The State Duma supported the idea to restrict the online trade in air weapons

The head of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans ‘Affairs Yaroslav Nilov commented on the initiative of the head of the public movement “For Safety” Dmitry Kurdesov to limit the online sale of air guns. This is reported by RT.

“I believe that there is common sense in the proposal. We need to look at it carefully, analyze the existing cases and what consequences they led to, ” the parliamentarian said. Of course, online selling is a certain lack of control. Because the main thing for an online store is to sell, and the main thing for a courier is to bring it. And how a teenager will use it is already a question.

Nilov added that in unskilled hands, such weapons “can easily maim and in some cases even lead to death”.

“It would be better to limit the age of purchase of weapons. Or that such weapons are sold to teenagers in the presence of their parents, so that an adult is responsible for it, ” the deputy concluded.

Earlier today, it became known that the deputies of the Tatarstan State Council approved a legislative initiative on amendments to the Federal Law “On Weapons”, concerning the increase in the age of purchase of weapons from 18 to 21 years.

This week, in the Volgograd region, teenagers were injured after firing at each other with pneumatics.


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