The expert told what to fear from the Anonymous group

The Anonymous team of computer hackers most often deals with DDoS attacks. For this reason, it does not pose a serious danger. This is reported by 360 with reference to programmer Sergey Vakulin.

He noted that Anonymous is a group of activists who can be located anywhere in the world. The main method of the command is DDoS attacks.They are capable of causing interruptions in the operation of equipment. Subsequently, it may stop responding to user requests, explained Vakulin.

According to the programmer, the danger of the group will increase if it decides to attack any bank. As a result, its websites and applications will be inaccessible, which can cause damage to both the bank and ordinary citizens, the expert concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the Anonymous group announced the cyber war of the Russian Federation and claimed responsibility for the attack on the website of the Russian TV channel RT.


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