Will Russia artificially cause rain to fight the drought?

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The fact that in Dubai they will try to cause precipitation in arid areas, announced the developers of the technology, scientists from the UK. A special catapult will launch drones that will saturate the clouds with electric charges. Another method already used in the UAE to combat drought is the introduction of silver iodide or salt particles into the clouds.

“Large-scale and long-term effects on the weather can bring more harm than benefits,” says Igor Mokhov, Scientific director of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Russian Academy of SciencesFor example, if we cause rain in one region, we will cause a drought in our neighbors. When they arrange rainless weather during parades in Moscow, somewhere these precipitation still falls later: they are redistributed at the regional level. We have the same atmosphere. Due to global climate change, precipitation is falling more and more unevenly, and the number of droughts and floods in neighboring areas is increasing. And ill-considered intervention can unbalance the climate even more.”

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