Will there still be abnormally hot weather until the end of summer?

The expert’s answer is 0 + –

The temperature in August will be on average higher than normal. This was stated by leading employee of the weather center “Phobos” Mikhail Leus.

“Our forecasts say that August will be warmer than normal on average. It is impossible to exclude very hot days in August with temperatures above thirty degrees. But so far we can’t say about any specific things, for example, how many such days there will be, whether the heat will be prolonged, ” the specialist told the Moscow 24 TV channel.

Leading Specialist of the Weather Center “Phobos” Evgeny Tishkovets on the air & laquo;Solovyov LIVE & raquo; said that next week the temperature background will return to the norm. The daytime temperature will be plus 25-30 degrees. There will be no extreme and abnormal heat, the forecaster says. 

Closer to September, the temperature will drop, the nights will become colder, the thermometers will show no more than plus 15. In the afternoon, it will be above plus 25, and in the last August days in Moscow, plus 15-20 is expected.

According to forecasters, precipitation in the last month of summer is predicted to be less than normal, most of them will be short-term and local in nature.

What will the weather be like in August in St. Petersburg? 

In the first days of the month, plus 20-25 is expected in the northern capital, with the beginning of the second decade, the temperature will begin to drop down. During the day, it will be plus 15-17 during the day, plus 6-10 at night. In the last month of summer, sunny weather will alternate with rain. 

What will the weather be like in the south of Russia? 

According to forecasters, hot weather will continue in August in the south of Russia. In early August, the air in Anapa will warm up to plus 33-35 degrees. Meteorologists are lapping up. that such weather in the resorts of Russia will continue at least until the end of the month.

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