What kind of annular eclipse of the Sun will happen on June 10?

In the coming first month of summer, we are waiting for such an astronomical phenomenon as an annular eclipse of the Sun.It has not been seen on the modern territory of Russia for more than 50 years.

The eclipse will begin in America and end in our Far East. According to the Moscow Planetarium, in Russia, the ring-shaped phase will be visible low above the horizon in the evening on the Kolyma Lowland and the eastern slopes of the Chersky Ridge. The center of the band will enter the coast near the mouth of the Indigirka River, and the eclipse will end just north of Magadan. In these areas, an annular eclipse with a phase of 0.94 will last 3 minutes 37 seconds at a height of the Sun above the horizon of 8°.

Partial phases will be observed in North America, Europe, Asia, and many regions of Russia with phases from 0.1 to 0.8. The further north and east, the better this astronomical phenomenon will be seen. In Moscow, the Moon will cover only 0.257 of the Sun’s diameter. 

On June 10, 2021, residents of Russia will have the opportunity to observe an annular solar eclipse. Its visibility band will pass through the territory of Chukotka, ” says the head of the astronomical education sector of the Moscow Planetarium.Alexander Perkhnyak. From the settlements that fall into this band, it will be seen how the Moon will not completely cover the solar disk and a luminous solar ring will form around it.

Why is this happening? The fact is that for an observer from Earth, the apparent (or angular) dimensions of the Sun and Moon are not always the same: the orbit of our natural satellite is not a circle, but an ellipse, so the distance from it to the Earth changes. Accordingly, the apparent size of the Moon in the sky also changes. In a total solar eclipse, the Moon is at this pointits orbit, that its apparent size coincides with the size of the Sun-as a result, the Moon completely covers its disk. If an eclipse occurs when the Moon is at the farthest point of its orbit from the Earth (apogee), then its apparent size will be smaller than the solar one, and then it does not completely cover the Sun’s disk. As a result, we do not observe a total eclipse, but an annular one.

Residents of Moscow will be able to see the private phase of the annular solar eclipse. Its maximum phase will occur at 14 hours 26 minutes 15 seconds Moscow time. 

Please note that to observe the partial and annular phases of a solar eclipse with binoculars or a telescope, it is necessary to use a special filter-it is put on the lens of an optical device. For the naked eye, filters of sufficient density, such as the welder mask filter, are suitable. Thanks to this, the part of the Sun that is not eclipsed will not produce a blinding effect on your vision.

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