Ukrainian Su-27 accompanied by Romanian Air Force aircraft landed in Bakau

A Ukrainian Su-27 military aircraft entered Romanian airspace and, accompanied by two Romanian Air Force fighters, landed in the city of Bacau in the east of the country, the Romanian Defense Ministry said.

The reasons for the incident and the motives of the pilot are not specified.

The Ministry said that today, on February 24, two F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft of the Romanian Air Force, which were on combat duty of the air police under the command of NATO, took off around 06.15 (07.15 Moscow time) to clarify the situation in connection with an unauthorized flight in the north of Romania of an aircraft approaching the national airspace.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the Su-27 belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force entered Romanian airspace and was escorted for an immediate landing at the Bakeu airbase at 07.05 (08.05 Moscow time).

“After landing, the Ukrainian military pilot placed himself at the disposal of the Romanian authorities, the necessary legal measures will be taken in such situations,” the defense ministry added.

Earlier, a military expert told how long the operation in Ukraine could last. He also urged to trust only official information that comes from the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the military departments of the DPR and LPR.

It was also reported that Ukraine had severed diplomatic relations with Russia. Today, the Russian Federation launched a special operation in Donbass and Ukraine.


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