The latest A-50U aircraft deployed in the Arctic-Izvestia

The Russian Aerospace Forces will deploy A-50U long-range radar detection aircraft in the Arctic, the newspaper “Izvestia” writes.

It is noted that the A-50U is capable of detecting any air targets at a distance of more than 200 kilometers, including hypersonic vehicles, drones, ballistic and cruise missiles.

It is planned that the unique aircraft will be used to protect the Northern Sea Route and the Arctic. In addition, they will patrol the area of the North Pole.

As the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation told the publication, the issue of the possibility of basing the A-50U on the bases of the “Arctic Shamrock” and “Northern Clover” is currently being worked out. 

According to experts, the appearance of the latest A-50U aircraft in the Arctic will radically strengthen the northern borders of the Russian Federation.

Military infrastructure has been deployed on remote islands and the Arctic coast since 2014.& nbsp;The military base «Arctic Shamrock» & nbsp;is located on the island of Alexandra Land of the Franz Josef Land archipelago

Earlier it was reported that the Arctic zone of Russia received protection from stealth drones in the form of an impenetrable radar barrier.


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