There are practically no mushrooms in the forests near Moscow due to the abnormal heat

Drought and abnormal heat have led to an almost complete absence of fungi in the forests of the Moscow region, RIAMO reports with reference to mycologist, candidate of biological Sciences Mikhail Vishnevsky.

According to the expert, mushrooms can appear in the Moscow region in August, if there are heavy rains.

“Now the forests are dry and empty, rare mushrooms can be found only in the lowlands, where the soil is more moist. In the heat, only pests breed well, because of this, you can meet a lot of wormy chanterelles. After about 2-3 weeks after the rains, preferably cold, the mushrooms begin to germinate well, ” Vishnevsky noted.

Meteorologists predict that this July in the Moscow region will become one of the driest in the last 55 years, while temperature changes, namely sharp cold spells, can stimulate the growth of mushrooms.

The mycologist also recalled that the southern part of the Moscow region is considered the most fungal.

Earlier АиФ.ги with the help of infographics, he reminded readers of the rules for collecting mushrooms, berries and birch juice.


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