There is only a “moment”. A project of a new military aircraft will be presented in Russia

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC, part of Rostec) will present a fundamentally new military aircraft on the first day of the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon on July 20. The state corporation is confident that it will arouse interest both in Russia and among competitors abroad. Experts say that most likely the multifunctional front-line aircraft belongs to the production of the aircraft manufacturing company “MiG”.

A special website has been created for the presentation of the aircraft. There is a video posted there where you can see “individual elements of the new machine” and “allusions to the key features and unique properties of the project”. In the video, the plane flies over the water surface, where its profile is reflected. This makes it possible to conclude that the aircraft has severalaerodynamic surfaces that improve its streamlining. In general, most likely, the car will use all the current technical solutions that reduce visibility in radar and other ranges. According to experts ‘ estimates, which are made on the basis of the video, we are talking about a multi-purpose vehicle that will be able to strike ground targets and at the same time conduct air battles.

The video focuses on the fact that this is an export-oriented model that will compete with the F-35 on the world market. So it is possible that this is the Russian response to this American fifth-generation fighter. 

Probably, the new fighter will become a replacement for the outdated Soviet MiG-29 aircraft, which is now in domestic service. Earlier it was reported that work has begun in the Russian Federation to create a new platform for operational and tactical aviation. On its basis, a light fighter will be developed. In 2019, the aircraft manufacturer MiG placed a tender for the aerodynamic calculation of a light multifunctional front-line aircraft of a twin-engine scheme. The project is scheduled for 2020-2025.

In addition, it is reported that the company “Sukhoi”, which is part of the United Aircraft Company, is developing the first single-engine light tactical fighter in Russia. The aircraft will have supersonic speed and low radar visibility. 

Rostec, supporting its project of a fundamentally new military aircraft, states that Russia is one of the few countries in the world that has full-cycle technologies for the production of promising aviation complexes, as well as a recognized trendsetter in the creation of combat aircraft. “We are convinced that the new product developed by UAC specialists will arouse genuine interest not only in our country, but also in other regions of the world, including our competitors abroad,” the state corporation said in a statement.


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