What measures are there to support large families?

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Large families are those cells of society in which three or more children are brought up. Such families deserve respect, as it is not so easy to raise worthy members of society. Naturally, the state tries to support such families, so that they do not have difficulties, at least in material terms. Today, there is a whole range of measures to support large families, which not everyone knows about. How are families supported today, where a large number of children are brought up? 

Responds with Tatiana Butskaya, Chairman of the All-Russian social movement “Council of Mothers”, ONF expert, pediatrician:

– One could only dream of such social support for large families as it is now, even during the communist USSR. The state encourages the birth rate in every possible way, so every year there are more and more different preferences for parents with many children. 

I will focus on the most significant ones. So, for example, there are benefits that allow you to solve the housing issue, as well as reduce the fee for housing and communal services: 

  • mortgage at 6% for all parents whose third or subsequent child was born after 2018;
  • 450 thousand rubles for the repayment of a mortgage loan for families in which the third or subsequent child appeared in 2019-2022;
  • if a large family is in a difficult life situation, and you need to pay the mortgage loan fee for the only housing, you can apply for a delay of six months without any penalties from the bank;
  • depending on the region of residence, you can become the owner of a land plot or monetary compensation.
  • subsidy for housing and utilities services & ndash; in Moscow, for example, you can get a thirty percent discount.

The above-mentioned taxes are well-known, and many people know about them. The situation is different with tax preferences for large families. Many people do not even know how much money can be saved in the family budget thanks to deductions:

  • The standard tax deduction for children: for the first two-1400 rubles, for the third and subsequent-three thousand rubles. I’ll explain it easier. The salary is subject to a 13% tax, but if you are a parent with many children, you can pay less. For example, you get 60 thousand a month. The monthly tax is 7800 rubles. Deduct from this amount the deduction for three peoplechildren & ndash; 5800 rubles. That leaves 2000. So much for your tax. However, the benefit has its own limit. As soon as your income exceeds 350,000 rubles, you will have to pay the usual 13%. But in any case, you will save significantly during the year. With a salary of 60 thousand per month-29 thousand, and with a salary of 40 thousand per month-a little more than 41 thousand, in fact, another salary.
  • Deductions can also be obtained for property. For an apartment or a room of 5 square meters per child, for a house of 7 square meters per child. For example, you are the parents of three minor children and want to reduce the tax on the apartment. Then multiply 3 by 5, you get 15. These square meters will not be taxed. Let it be small, but save money. The deduction applies only to one property. If you own both an apartment and a house, you will need to choose one.
  • If you own a plot of land no larger than 6 acres, you do not need to pay the tax. If the plot is larger, the tax will be calculated on the remaining area. 

Parents with many children can also claim other pleasant bonuses from the state. For example, a mother with many children may retire earlier. If she has three children at 57, if she has four at 56, if she has five at 50. In addition, parents with many children have the right to take them at any convenient time. However, provided that the youngest child is not more than 14 years old. 

In addition to federal benefits, there are also regional preferences. Be sure to check their list. Do not miss the opportunity to receive free medicines and school meals, cash compensation for school uniforms, the opportunity to park for free, use public transport and visit museums and exhibitions. You need to find out about the benefits you are entitled to yourself in the MFC, Social Service, Pension Fund. 

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