The route is made to order. How citizens ‘ appeals help to repair roads

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Residents of the village of Oslavsky in the Vladimir region know firsthand about bad roads. The 2.5 km section of the highway leading to the neighboring village of Novoe has not been repaired for more than 30 years, although it is only possible to get to the regional center via it. Everything changed when the headman sat down Anna Vodianova I left my complaint on the site “Map of the killed roads”. There, her request to put the highway in order was noticed and included in the national project “Safe and high-quality highways”. Now the once problematic site can boast of a new asphalt concrete pavement, a reinforced curb and markings.


Residents of any region can improve the quality of highways. To do this, you just need to report the problem. The national project “Safe and high-quality highways” has a whole system that allows you to learn and take into account public opinion. It includes the official portal of the national project, project of the All-Russian Popular Front “Road Inspection of the ONF/Map of dead roads”, as well as the mobile application ” Public Services. Roads». Since the beginning of the year, more than 4.2 thousand appeals of citizens have already been received through these channels. 95% of them received a response.

Here is one example: in the Lipetsk Region, on the initiative of local residents, 17.5 km of the Ivovo-Springs-Bruslanovka highway will be put in order this year. It all started in 2020 with the repair of a 6-kilometer segment between the villages of Bruslanovka and Novodmitrievka. After that, the residents of the Pruzhinsky and Ivovsky village councils asked to continueroad repairs. Now there is a laying of the leveling layer of asphalt concrete. Then they will strengthen the roadsides with rubble, arrange exits and junctions, make stops and fences. The two-layer coating will have a 4-year warranty.& nbsp;

& laquo;We are very glad that we were heard and that the repair of our road continued, & mdash; shares a resident of the village of Ivova Love Beetle. & mdash; The traffic here is lively, a lot of summer residents go, a school bus carries children in Springs. Due to the poor coverage, we went on another road, through the Patriarchal, and now the way to Lipetsk will be 7 km shorter.

Will not drown in the pits

Residents of the village of Rogatkina, Saratov region, complained in social networks to the authorities about the quality of the road leading to the federal highway P228 “Syzran” Saratov “Volgograd”. They were heard and a 5-kilometer section was put in order in 2020. Now the repair of the next 5 km is being completed. This is a real gift for pensioners who previously had to travel along a broken road to Krasnoarmeysk, where the central district hospital is located.

In addition, the poor condition of the highway complicated the life of local businesses. On the territory of the Rogatkinsky municipality there is a peasant farm where local residents work. Its products are supplied not only to Saratov, but also to other regions: the Volgograd and Astrakhan regions, the Republic of Kalmykia. There is nowhere here without a good road. “You find sales markets, negotiate deliveries, order transport to take products, and they refuse to go on such a road,” says the head of the farm Pavel Zotov. & mdash; There used to be pits of half a meter in general here. Trucks went under the slopes, and the springs were broken”.

It is not surprising that the residents of Rogatkin themselves control the progress of repair work. Recently, they informed the regional Ministry of Transport that the arrangement of the stopping pocket is being carried out in violation. Specialists of the road department confirmed the defect, and now the contractor will eliminate it at his own expense. 

“We always say that residents are our assistants,” said the Minister of Transport and Road Management of the Saratov region Alexey Petaev. ― Even before the start of work on the national project, the department’s specialists went to the districts and met with local public figures. We have launched an educational project “School of road literacy”. During the classes, the residents were told how to visually determine that the work is being carried out with a violation. We also promptly respond to messages that come to our group in VK “Roads of the Saratov region”. If residents are sure that they saw a violation during the repair of the road, they can inform us.


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