Russian military conducts exercises in Tajikistan

The plot of the aggravation of the situation in Afghanistan in July 2021

If necessary, Moscow is ready to take measures to prevent aggression against Tajikistan, RIA Novosti reports, referring to the statement of the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Andrey Rudenko.

As specified, for this purpose, the Russian military of the 201st base is conducting exercises in the republic.

Rudenko noted that today the northern provinces of Afghanistan are rapidly turning into a new hot spot. The Taliban movement (banned in the Russian Federation)they almost completely control the border with Tajikistan. International terrorist organizations are also strengthening their positions. Terrorists from combat zones in the Middle East and North Africa are being drawn to the region. The Russian diplomat connects what is happening, among other things, with the hasty withdrawal of the US contingent from the country.

Rudenko also added that Russia is in constant contact with Uzbekistan.He noted that this country, which has a common border with Afghanistan, is an ally and strategic partner of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the Pentagon said that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is 95% complete.


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