Rostec has created a flash drive with a data destruction function

Employees of the holding “Technodynamics” of the Rostec State Corporation have developed a flash drive with the function of irrevocable destruction of information by pressing a button on the end of the device. This is reported by the press service of Rostec.

The message says that there is a memory chip, batteries and controls in the case of the flash drive. It is noted that after pressing the button, the electric detonator is activated. It burns the printed circuit board with a cumulative jet, which guarantees the irrevocable destruction of the information stored on the device. According to the CEO of the holding Igor Nasenkov, the impossibility of data recovery has been confirmed by an expert examination.

The press service stressed that the use of this function does not pose a danger to the user, since when it is activated, the integrity of the device case is not violated.

According to Nasenkov, in the future, tests of the device for safety during its long-term storage, for resistance to mechanical and climatic factors will be organized. In addition, experts intend to work out different design options for the USB flash drive case.

The message added that the development of the device was conducted by employees of JSC “NPP”Krasnoznamenets”. Rostec believes that government departments, as well as companies working with confidential data, can become potential consumers of the new product.

In October, it became known about an attempt by engineer Jonathan Toibi, who served on an American submarine, to sell secret data to a foreign state. He hid a flash drive with classified information between two slices of bread on a peanut butter sandwich.

Earlier, Rostec reported that a shotgun cartridge with a luminous element indicating the flight path was created in Russia.


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