The Lucifer deal. A British man sacrificed women to win the lottery

Winning the lottery is the dream of many people, regardless of gender, race, or citizenship. Some rely on luck, others play, building complex schemes. But the story that happened in the UK has a truly eerie connotation.

Wembley Park massacre

“The bodies were lying on their sides from head to toe in blood, their limbs were intertwined,” the English edition of The Mirror quotes the words of the British prosecutor.Oliver Glasgow.

Two sisters, 46-year-old Bibaa Henry and 27-year-old Nicole Smallman, on June 5, celebrated the birthday of the eldest of them in Wembley Park, in north-west London. According to British reporters, for both women, this event became an outlet against the background of prolonged quarantine measures, so they decided to stay in the park longer.

The next day, the bodies of the sisters, who never returned home, were found in the hedge of the park. The numerous wounds on the women’s bodies, as well as where and how the criminal placed the corpses, led the guards to believe that the murder may be of a ritual nature. 

To calculate the killer helped the study of CCTV footage, which captured a suspicious man, who, according to all indications, could be involved in the brutal massacre.

Soon the police appeared on the doorstep of the suspect, 19-year-old resident of London Danyal Hussain. The examination revealed the DNA of a young man on the murder weapon-a knife that the criminal threw in the park. 

Medical examiners and police at the entrance to the Fryent Country Park where two women were killed, Wembley, London, UK. Photo:

“Three lottery tickets put together with the agreement with the devil”

According to investigators, the first victim of Hussein was Bibaa Henry, who was stabbed eight times by the attacker. The younger sister tried to resist the murderer, but the forces were too unequal-the enraged man stabbed her 28 times.

The police found that on the eve of the massacre, Hussein purchased a set of knives, and the day after the murder, he went to the doctors with a serious cut on his hand.

That is, there is more than enough evidence against the suspect at the moment. But most of all the investigators were shocked by the alleged motive of the terrible crime.

During a search of Hussein’s apartment, a handwritten document was found, representing the following:.. an agreement with the devil. 

“He promised to sacrifice women in order to win the lottery and not be suspected of the crime he committed,” The Mirror quotes the prosecutor as saying, ” It seems that the defendant was confident that his plan would work, since after the deadly attacks on Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, he purchased several lottery tickets and put three lottery tickets together with an agreement with the devil.”

The representative of the prosecutor’s office noted that the enemy of the human race obviously deceived Hussein, since none of the tickets turned out to be winning, and the criminal himself was quickly detained.

Despite the available evidence, Danyal Hussain is currently refusing to plead guilty to the crime. It is possible that the police in this case will need the help of psychiatrists. 

“By order of Satan”

In 2017, it became known about the release of Daniel Rood who called himself a “vampire” and a “Satanist”. The man spent more than 15 years on compulsory treatment in a psychiatric clinic, to which he was sentenced for the murder of 33-year-old Frank Hagen, committed together with his wife.

Daniel and Manuela Ore it was claimed that Satanism was introduced in Britain. “I’ve been to England and Scotland, met people and vampires in London. We went at night to the cemeteries, the ruins, and the woods. I also slept on graves, and even allowed myself to be buried alive, to find out what it felt like. I gave my soul to Satan, ” the woman told reporters.

An unfortunate man who fell into the hands of a husband and wife was subjected to terrible tortures that cannot be described for ethical reasons. The detained couple denied any wrongdoing, claiming that they had acted “on the orders of Satan”, which required them to make a human sacrifice. 

Despite the defiant behavior of the accused in court, the prosecutor’s office refused to demand a life sentence for them. Based on the testimony of witnesses, the prosecution concluded that it was a serious mental illness. As a result, Daniel Ruda received 15 years of compulsory treatment, and Manuela Ruda-13 years. They have served their sentence in full. Despite their release, they were left under strict control of the authorities with mandatory medical therapy.

Kill a child for “eternal life”

In March 2020, the Nenets District Court sent a 36-year-old to compulsory treatment Denis Pozdeyev, who on October 31, 2019, broke into a kindergarten in Naryan-Mar during the “quiet hour” and killed a 6-year-old pupil.

The squad of Rosgvardiya employees, having received a signal about the emergency, arrived just a few minutes later. The attacker was pinned down, but it was no longer possible to help the unfortunate baby. The interview with the detainee made a heavy impression on the investigators. The man claimed that he was ordered to commit the crime by “voices in his head”, who promised “eternal life” to him and his relatives for the murder of the child.

Pozdeyev said that he tried to make a deal with the devil: “It was necessary to kill the child. A small child. To make the spell come true.” During the investigation, it turned out that the man had long abused alcohol and led an antisocial lifestyle. The fact that his mental state is deteriorating, did not pay attention. Or they felt that he was not a danger to others. For the mistakes of adults, the child paid with his life. 

In the summer of 2020, the kindergarten guard in which Pozdeyev committed the crime was found guilty of committing a crime under paragraphs “b”, “b”, ” c ” of part 2 of Article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (in providing services that do not meet the requirements for the safety of life and health of consumers, committed in relation to services intended for children under the age of six years, resulting in the death of a person by negligence), and sentenced to 2 years 6 months of imprisonment with serving a sentence in a general regime colony.


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