The military helps to eliminate the consequences of the emergency in the Crimea

The plot of Flooding due to heavy rains in the south of Russia

A mobile detachment of the Army Corps of the Black Sea Fleet is assisting the residents of Kerch in eliminating the consequences of an emergency situation due to heavy rains that hit the Crimean Peninsula, the Ministry of Defense reports. 

Military personnel clear away silt and debris from administrative buildings and private households, storm wells and sewers, in addition, they help citizens restore destroyed homes, power lines and other infrastructure. 

To date, more than 130 private homes have already been cleaned, more than 370 tons of garbage have been removed, and about 264 cubic meters of drinking water have been delivered to the population. It is expected that on Tuesday, restoration work will be carried out in the central hospital of the city, kindergartens, educational institutions, and assistance will also be provided to residents of 360 residential buildings and homesteads. 

At the same time, the military reinforced a temporary dam in Yalta at the most dangerous site of the breakthrough of mudflows caused by heavy precipitation. Up to 40 military personnel and up to 20 units of special military equipment were involved in the task. 

Now a combined detachment of radiation, chemical and biological protection units of the Southern Military District compound from Novocherkassk has started performing tasks for special treatment and disinfection of social facilities, building facades, roads and terrain areas. 

Earlier, Head of State Vladimir Putin instructed Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to attract the necessary forces and funds to help eliminate the consequences of floods in the Crimea. 


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