Zelensky signed a decree on general mobilization in Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on general mobilization in the country, reports TASS.

It follows from the text of the published document that it will be held for 90 days. Reservists will also be called up.

Mobilization will be carried out throughout Ukraine. In the near future, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should determine the order and volume of the draft, and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine should provide the necessary funding.

The heads of regional state administrations, in turn, were instructed to ensure the creation and operation of medical commissions.

Earlier it was also reported that men aged 18 to 60 years will not be released outside Ukraine.

On the eve of the Ukrainian deputies also posted an appeal to Zelensky on the web with a request to immediately begin negotiations with Moscow.

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How to save the passengers of a falling plane?

Weekly magazine “Arguments and Facts” No. 8. Protection of the Fatherland – in the first place 23/02/2022

The new Baikal aircraft, which will replace the AN-2, is equipped with a parachute rescue system. How does it work?

In emergency situations, a parachute will be released from the tail of the aircraft, with the help of which the landing will take place. The system, when the parachute saves the entire plane, appeared back in 1982. It is used in small aircraft. Over 40 years, she has saved the lives of 300 people.

But for large aircraft, the development is not suitable – no parachute can withstand the weight of the liner, and even with passengers. So far, there are only projects, and not the entire plane will be saved, but only the passenger cabin.

So, the inventor of the knapsack parachute G. Kotelnikov in 1923 proposed to place people in a separate capsule, which in case of an accident is dropped by parachute.

Engineer V. Tatarenko in 2010 came up with a new type of liner: the entire passenger cabin is suspended from the skeleton of the aircraft and, in case of danger, it is disconnected from it. His parachute system lands him.

In the project “Air Rescue” 2006, each cabin of the aircraft is a separate compartment. In a critical situation, the tail section opens, and the cabin compartments roll out, similar to how military equipment is dropped in the airborne troops.

Inventor N. Topalov In 2011, he received a patent for a passenger seat with a parachute in the back. The seats are on rails and in case of an accident are automatically fed to the exhaust hatch, where they are dumped overboard. The main thing is that the passenger does not forget to fasten himself to the seat.

The author of the most controversial project is Moldovan engineer A. Balan. He suggested a few seconds before the crash of the plane to spray a foamy substance in the cabin, filling the entire space inside. It is assumed that it can save passengers when the liner hits the ground.

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In Crimea, two defendants were arrested in the case of preparing a terrorist attack in the temple

In Crimea, a court has arrested two Russian citizens, supporters of the Ukrainian extremist organization “Right Sector” banned in the Russian Federation.

Residents of Simferopol are suspected of preparing for a terrorist attack and illegal manufacture of explosives. They will be in custody until April 23.

Materials for four more defendants have not yet been submitted to the court, reports TASS.

On the eve of the FSB of the Russian Federation reported the detention of six Russians who were preparing an explosion in one of the Orthodox churches in the region to intimidate people.

Components for the manufacture of an explosive device were found in the garage of one of the radicals. The phones of the detainees contained instructions for making a bomb and correspondence with the discussion of the planned terrorist attack.

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Durov explained the failure of Telegram

Telegram founder Pavel Durov said that the European messenger cluster faced an unprecedented load.

As a result, some users may observe periodic short-term interruptions in the operation of a number of services, Durov wrote in his Telegram channel.

He noted that now the administration of the messenger is doing everything possible to maintain a high speed of sending and receiving messages.

On the morning of February 24, Telegram users around the world began to report large-scale failures in its work. Almost half of the complaints are related to the connection to the server. Problems also arose among residents of Russia.

A few days ago, problems were also fixed in the work of Telegram. Mostly there were failures when connecting to the server and sending messages.

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A curfew has been announced in Kiev

An air alert was announced in Kiev, the city administration reported in Telegram.

Residents of the capital were asked to urgently go to shelters.

“Attention! An air threat has been declared in Kiev! We ask everyone to immediately follow to the shelter of civil protection!» – it is said in the message.

Also, the mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko announced the introduction of a curfew in the city, the TV channel “Ukraine-24” reports.

Earlier in Ukraine, they told about the stocks of food in stores and the shortage of fuel. The products should be enough for 15-20 days.

It was also reported that the evacuation of the Ukrainian embassy began in Moscow. The Charge d’affaires of Ukraine in the Russian Federation has been summoned to Kiev for consultations.

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Tons of goodness. How can Muscovites help refugees from Donbass

Plot Aggravation of the situation in Donbas

«AiF» visited the charity organization «Fair Help of Dr. Lisa» to understand how the collection of things for those in need from Donbass is organized.

To the building on Novaya Basmannaya, 26, bldg. 2 throughout the day, cars arrive, from which volunteers immediately begin unloading numerous boxes and packages. This is help from ordinary Muscovites, as well as employees of non-profit organizations. Only yesterday, so much was collected that two tons of things were promptly sent to the refugees.

“In the morning we stopped by the store, bought sugar, cereals, stewed meat, something that has been stored for a long time, and brought it here,”brings the products the representative of the charitable foundation “Fulcrum” Maxim Chumakov. – Our non-profit organization helps homeless, dependent, released from prison. But we found out that refugees need help. We will try to help them.”

Photo: AiF/Eduard Kudryavitsky

Director of the Center for Assistance and Development «OkVeAn» Oksana Chelmodeeva Two years ago, as a volunteer, I took humanitarian aid to Donetsk. In Moscow, she and the center’s volunteers are now helping refugees. Literally in a day, 12 bulky boxes were collected and delivered to the New Basmannaya: there are new clothes, school uniforms, jeans, skirts, toys, antiseptics, diaries, notebooks, books, etc.

With the question of how to help, I contacted the “Fair help of Dr. Lisa” coordinator of the North-Western Administrative District of the Association of Large Families of Moscow Elena Yermoshina. Mothers with many children are ready to volunteer.

Photo: AIF/Eduard Kudryavitsky

The international charitable public organization “Fair Help of Dr. Lisa” was established in 2007. doctor of palliative medicine Elizaveta Glinka. The main task is to help the homeless, the dying sick, lonely pensioners and the disabled. Since 2014, assistance has been provided to residents of Donbass. Dr. Lisa personally took seriously ill and injured children to Russia for treatment. Over eight years, more than 800 children from the DPR and LPR have received support from the organization. In 2022, the number of people in need has increased many times. It is planned to evacuate about 2 thousand seriously ill children from the territory of Donbass, and their family members need comprehensive support.

Photo: AIF/Eduard Kudryavitsky

“I am very grateful to our colleagues from charitable organizations and Muscovites who bring food, clothes and other necessary things for people who have almost nothing,” says Olga Demicheva, President of the Fair Aid of Dr. Lisa. – There are a lot of boxes with sanitizers, there are enough of them so far. We need diapers, including for adults, disposable diapers, bedridden care products, means for the disabled – canes, crutches, walkers. Personal hygiene products are relevant – toothbrushes, pastes, creams. We need brand new sets of underwear (panties, bras), baby panties, socks, tights. This is something that is in sufficientit was impossible to take the quantity with you from home. Also among our needs is additional transport assistance to deliver the kits we have formed to the addresses of those in need to different cities. On the website spravedliza.ru it tells in detail about what kind of help the victims of the hostilities need now.

Photo: AIF/Eduard Kudryavitsky

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How to get money back for canceled flights to the south of Russia?

Russian airlines will refund passengers for canceled flights to southern cities of Russia. This is reported by the press services of the airlines.

Due to an emergency message from the Federal Air Transport Agency about the introduction of restrictions on flights, flights were canceled in Moscow and in the south of Russia. Since the flights did not take place due to circumstances beyond the control of the passengers, the airlines themselves refund the money for the tickets.

Which of the Russian airlines announced a refund for canceled flights?

Russian airlines have announced a refund for canceled flights. The press services of the companies, in turn, explained how to carry out the procedure for returning tickets and funds.


«Victory» will automatically refund money to all customers of canceled flights. This was announced by the airline’s press service on the official Facebook account.


Utair is also ready to return money to its customers, which canceled flights to Anapa, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, Belgorod, Lipetsk, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol and Elista.

 «Passengers of cancelled flights can issue a full refund of the ticket price on the Utair website, as well as in third-party agencies, depending on the place of purchase of the ticket,  the company’s press service said.


S7 Airlines also announced the cancellation of flights to southern cities of Russia. Thus, flights to Sochi, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Belgorod, Simferopol, Anapa, Volgograd, Gelendzhik, Stavropol, Astrakhan were canceled. The press service reported that passengers can refund the full cost of the ticket by submitting an application in the “My Reservations” section. A similar request can be made to the airline’s representative offices, as well as to the sales offices where the ticket was purchased.

How can Utair customers apply for a refund for a cancelled flight?

To issue a refund of the ticket and funds on the official website of Utair, you must do the following:

 — log in to the Utair personal account by clicking on the «Log in» button located in the upper right part of the screen;

— go to the section «My flights» and find the right order;

— click on the button «Cancel the order» (if the order is not displayed in the personal account, click on «Add flight»);

— at the bottom of the page, put a mark «I refuse transportation due to the delay or cancellation of the flight by the airline ».

After the completed operations, a refund request will be generated. You will receive an email with the number and the deadline for processing the application. Money, as the company assures, for a forced refund in full after processing the request for a refund. 

How can S7 customers apply for a refund for a cancelled flight?

 As the press service informs, there is enough money for a refund:

 — log in to «My Reservations»

— select «Full refund»

— fill out the form, specifying the full name and number of the ticket or reservation;

After that, you also need to wait until the request is processed by the airline.

At the same time, the airline pays attention to the following nuances:

the funds are returned to the card from which the payment was made;

if the ticket is paid with Miles& Cash, the miles will be credited back to the S7 Priority account, and the funds will be credited to the card

if the ticket is issued at the Basic fare and paid with a voucher/certificate, the voucher or certificate will be issued again.



 https://www.utair.ru /

 https://www.m24.ru /

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Shoigu instructed the command to treat the Ukrainian military with respect

The head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, instructed the commanders involved in the demilitarization operation in the Donbas to treat with respect the Ukrainian soldiers and officers who lay down their arms. 

The Minister explained that officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, unlike radicals and nationalists, took the oath and obeyed the decrees of the leadership. Therefore, Ukrainian military personnel who refused further military actions will be provided with safe corridors to exit the areas of the operation. 

According to the Ministry, 14 Ukrainian servicemen surrendered during the fighting in the Donbas. They will be released after taking a subscription to refuse resistance. 

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin explained that the actions of the Russian side are self-defense against the threats created to the country.The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation assured that Russian servicemen do not strike Ukrainian cities. There is no goal to occupy Ukraine in front of the Russian Federation. 

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Ukrainian Su-27 accompanied by Romanian Air Force aircraft landed in Bakau

A Ukrainian Su-27 military aircraft entered Romanian airspace and, accompanied by two Romanian Air Force fighters, landed in the city of Bacau in the east of the country, the Romanian Defense Ministry said.

The reasons for the incident and the motives of the pilot are not specified.

The Ministry said that today, on February 24, two F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft of the Romanian Air Force, which were on combat duty of the air police under the command of NATO, took off around 06.15 (07.15 Moscow time) to clarify the situation in connection with an unauthorized flight in the north of Romania of an aircraft approaching the national airspace.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the Su-27 belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force entered Romanian airspace and was escorted for an immediate landing at the Bakeu airbase at 07.05 (08.05 Moscow time).

“After landing, the Ukrainian military pilot placed himself at the disposal of the Romanian authorities, the necessary legal measures will be taken in such situations,” the defense ministry added.

Earlier, a military expert told how long the operation in Ukraine could last. He also urged to trust only official information that comes from the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the military departments of the DPR and LPR.

It was also reported that Ukraine had severed diplomatic relations with Russia. Today, the Russian Federation launched a special operation in Donbass and Ukraine.

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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation called the statement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the losses of Russian armored vehicles a lie

The Russian Defense Ministry has refuted the words of the Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny about the alleged losses of Russian aircraft and armored vehicles.

The department stressed that these statements are “complete lies”.The ministry’s message also says that Ukrainian units, according to intelligence data, are leaving their positions en masse, throwing weapons.At the same time, they are not subjected to blows, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stressed.

Earlier, Ukrainian security forces said that the air defense allegedly shot down a Russian plane in eastern Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation did not confirm these reports, adding that the military of the border service of Ukraine does not resist Russian units.

Recall that on Thursday morning, Russian leader Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military special operation in the Donbass, where the situation has escalated even more. The President explained that Russia’s actions are solely self-defense, the occupation of Ukrainian territory is not included in the plans.

The Defense Ministry also stressed that Russian troops do not strike Ukrainian cities.

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