such people are already considered old, where it is customary to get married at 20.

Anfisa admits that more children are born in the villages, but for reasons of economy, they simply did not register the child in the past, including labor and assistance on the farm. For the townspeople, a child, even if the tax is abolished,is too expensive. Therefore, large families are either well-off people or villagers.

“The pensions there are small, so the grandparents often live with young families. And they are the ones who take care of the baby, because paid maternity leave in China is only 6 months. But my friend, who still lives there, knows a lot of people who have been working for a month, otherwise it is difficult financially, explains Anfisa.

Anfisa says that the Chinese are very strict parents. “They love children, but I think only their own. I’ve seen cases where a child has gone out on the road, and they don’t even react. Protect in & nbsp; mostly their own. It seems to me that this is a matter of competition, since there are a lot of them and they really want their children to achieve something, the teacher says. That’s why they’re insanely strict.punish children for poor grades. A friend of mine takes her two-year-old son to the “razvivashki”, and there mothers beat such young children for the fact that they do not do something, do not repeat after the teacher. They have got it in their heads that their children should achieve something and take a high position. It is not only the parent who can hit the child, but also the teacher in the school.

How did China react to the innovation?

The new ruling has caused a flurry of sarcastic and irritated comments on Chinese social media, and has also generated a huge number of memes, says Lidia Stanchenko. The Weibo social network, similar to Twitter, has already received more than 4 billion views, and the hashtag, which can be translated as “the three children policy”, has already reached more than 4 billion views. Under the posts of the main state media about the new policy, you can see several hundred thousand commentsand only a few of them are in support of the innovation. Young commentators believe that the new policy will not change anything, since it is far from a matter of whether the state allows more children or not. The main problem, in their opinion, is that the maintenance and education of children is very expensive, and the state does not offer any support to young families. Many people note that even one child is already a lot, not even three.

The state-run Xinhua news Agency even launched a vote on Weibo asking who is willing to take advantage of the new policy. After nearly 30 thousand people voted sharply against the new policy, Xinhua removed the post.

The number of memes and jokes has also spread throughout the Chinese Internet. Perhaps the most popular was the meme on the advertising of condoms “Durex” with the caption “I went, and you have fun”, says Stanchenko.


Mikhail Yefremov’s former lawyer was given a warning

The plot of an accident involving actor Mikhail Efremov in the center of Moscow

The Council of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Lawyers issued a warning to Andrey Aleshkin, a former lawyer of the actor Mikhail Efremov, who was convicted of a fatal accident. The status of a lawyer was not deprived of him, TASS reports.

Aleshkin became the third lawyer in the case of Yefremov, against whom disciplinary proceedings were initiated. The other two lawyers-Elman Pashayev, who initially defended the actor, and Alexander Dobrovinsky, who acted on the part of the victims-lost this status.

Yefremov filed complaints to the St. Petersburg department of the Ministry of Justice and the Chamber of Advocates, accusing Andrey Aleshkin of self-promotion and violation of agreements on the prohibition of comments to media representatives.

The artist believes that the lawyer’s statements harmed his reputation and acted against his interests. Mikhail Efremov also said that the contract with Aleshkin was concluded fraudulently, so he withdraws his signature and asks to consider the document invalid.

At the end of March, the qualification commission found violations of ethics and the law on advocacy in Aleshkin’s actions. The chamber asked to deprive him of his legal status for two years.

Andrey Aleshkin himself said that all comments to journalists were agreed with the actor, and the right to communicate with them was specified in the agreement.


A book about Viktor Bout has been published in Russia

The book & laquo; Victor Booth. The true story of the “Gun Baron”” & raquo; released in Russia. It included previously unpublished documents and eyewitness accounts, as well as prison drawings of the Russian.

The author of the work is a journalist of the “Russian Newspaper” Alexander Gasyuk, who studied the biography of the hero, interviewed him, and also talked with the participants of the events and various experts. The book was published by AST.

Gasyuk himself claims that he became interested in Bout’s story back in 2012, when he first met him in an American prison, being the publication’s own correspondent in the United States.

“Over the following years, I collected any information about the entrepreneur and the true reasons for his arrest by the American authorities. Despite the abundance of various information in the media about the Russian, in fact, most of the information about Bout is fragmentary, contradictory and, often, unreliable. In addition, a huge number of myths and fakes have been created around this high-profile case in the West and in our country. In the book, which is in some ways a journalistic investigation, I tried to shed light on the true story of Victor Bout, ” the author of the book told. He is quoted by the “Russian Newspaper”.

Bout was arrested in Thailand at the request of the United States in 2008 and taken to this country. In 2012, a jury in New York found him guilty of conspiracy to murder American citizens and material support for terrorism. He was given the minimum sentence for the articles that he was charged with, 25 years in date, he has served more than half of this term. He pleads not guilty.

Earlier, the wife of the Russian reported that her husband began to have inflammation of the teeth. In turn, Bout’s mother appealed to the presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, ahead of their meeting in Geneva, asking them to agree on the return of her son to Russia.


Why was Ksenia Sobchak sued for 50 million after the video about the SPIEF?

Plot St. Petersburg International Economic Forum-2021

A lawyer from St. Petersburg filed a lawsuit for 50 million rubles on the protection of honor and dignity to Ksenia Sobchak. The reason was the video with the participation of the girl, which the TV presenter recorded at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

What is the video that Ksenia Sobchak recorded?

Ksenia Sobchak recorded a video about the SPIEF for her YouTube channel. In it, she talked about the so-called “forumchanochkah”, among other things. So the TV presenter called the beautiful girls who visit the forum with the purpose of dating with influential men. In this story, Sobchak approached the spectacular guests of the SPIEF and asked them what their purpose was at the event.

One of the heroines of the category was head of the law firm “Troitskaya and partners” Elnara Troitskaya. Ksenia Anatolyevna asked the girl: “Which panel did you come to?” Discuss what, or are you a journalist?». The lawyer did not like the questions of the TV presenter and instead of answering, she said that Sobchak “went straight to the insults”, and she expected this. Troitskaya said that the country hasthe stereotypical thinking that if a woman is beautiful, she can’t be smart. The TV presenter replied that there was nothing wrong with her question, and she herself is now going to the panel: “Everyone here goes to the panels.”

How did Elnara Troitskaya react to the video with her participation?

Elnara Troitskaya commented on the situation on her Instagram page, calling the categories “forumchanochka” a blatant provocation.

“A person who has led the project” Dom-2 ” for more than 10 years, of course, knows that dirt, gossip and inadequacy attract the most. This is exactly what Ksenia Anatolyevna did on the forum, provoking beautiful women. Is this behavior worthy of a person who ran for president? I & nbsp; think definitely not», — the lawyer was indignant. She also added that the video Sobchak “violates Russian law, and” asyou know I love difficult things and I take on them with success. In the future, the girl said that she had filed an application to the court for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. The amount of the claim is 50 million rubles. According to a media report, Troitskaya also expects to achieve the removal of the video and a ban on the use of videos with her participation.

How did Ksenia Sobchak comment on the lawsuit in her address?

In her Telegram channel, “Bloody Lady” Ksenia Sobchak explained that her question does not have a double interpretation. It’s OK to ask which panel they came to, but all discussions at the SPIEF are called panels. Maybe the problem is with what you thought about it? And & nbsp;not & nbsp; in & nbsp;that again wrote the evil Sobchak?»,  & mdash; explained the TV presenter. She added that she does not think that this initiative has a judicial perspective. “In any case, I’m sorry that you took it as an insult,” Sobchak concluded.