The Supreme Court has defended the right of women to self-defense in domestic violence

The Supreme Court of Russia has overturned the guilty verdict and acquitted a resident of the Volgograd region, who stabbed her roommate who attacked her, according to the court’s website.

According to the case materials, a drunk man under a “far-fetched reason” initiated a conflict in front of the woman’s young daughter. At some point, the brawler rushed at the cohabitant with his fists, who was cutting bread at that moment. Becoming suffocated, the victim stabbed the man in the chest with a knife.

The man survived, and the woman was accused of causing serious harm to health, later the court changed the qualification to exceeding the limits of self-defense, but the lawyer decided to achieve a full acquittal.

As a result, the judicial board recognized that it is not a crime to harm an encroaching person in a state of necessary defense, that is, while protecting the personality and rights of the defender. This applies to cases where the assault was accompanied by violence or with an immediate threat of the use of such violence.

The Supreme Court overturned the verdict, closed the criminal case and recognized the woman’s right to rehabilitation.

Recall that in the spring of this year, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation proposed to abolish the institution of private prosecution in the courts for the protection of victims of domestic violence due to its low efficiency. The Prosecutor General’s Office supported the relevant bill.


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