The “boy” from the Nevermind album cover sued Nirvana again

«The boy» from the cover of the album Nevermind has again sued the band Nirvana, reports Reuters.

Spencer Elden again accused the group of sexual exploitation. In December 2021, Nirvana’s lawyers asked the court to dismiss his lawsuit against the collective, pointing out that the statute of limitations had expired in the case. They also called the plaintiff’s claims absurd.

It is noted that the district court in Central California allowed to amend the claim, rejecting it. Elden had to file a new lawsuit before January 13.

Recall that Elden was photographed naked at the age of four months for the cover of the Nevermind album by Nirvana. At the same time, he claims that his parents did not agree to the use of this picture.

Representatives of Elden accuse the defendants of distributing child pornography, which they “produced, stored and advertised”. In total, there are 17 people on the list of accused. In addition to the former members of the rock band, it included record companies, an art director, a photographer and others. Elden intends to recover from each defendant 150 thousand dollars (more than 11 million rubles).


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