The river level near Tulun has risen above the critical level

The governor of the Irkutsk region, Igor Kobzev, said in his Instagram that the water level in the Iya River, which flooded Tulun in 2019, rose above the critical level. 

Kobzev said that the river level in the city continues to grow, the road leading to the dachas is flooded.Currently, specialists are strengthening the old dam, as well as other weak points.

The authorities of the region have prepared two temporary accommodation points for 100 people, about 250 families still remain in the flood zone of 2019, while all received certificates for the purchase of new housing.

Earlier, in Tulun, the authorities put on high alert due to the rising water level in the Oia River.

It is worth recalling how at the end of June 2019, the first wave of flooding occurred near Irkutsk, as a result of which 109 settlements were flooded, 25 people were killed. The second wave of flooding occurred at the end of July of the same year, 475 residential buildings in 20 settlements of the region were flooded.


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