Violators of the law. The Public Chamber will present anti-rating of social networks

In early August, the Public Chamber will present a new anti-rating of social networks. They are called leaders in the distribution of prohibited content and violation of the rights of Russian Internet users. This was reported by Ekaterina Mizulina, Director of the Safe Internet League, member of the Public Chamber of Russia.

“Due to the sharp increase in the spread of fakes about coronavirus and vaccination, as well as in general due to the increase in destructive content in foreign social networks, we intend to present an updated anti – rating of social networks – malicious violators of Russian legislation in the Public Chamber in the near future,” she said.

The leader of the first anti-rating in the winter of this year was the social network Twitter, later Roskomnadzor slowed down its traffic on the territory of Russia due to systematic violation of the law.


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