What can be dangerous dishes made of bamboo, palm leaves and bagasse?

Studies by four European Union consumer organizations (Altroconsumo, Italy; Forbrugerrådet Tænk, Denmark; OCU, Spain; UFC-Que Choisir, France) confirm that ecovessel contains dangerous impurities that can migrate to food.

According to Roskachestvo, dishes made of bamboo, palm leaves, paper, bagasse (ground sugar cane left after the juice separation) contain potentially dangerous substances for human health.

What dangerous substances can be in the eco-vessel?

Toxic elements may be present in the ecovessel. We are talking about per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances( PFAS), chlorpropanol and pesticides. These pollutants can accidentally get into the material for dishes (for example, from paint from packaging, etc.), and can be formed as a result of contact with other substances. According to experts, all of them are able to migrate to food from dishes. 

What are the dangers of such compounds?


PFAS are a group of nearly 5,000 compounds. They could have been added to the dishes purposefully, since these chemicals have fat-repellent properties, or they migrated from the printing ink on the packaging, etc.

According to the study, the permissible level of PFAS was exceeded in 27 items of tableware.The danger of such substances is that they can accumulate in the body and can be associated with thyroid diseases, provoke hypertension, testicular and kidney cancer, and can also affect developmental delay in children.


A dangerous carcinogen can negatively affect male fertility. Experts say that the permissible values are exceeded in 11 samples.


During the examination, experts found in 11 items insecticides bifentrin, herbicide glyphosate, etc., which, most likely, treated plants that later became materials for eco-vessels.Pesticides often cause allergies, diathesis, and some other diseases. 

Is there a safe eco-vessel?

Experts did not identify any dangerous toxic substances in 15 items, which means that with proper control, the eco-vessel can be safe for contact with food.

At the same time, experts note that about 8000 different excipients are used for the production of dishes made of eco-friendly materials, and not all of them are sufficiently studied. Three types of toxic compounds were considered in the analysis, but most likely there are other undesirable substances in the samples.

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