The Hydrometeorological Center predicts that spring will come to Moscow at the end of March

The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation Roman Vilfand said that the climatic spring will come in the capital at the end of March. Moscow 24 writes about this.

The forecaster clarified that on March 1, the air temperature in the city is forecast to be 2–2.5 degrees above normal.

“The sun is expected in the afternoon and the temperature is up to +4 degrees,” he said.

Vilfand explained that in March the cold weather very often returns, the temperature can drop to -10 degrees. According to him, a steady temperature transition through the zero mark usually occurs in the third decade of April. At about the same time, the snow completely disappears.

Recall that February 22 was the warmest day in Moscow since the beginning of winter. On this day it was about four degrees Celsius.

Earlier АиФ.ги published a long-term weather forecast for March.


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