Will they cancel the early period of passing the Unified State Exam in 2022?

Rosobrnadzor does not plan to abandon the early stage of passing the unified state exam (USE) and will not introduce additional deadlines for passing the USE.

“The pandemic will pass, and we will work within the existing procedures. We will have spring for the exam, we will have September, we will have the main period. And it makes no sense to spend any more additional periods, ” said the head of Rosobrnadzor.Anzor Muzaev during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. 

Why don’t they want to introduce a year-round exam?

Passing the Unified State Exam is sharpened for a certain calendar period, and the results of the exams are relevant during this period.According to the head of Rosobrnadzor, the creation of year-round centers for passing the Unified State Exam would be relevant if Russian universities, like some universities in Europe, conducted enrollment twice a year.

The introduction of additional deadlines for passing the Unified State Exam is also considered inappropriate by Muzaev. 

“We conducted such an experiment a few years ago and gave everyone the right to take the Russian language and geography exam. Out of 85 subjects, no more than a hundred people showed up for two subjects. This is an unjustified story, because the regions are spending a lot of resources on it, and schools are breaking away from classes, ” the head of the department said. 

Will mathematics be returned to the number of compulsory subjects of the Unified State Exam in 2022? 

Rosobrnadzor plans to return mathematics to the number of compulsory subjects of the Unified State Exam next year. According to Muzayev, next year it will be necessary to pass the Russian language and mathematics of the basic or profile level in order to get a certificate.

This year, the unified State Exam (USE) in basic level mathematics was canceled. Graduates to continue their studies at universities must pass only the Unified State Exam in the Russian language and other subjects necessary for admission.

This year, almost 393 thousand people were registered for the Unified State Exam in specialized mathematics, including 360 thousand graduates of this year. 

What else will change when you pass the Unified State Exam? 

Rosobrnadzor intends to fully switch to the transfer of materials of the unified state exam (USE) to the regions via secure communication channels within the next two years. Now this technology works in 31 regions of the Russian Federation. The tasks on the day of the exam from the federal testing center in Moscow are delivered to the audience through secure channels.In about two years, we plan that all the regions of the Russian Federation will switch to this technology, and there will be no more disks. An hour before the exam, the subjects will all receive”raquo;,  & mdash; & nbsp; Muzaev said.

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