Why were the military ordered to glue photos of relatives on the speedometer?

Weekly magazine “Arguments and Facts” No. 03. Either a bus, or a vision. When will the modernization of public transport reach cities and towns? 19/01/2022

They say the Defense Ministry ordered officers who own cars to paste photos of loved ones around the cabin. What kind of know-how is this?

Indeed, as the Baza telegram channel has learned, is the first Deputy Commander of the Central Military District, Colonel-General Mikhail Teplinsky signed a document with the stamp “for official use”, in which the commanders of units and formations are instructed to: “By January 15, 2022, organize the placement of military personnel in cars: on the speedometer (mark 60 km/h) a small photo of relatives and friends (mother, wife, child). On the dashboard (glove compartment) – printedthe inscription: “Remember, they are waiting for you at home.” All these measures, according to the Central Military District command, should reduce the number of accidents.

In addition, until January 20, fathers-commanders are charged with the duty to personally conduct conversations with subordinates about preventing accidents. Particular attention should be paid to drinkers and drivers with little experience.

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